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  1. Exciting for some but travel chaos for many and not great for the elderly with rising heating costs
  2. Those uppers are still conductive of snow even at sea level and temperatures will struggle above freezing
  3. The models could Still all change alot to a less cold set up so won’t be a done deal until maybe Thursday
  4. In 24 hours everything will change again on a major scale so don’t take this morning’s outputs to heart
  5. The models will flip flop for a few days yet keep calm it’s the affects of the SSW they can’t handle it, but the easterly is coming it’s just a question of when not if
  6. It may be milder by Tuesday yes and looks good on the models but it won't be spring like in realty it will be mostly cloudy with rain developing from the west / south west from Wednesday and hill fog too.
  7. So from the lastest models the outlook is cold or very cold until Monday then perhaps less cold / milder then a cold reload from the north the following weekend
  8. So no matter what the models are saying the met office outlook is still feeling very cold in east winds next week Perhaps some snow in the NE and in the far west becoming less cold by the 22nd but even late February in to march it's still Likely on the cold side , so they have a much better model look then we have.
  9. But it's still past the 5 day time range anything can happen with the models as they always do
  10. Most of the models show less cold air next week but it's past the 5 day timeframe and a cold reload is likely at some stage with the blocking to our north east and west .
  11. Let's enjoy the upcoming cold spell perhaps less cold next week but models will change a lot by then , also with that block in place I wouldn't be surprised we have a cold reload from the NE , winter is not over yet, also some cold nights if skies remain clear next week bringing surface temperatures down
  12. No models are just struggling with the block next week will remain cold at the surface you wait and see
  13. Very much agree with above posts let's concentrate on the next few days. The charts for next week will change a lot between now and Monday the block / cold is always hard to shift once it's in place.
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