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  1. Attached is the euro4 model for 6pm tonight. Here in North Yorks and indeed many areas of Yorkshire are getting smashed with showers - and the North Sea still looks great. Just goes to show the models are not always the be all and end all. Nothing like a good bit of nowcasting!
  2. Shower activity seriously pepping up in the North Sea. East Ridings and North Yorkshire bearing the brunt (we’re getting lots of showers pushing through into Thornton Dale), but also pushing into South and West Yorkshire. This could be a great 24 hours!
  3. http://www.real-whitby.co.uk/lion-inn-blakey-ridge-20-foot-snowdrift-traps/ (article about when the Lion inn at Blakey ridge was cut off for 9 days) I’m sure it’s been posted in here before, but a great read nonetheless. A warm up for the upcoming week!
  4. BBC iplayer (make sure you have a free account). Click on channels. BBC1. Then scroll back to 7.20ish.
  5. What are people going for as their par for snow depths, by the end of this cold spell? I’m going for 1 foot here in Thornton Dale! ?
  6. Yeah, wouldn’t want to be in Whitby right now. Their snow chances are stuffed from the outset :-)
  7. Wow - that was a seriously impressive Countryfile. Even without any frontal snow, Yorkshire gets smashed by continual snow showers Tuesday - Thursday. Friday’s low could be epic!
  8. Absolutely, if you could pick anywhere in the country to be for the upcoming cold spell, N Yorks would be one of your first choices!
  9. Here’s a screenshot from the Wunderground Weather app. It links together people’s home weather stations and provides a great temp profile (across the world). Has a radar layer as well, although I think Net weather’s radar or rain today is better.
  10. Good news for Yorkshire for Tuesday based on the latest gfs run. The showers are more widespread than previous runs and will push further inland. Let’s hope this shows up in future runs and more importantly in the euro4 model.
  11. Surprisingly, thick wet snow in Thornton le Dale. At least and inch on the ground.
  12. Those of us in North and West Yorkshire would obviously would love to see a northerly shift in the modeled position of the low. However even a time 0, we've seen many times before unexpected snow in places. We are still in this!
  13. Yo Lakes Tom- 18z looking good! Anything's a bonus this time of year, even it it's just to drive the sea temp down for later in the season! My bet is we WILL be able to have a snowball fight next weekend...

  14. Hey Lakes boy- nice Snow Day today? I got sent home at 11am (not bad!)I'm after another- fingers crossed, eh.

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