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  1. Hello Brian where are you??

  2. Thank you for that, MKsnowangel Once I've sourced the ingredients, which should be today, I shall give it a try. Much appreciated Brian
  3. Hi everyone I was just wondering whether any of you kind people could give me a nice 'Sweet And Sour Sauce' recipe? I used be quite addicted to the stuff from the Chinese takeaway, which was red and had bits of pineapple and green peppers in. Now, though, all we seem to be able to get around here is a kind of gloopy, orange jelly like substance. Many thanks Brian
  4. Sorted mate You can resize your pictures by right clicking and choosing open with 'Paint.' Click on 'Image'( which is at the top of the window), then select 'Stretch/Skew.' You can then reduce the size by adjusting the percentage amount in the square boxes. Finally select 'Save as,' then you can name and save your resized picture to your chosen folder. Brian
  5. Hope you are all singing along at home

  6. Woke up by the kids lol.

  7. Not at all BL. There's nothing wrong with caring about animals.
  8. If the trough that's centered around Finland were a little farther East, and the Atlantic High pressure extended across Europe, it wouldn't be too far off the general pattern we have at present. Having said that, even the smallest of differences in the weather pattern can make enormous differences in the actual weather, which is why I'm talking a load of rubbish :lol:
  9. I'm finding watching the results of this terrible disaster quite painful viewing to be honest. I can't begin to imagine what these poor people are going through right now.
  10. That's horrendous! I have to say, I find driving in the fog really scary at times. There are still far too many drivers who either travel too fast or too close to the vehicle in front. It's astonishing, also, how many people forget to use their headlights.
  11. Yeh, I suppose complaining isn't going to change anything. All York can do is concentrate on winning the remainder of their games.
  12. Conference top scorers Richard Brodie, of York City; and James Constable, of Oxford United, both scored hat-tricks against Chester City, which will be taken away from them. Given that all the above goals were scored fairly, it's another reason for me to feel annoyed at this ridiculous situation.
  13. Yes, I expect they will be b.s. I believe that most of the top BS teams are far better than Grimsby Town are, at present, so that's another reason I wouldn't be too pleased.
  14. If option 1 were to happen I'd be absolutely gutted Snow-man. York have been in this league far too long as it is, and in recent years, the supporters have had very little to cheer about. Then, when an opportunity to have some success 'finally' comes along, they have it snatched from them through no fault of their own. Come to think of it, I wouldn't be gutted; I'd be furious.
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