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  1. Hello Brian where are you??

  2. Not looking forward to tomorrow's game which is at home against Braintree. Braintree have had a magnificent start to the season and, from what I've heard, they are a very difficult side to beat. York really need to win this one to keep up with the leading pack, but I can see them losing.
  3. I have to say. I'm extremely annoyed about York's poor performance at the weekend. To loose in the manner they did at Tamworth was totally unacceptable. Given that the team had a two week break in which put things right after their last woeful display, I thought they'd be fired up for this one. Unfortunately, there are too many players who are going hiding when they should be giving their all atm. York play Bath, who are currently bottom of the leauge, tomorrow. If they lose this one, I'm afraid the manager will be under serious pressure.
  4. Yeah, York's away form is very good, so I should imagine that it will be a very tight game. I went to the Morcambe game too. Unfortunately, we failed to take our chances in the first leg, and they finished us off at their place. You might be pleased to know that the York ground is no longer called 'Kit Kat Crescent'. Nestle doesn't sponsor York City any more, so the ground has returned to its original name of 'Bootham Crescent'. Anyway, good luck in your game against Barrow this afternoon. Holker S't has never been an easy place to pick up points
  5. Yeah, to be perfectly honest, I had Wrexham down as one of the favourites for the title. I think they have what it takes to get out of this leauge, which is a strong side that can also play good football. My team, York City, are a good passing side, but they need to be a little bit more physical when they come up against some of the so called lesser teams in this division. It's good to see Wrexham doing well, though. as there supporters have been through some difficult times recently. and I believe they deserve some success. We have a difficult trip to Tamworth, who are in very good form, tomorrow. We could really do with all three points to get our season back on track again
  6. I like people who have sense of humour
  7. Hi mate, sorry, I've only just noticed this So far York have played: Tadcaster: Won 0-5 Garforth Town: Drew 1-1 Sunderland: Lost 1-2 Quorn FC: Won 1-3 Grantham: Won 0-2 Billingham: Drew 1-1 They still have to play: Hatlepool: Home Halifax: Away Bolton: Home I went to the Tadcaster and Sunderland games, and I'll definitely be going to the Bolton match. Bolton promised us a friendly when we played them in the FA cup, so I'm looking forward to that one. The actual seasons begins on August 13th, where we play newly promoted Ebsfleet away from home, which is quite a tough fixture to start with
  8. I'm very pleased with the way York City's pre season has gone so far. Gary Mills looks to have assembled a very good team, and I'm beginning to feel very optimistic. Luton town, who are joint favourites along with Fleetwood to win the leauge, haven't made any major changes to the side that lost to Wimbledon in the play-off final. However, York have strengthened their team with some very good signings. Lanre Oyebanjo and Matty Blair are incredible players at this level, and I'm delighted they have joined York City. As always, it's going to be a very tough season, but I feel York have got the balance just right.
  9. Thank you for that, MKsnowangel Once I've sourced the ingredients, which should be today, I shall give it a try. Much appreciated Brian
  10. Hi everyone I was just wondering whether any of you kind people could give me a nice 'Sweet And Sour Sauce' recipe? I used be quite addicted to the stuff from the Chinese takeaway, which was red and had bits of pineapple and green peppers in. Now, though, all we seem to be able to get around here is a kind of gloopy, orange jelly like substance. Many thanks Brian
  11. Sorted mate You can resize your pictures by right clicking and choosing open with 'Paint.' Click on 'Image'( which is at the top of the window), then select 'Stretch/Skew.' You can then reduce the size by adjusting the percentage amount in the square boxes. Finally select 'Save as,' then you can name and save your resized picture to your chosen folder. Brian
  12. Hope you are all singing along at home

  13. Woke up by the kids lol.

  14. Not at all BL. There's nothing wrong with caring about animals.
  15. If the trough that's centered around Finland were a little farther East, and the Atlantic High pressure extended across Europe, it wouldn't be too far off the general pattern we have at present. Having said that, even the smallest of differences in the weather pattern can make enormous differences in the actual weather, which is why I'm talking a load of rubbish :lol:
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