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  1. It is lovely coming back to our reliably snowy corner... and slipping into old radar watching routines... Remembered today that we got snowed in in 2005 on exactly the same day, March 2nd, by that surprise snow event. Again we hit the jackpot and ended with 7 inches and I didn't make it to school in Tonbridge for two days (was in last year at the time). Problem was that there was next to nothing in Tonbridge (20 mins drive away), so my explanations were met with some raised eyebrows a couple of days later... Don't know if you saw the photos I posted last night. If not, here are a couple again, taken earlier this week:
  2. Got another direct hit here in TN5 from some of the best stuff. Snowed for the last three hours, at times heavily. All the lanes are fully white and fluffy again, and an inch or two added to the previous total, as hoped/expected. Looks like easing off soon now. Not a major event, but lovely nonetheless.
  3. Your charts aren't loading for me at the moment, but I'd imagine you might just be overplaying the intensity shown. Those look like some very light purples. Here's an alternative set of charts: As has been noted, northern and western parts of the region may do better. Not saying it's nothing, and might be a few cms for some, but that's not serious ppn shown on those charts. Maybe it's just the context of the week, and the fact that we have 6 inches on the ground... the possibility of a few cms doesn't seem particularly notable any more...
  4. The latest HIRLAM show the band today largely bunny hopping over us in the SE'ern corner. They've done pretty well on most of this so I would expect very little this afternoon for most of us.
  5. Oh agreed. Quite a few recent winters have seemed to be particularly miserable, to me at least. Got to be a cracker coming up some time soon...
  6. Funny, I've had that experience this evening too. First driving from London down to Sussex, but then later in the local area. Our lanes are sheet snow and ice and everything is still thickly covered in snow, then I went into Tunbridge Wells and things were miuch clearer. Thinner layer of snow, lots of clear surfaces. And only 10 mins away. Notably much less in Tonbridge as well. I believe the same is also true 10 miles South East of us.
  7. Absolutely, and I've actually been impressed that everything has kept functioning pretty well this time. Even when London itself was repeatedly hit, everything just carried on as normal. Trains were affected as always, due to ancient infrastructure, but other than that, and people everywhere taking photos, all seemed pretty normal. And I obviously agree on the rest of it as well. Just some real whiners on here who demand 2 feet of snow in their back garden or else they'll spend days on here moaning about the crappy forecasters and the posters who got it wrong and how it's unfair and refusing to recognise the spell as memorable or historic in any way...
  8. Despite the surprising lack of interest in the so far excellent HIRLAM output, I am watching and I can tell you, after the current 3 hour period when the whole SE looks like getting a modest fall of a few cms, that it fades in the 12-3am slot and then drizzles/snizzles till tomorrow's 'event' tomorrow afternoon, which looks even more modest. Mostly pale greens and blues.
  9. Latest HIRLAM coming out now. First ppn map: That's for the three hours just been. Seems about right, even if I'm under the 1-2 blue zone there and this snizzle certainly hasn't given us a cm or two.
  10. Looking like we may miss out on the heaviest stuff here as well. Definitely has the look of a system slowing and turning, and there's a NW/SE line emerging which it doesn't seem too keen on breaching. Still got loads of snow on the ground and the roads, so no biggie if it misses. Would be a shame though because this is one juicy system.
  11. You can't trust the light colours. Isn't always making it to the ground. Should start within 10-20 mins id say.
  12. Incidentally, it was interesting driving from West London down to East Sussex just now. Lovely snow covered scenery all the way, with some notable features: - Consistent if thin covering everywhere coming down to the M25 at junction 9. - Good rate of snowfall in Surrey and up to about junction 8. - Notable patch of no snow coming along the M25 somewhere around junction 7 or the M23. Only brief spell with snowless fields - I'm guessing this is near where the West Sussex moaners of the last few days live... - Beautiful sight coming closer to Sevenoaks and over the Downs into Medway as our snowy corner opened up in front of me. - And finally, a surprising amount of snow at destination (near Bewl > near T Wells). About to go measure, but looks well over half a foot. Fully white lanes, some amazing drift formations and cornices in some exposed places by roads and on embankments close to home.
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