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  1. let's wait until the Saturday 18z before we get carried away. we have been here before.
  2. Just one view of the amount of snow that fell in Devon last night
  3. thaw has started but who cares we had more snow in 2 days than had in 20 years
  4. think it's a snow day here had about 3 inchs over night, roads are not passable from here to salcombe and it's still snowing
  5. just looked outside still snowing thats 12 hours
  6. must be still snowing in some parts of Kernow
  7. snowing nicely now pavements are covered again
  8. Do we go to work tomorrow and carry on with stone walling or stay in bed
  9. never seen snow flakes as big as they are now
  10. the fields and pavements are white here with potentially more snow to come
  11. everywhere is white here and still snowing hard
  12. been to morrison and tesco kingsbridge both getting hammered