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  1. Didn't snow down here last year until Feb 28th
  2. well if it helps we had snow from the 28th Feb last year.
  3. enjoy https://www.saalbach.com/en/live-info/livecams
  4. http://www.camsecure.co.uk/torquay_harbour_webcam.html
  5. Evan ITV weather is now talking about SSW and a good explanation
  6. It's looking better cold is showing it's hand at last
  7. As there is a shut down of American government services has this any effect on the GFs output
  8. Well said. Jan 7ish has always been the time given when the SSW may start fingers crossed
  9. Time will tell been on here a long time. have learnt to be patient
  10. This hunt for cold is now starting to get interesting as the SSW begins to show it's hand
  11. well country file weather certainly sat on the fence the models were giving them headaches
  12. still raining here don't hold out for much of a clearance today.
  13. let's wait until the Saturday 18z before we get carried away. we have been here before.