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  1. A dry, windy and remarkable day - no rain but plenty of weather. Warm with hazy sunshine this morning and the temperature reaching 21 deg C by 11am in a light breeze. It then clouded over with a remarkably red sun and the wind picking up, the sky becoming dark enough for some street lights to come on at around 3pm. The cold front arrived at 4.30pm and the sun's orange tinge disappeared within seconds.Maximum 21.6, minimum 12.2. Wind fresh S. Here's a photo taken from the hill above Caversham of the front approaching.
  2. Orange sun

    Yes, a seriously reddish sun at times here in Reading too. Around 3pm the sky was dark enough for some street lights to come on and a really unusual colour.
  3. Dull start, sunny spells from lunchtime onwards. Breezy. Maximum 18.8, minimum 12.1. Wind moderate SSW.
  4. A continuation of the theme of the last few days here - overcast, mild and muggy with none of the promised sunshine that others seem to have had. Maximum 19.0, minimum 15.8. Wind light SW.
  5. A cloudy, breezy and rather muggy day with a few spots of rain early morning and brief brighter intervals in the afternoon. Maximum 19.1, minimum 11.7. Wind moderate SW.
  6. Hurricane Ophelia

    It's great, isn't it? Small chance of mass destruction one mile west of my house while I look out and think it's looking a bit blowy out there
  7. Prepare for an interesting diet, lassie23 Seriously, though, we all know that for every proper cold winter there are at least 20 indifferent ones so I'm not getting my hopes up for anything unusual.
  8. Dry and cloudy in the morning, sunny spells from lunchtime onwards. Maximum 17.1, minimum 9.5. Wind light SW.
  9. Cloudy and dry this morning, a light shower around midday then sunny periods in the afternoon. It has recently clouded over with rain looking imminent. Windy. Maximum 17.1, minimum 14.0. Wind fresh SW.
  10. Overcast for most of the day with a few spots of drizzle early morning. Sunny intervals in the afternoon. Maximum 17.3, minimum 12.6. Wind light SW. Yesterday: sunny start, soon clouded over with light showers around lunchtime. Overcast and dry in the afternoon. Maximum 16.3, minimum 9.8. Wind light W.
  11. Dry and cloudy, sunny intervals in the afternoon. Maximum 17.1, minimum 9.0. Wind light SW.
  12. Overcast with a few spots of drizzle around lunchtime. Light showers this evening. Maximum 17.0, minimum 9.6. Wind light W.
  13. Likes - The leaf colours in a good year - Cool crisp mornings Dislikes - The weather often getting wetter and windier - Nights drawing in Particular dislike: the clocks going back.
  14. Dry and quite pleasant with sunny spells. Maximum 17.4, minimum 7.3. Wind light SSW.
  15. Where has all 4 seasons?

    If you're looking for thunder this map may help:http://www.srh.noaa.gov/jetstream/tstorms/tstorms_intro.html. Looks like the Midwest could suit you better, although some might find the winters there a bit too long.