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  1. Dry and breezy with sunny spells after a dull start. Maximum 21.8, minimum 15.7. Wind moderate NE.
  2. Our nearest official station at Reading University confirms that it has been a dull month, with 81% of average sunshine recorded so far: http://www.met.reading.ac.uk/weatherdata/Reading_monthly_summaries.html. Rainfall is at 211% of average.
  3. I suspect my 34.4 is a little high but not too far off, and I should have preferred Saturday to Friday. The location is going to be interesting - right now I'm wondering if I should have gone for somewhere to the west such as Cheltenham or Pershore, but the hot spot could realistically still be in the southeast.
  4. Overcast, warm and humid with light rain early morning. Maximum 22.8, minimum 17.3. Wind light NE.
  5. Warm and muggy with sunny intervals in the afternoon and light showers this evening. Maximum 25.3, minimum 16.4. Wind light W.
  6. Dry and warm with hazy sunshine for much of the day, clouded over in the afternoon with a couple of light showers around 5pm. Warm and muggy this evening, still close to 20C at 11pm. Maximum 23.9, minimum 12.6. Wind light E.
  7. A lot of these guesses seem too high to me - I'll go for 34.4, Wisley (Surrey), Friday 28 June.
  8. Dry and pleasant with long sunny spells. Maximum 22.1, minimum 9.3. Wind light ESE.
  9. Dry and quite pleasant with sunny spells. Maximum 21.3, minimum 9.4. Wind light SW. It seems that I've brought better weather back with me from Greece! Have been on holiday in the Greek islands for a couple of weeks so missed the worst of the weather here in the UK. As one would expect it was almost wall-to-wall sunshine there with maximum temperatures varying from 25C on Naxos on 10 June to 32C on Santorini on 14 June (the day we did the most walking, of course!) Night time minima were 20-22C. The seasonal northerly dry Meltemi wind was quite strong in Mykonos on our first day but subsided by our third day, when we were in Naxos.
  10. Here's one from 3 August 1990 1800z, with the 20C 850hPa isotherm just about touching the south of the UK. That was the day Cheltenham reached 37.1C.
  11. A cool day with rain most of the morning, a dry spell in the afternoon with brief sunny intervals and now back to more heavy rain again. Maximum 17.8, minimum 1.4. Wind light SE.
  12. Stargazer

    In Memoriam

    Sad to hear of the death of a musical legend whom I fortunately had the pleasure of seeing live a few years back - New Orleans bluesman Dr John passed away yesterday at the age of 77: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-48551452
  13. Dry and sunny for most of the day, just a light rogue shower late morning. Maximum 18.4, minimum 8.9. Wind light S.
  14. Dry with sunny periods, generally cloudier in the afternoon. Maximum 18.0, minimum 11.3. Wind light SW.
  15. I don't have a full set of stats for May from my observations, but here's what the nearest official station at Reading University recorded (my maximum and minimum temperature readings are typically 0.5 deg C higher). Their site is http://www.met.reading.ac.uk/weatherdata/Reading_monthly_summaries.html: Average maximum 17.3 (+0.3C compared with 1981-2010 average) Average minimum 6.6 (-1.1C) Rainfall 28mm (60% of average) Sunshine: 198 hours (105% of average) The month was characterised by a cold and often windy first half, warming up from the third week onwards. The highest temperature I recorded in my garden was 23.0C on 30 May. The university recorded an unusually high number of ground frosts - 16 - which is more than twice the long-term average for May.
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