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  1. Dry and very warm with sunny spells. A couple of millimetres of rain yesterday evening but that looks like our lot for a while. Maximum 26.9, minimum 15.5. Wind light NW.
  2. The drought here has finally been broken (if only just). Warm and cloudy with sunny intervals and the first rain here since 17 June in the form of a short light shower this morning and a couple of heavier but hardly copious showers this evening, amounting to less than 1mm of rain (the nearest official station across town at the university had no rain today so is still dry since mid-June). Maximum 24.5, minimum 16.1. Wind light S. Yesterday: dry and warm with long sunny spells. Maximum 26.8, minimum 13.7. Wind light W.
  3. We've had our first rain today since 17 June, so not a single drop for 32 days up to yesterday. Still less than 1mm today though, and the last time we had 1mm+ of rain in a day was 3 June.
  4. Dry and pleasantly warm with sunny intervals. Maximum 24.8, minimum 14.3. Wind light W. Yesterday: dry and pleasant with sunny spells, a rare day for recent weeks with near normal temperatures. Maximum 22.9, minimum 12.5. Wind light W.
  5. Hot and dry with sunny spells, cloudy for a time early afternoon. Maximum 27.7, minimum 14.1. Wind light SW.
  6. No rain at all since 17 June here and less than 7mm this summer so far. Doubt that front will produce anything down here, and at the moment there doesn't seem to be enything much on the horizon. Visited the in-laws in Ireland last weekend - County Cork has had a hosepipe ban for a while now.
  7. Hot and dry with long sunny spells. Maximum 28.5, minimum 12.1. Wind light W. Yesterday: hot and dry with long sunny spells. Maximum 27.5, minimum 13.2. Wind light SW.
  8. Dry and very warm with sunny spells. Heavy rain all around - Thatcham, Basingstoke, High Wycombe and west London - but the storm shield is still intact here in Reading, with no more than trace amounts of rain since 3 June. Maximum 26.5, minimum 15.0. Wind light S.
  9. Trace amounts from a couple of light showers on 16 and 17 June, otherwise absolutely no rain since 3 June here, and the heavy showers have been all around us but no rain here today. So less than 1mm in 40 days and absolutely nothing in 27 days here.
  10. Dry and warm with long sunny spells, cloudier for a while in the afternoon. Maximum 25.1, minimum 13.2. Wind light SE.
  11. Dry and pleasantly warm with sunny spells. Maximum 24.8, minimum 13.0. Wind light NE.
  12. Dry with sunny spells and temperatures back to normal. Maximum 22.6, minimum 14.8. Wind light N. Today's weather was in fact very similar to the weather we've had over the weekend away in County Cork.
  13. Stargazer

    Best and Worst Summers?

    Best summers I can remember (roughly in order with best first) have been 1976, 1995, 1983, 1989, 2003 and 2006, with honourable mentions for 1990 and 2013. I can remember summers back to the 70s and can't remember anything worse than 2012. June and July 2012 were truly dire months and August seemed to offer a bit of an improvement for the duration of the Olympics but was generally unexceptional. 1988 was another shocker.
  14. Hot and dry with long sunny spells. Maximum 29.3, minimum 17.8, Wind light W.
  15. Hot and dry with sunny spells. Maximum 29.0, minimum 16.1. Wind light W.