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  1. Exceptionally hot, dry and sunny for most of the day, still over 27 degrees at 10pm. Maximum 34.5, minimum 18.3. Wind light S.
  2. Dry, very hot and sunny for most of the day. Cloudy for a while mid morning with thunder but no rain. Maximum 33.6, minimum 18.7. Wind light E.
  3. Hot and dry with long sunny spells. Maximum 32.8, minimum 17.9. Wind light NNE.
  4. Hot and dry with sunny spells, not quite as hot as the forecasts, probably because of a cloudy spell around the middle of the day. Maximum 30.5, minimum 19.0. Wind light NE.
  5. Dry and exceptionally hot. Sunny for most of the day, clouded over late afternoon. Maximum 34.8, minimum 13.6. Wind light SW.
  6. Cloudy start with a few spots of early morning rain, sunny spells in the afternoon and becoming very warm. Maximum 27.7, minimum 18.0. Wind light SW.
  7. A warm and pleasant day with sunny spells and a spell of showery rain early evening. Maximum 24,4, minimum 16.5. Wind light SW.
  8. Cool start then dry and quite pleasant with sunny spells. Maximum 22.2, minimum 9.0. Wind light SW.
  9. Dry and pleasant with long sunny spells and temperatures near normal. Maximum 22.3, minimum 12.9. Wind light NW.
  10. Dry and pleasant with sunny spells. Maximum 24.1, minimum 11.1. Wind light W.
  11. Dry and pleasant with sunny spells and temperatures closer to normal. Maximum 24.5 minimum 14.8. Wind light W.
  12. Reading's stats come from two sources - a Campbell-Stokes recorder and an electronic sensor (the latter usually reads slightly higher). I thought the 202 hour figure was the final C-S figure but it's been updated to 211.7 (C-S) and 220.8 (electronic) so it must have been missing yesterday's reading. The 81-10 mean is 198 hours and it's now quoted as 107% of average - which means they must be using the Campbell-Stokes as their reference. Anyway, in the end it was a sunnier than average month here. I had a look at the graphs for Reading for July - the running total for sunshine was a bit below average at the middle of the month and the second half was pretty sunny here. The monthly stats page is http://www.met.reading.ac.uk/weatherdata/Reading_monthly_summaries.html
  13. Just checked our nearest official weather station, Reading University - they recorded 202 hours of sunshine in July, which is very slightly above average. Overall a rather cool and dry month with sunshine close to average.
  14. Dry, breezy and sunny for much of the day, becoming exceptionally hot by early afternoon. The temperature dropped off from early afternoon as it clouded over. The second hottest day here in my 18 year record. Maximum 35.8, minimum 15.7. Wind moderate SE.
  15. The high cloud is rolling in now here in Reading and the temperature has now fallen to around 34C. I guess the cloud will reach Heathrow soon, so I expect the temperature to start dropping there too. Peaked at 35.6 at Reading University and 35.8 in our garden, where it was the second hottest day on record after 25 July 2019.
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