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  1. Dry, mild and cloudy with brief brighter interludes in the afternoon. Maximum 14.5, minimum 8.0. Wind light SE.
  2. Dry and very mild with long sunny spells. Maximum 15.2, minimum 10.5. Wind light SE.
  3. Dry and mild with long sunny spells. Maximum 13.5, minimum 7.1. Wind ligfh SSW.
  4. A mild and breezy day with sunny spells and a couple of light showers. Maximum 14.8, minimum 9.0. Wind moderate SW.
  5. Showers early morning then dry, mild and sunny all day. Maximum 13.8, minimum 8.1. Wind light S.
  6. Dry and mild this morning with sunny intervals, then frequent heavy showers and longer spells of rain right into this evening. Maximum 14.6, minimum 8.9. Wind light SW, becoming gusty during the showers.
  7. Cloudy this morning with showers, dry with sunny intervals this afternoon. Becoming increasingly cloudy and windy with heavy rain after dark. Maximum 13.3, minimum 6.9. Wind fresh S.
  8. Dry and on the mild side with sunny spells. Maximum 14.0, minimum 5.7. Wind light SE. Yesterday: cloudy with frequent showers, some heavy. Maximum 13.2, minimum 7.0. Wind light S.
  9. Mild and cloudy with brief glimpses of the sun and a light shower in the afternoon. Maximum 15.5, minimum 8.8. Wind light S.
  10. Dry, cloudy and mild with intervals of hazy sunshine. Maximum 15.4, minimum 8.2. Wind light SE.
  11. Cold start then a dry and breezy day with sunny intervals. Maximum 13.4, minimum 3.5. Wind moderate S.
  12. Cool and cloudy with showers. Maximum 10.0, minimum 8.1. Wind light W.
  13. Dry with sunny spells after a cold start with our second air frost of the season. Maximum 13.5, minimum -1.4. Wind light SE.
  14. Cold and cloudy with brief sunny intervals. Maximum 8.6, minimum 3.7. Wind light W.
  15. Minimum of -0.2 last night here in Reading - I think it's our first air frost in October since 2008. Recent years have been remarkably consistent in giving us the first air frost of the season in the second week of November.