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  1. Dry and very warm again - sunny in the morning, started clouding over this afternoon. Maximum 26.7, minimum 14.6. Wind light N.
  2. The Netweather top 20 page shows Staverton as the warmest today at 28°C and Heathrow topping out at 27.8. I'd say there's a chance that a late-reporting station could have exceeded the date record of 28.3, but 30 looks safe for another year. The anomaly continues...
  3. Dry, sunny and very warm. Maximum 26.4, minimum 13.7. Wind light SW.
  4. Dry and warm with sunshine all day. Maximum 23.5, minimum 13.4. Wind light NW. Yesterday: warm and cloudy with sunny intervals in the afternoon. Maximum 22.4, minimum 16.1. Wind light W.
  5. Sounds like a plan. The last one we saw was the total eclipse in 2017 in rural Idaho. We had hoped to go to Chile for last year's but if course it wasn't exactly the time to travel. Meanwhile, we got clear skies for much of today's partial eclipse here in Reading.
  6. The sheet of cloud broke up just in time here in Reading giving a clear view about half the time including around the time of maximum eclipse.
  7. Dry, warm and overcast start, sunny intervals from mid morning onwards giving a decent view of the eclipse. Maximum 21.8, minimum 15.7. Wind light SW.
  8. Dry, warm and sunny for most of the day, clouded over for a while late afternoon. Maximum 25.0, minimum 10.8. Wind light SW.
  9. A beautiful summer day - dry, sunny and pleasantly warm. Maximum 22.4, minimum 10.9. Wind light SW.
  10. Generally cloudy in the morning, sunny spells in the afternoon, feeling pleasant. Maximum 21.4, minimum 13.9. Wind light SW.
  11. Dry and cloudy this morning, sunny spells in the afternoon. Feeling quite warm and humid. Maximum 23.0, minimum 12.4. Wind light SW. Yesterday: dry and pleasantly warm with long sunny spells. Maximum 22.7, minimum 9.8. Wind light SW.
  12. Steady rain for much of the day, contrary to most forecasts, finally clearing early afternoon. Cloudy and dry thereafter. The western edge of the rain was well-defined and constant, with Newbury, less than 20 miles to the west of us, getting almost none at all. Maximum 17.1, minimum 12.3. Wind light E.
  13. Very mild start, overcast and dry in the morning then sunny and pleasant from midday onwards. Clouded over for a while late afternoon. Maximum 20.9, minimum 14.8. Wind light W.
  14. Sunny this morning, becoming hot by early afternoon. Clouded over in the afternoon with a spell of showery rain around 4pm. Maximum 27.1, minimum 10.9. Wind light S.
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