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  1. The snow ended up a bit further south than most of the forecasts were suggesting - the heavy overnight rain turned to snow for a time and we had an inch of wet snow lying by 9.00am, our first lying snow for a long time. Reading was right at the southern boundary of the snow - a friend from Mortimer, 8 miles to the south of us, told me they only had rain there. The snow turned to rain for time during the morning and back to light wet snow again, and despite some melt we still had about 50% coverage by evening. As expected feeling bitterly cold. Maximum 2.3, minimum 0.5. Wind light E.
  2. Dry and bitterly cold with sunny spells, generally cloudier in the afternoon. Maximum 4.1, minimum -1.6. Wind light W.
  3. Mainly dry and sunny with a light shower containing just a hint of sleety stuff in the air mid-morning. Feeling very cold in the wind. Maximum 4.4, minimum 1.5. Wind moderate NW.
  4. Rain cleared by lunchtime then dry with sunny spells but feeling cold in the wind after a sharp temperature drop. Maximum 12.5, minimum 7.0. Wind moderate W. Yesterday: mainly dry and cloudy with a short spell of drizzle at lunchtime. Maximum 10.3, minimum 7.2. Wind light SW.
  5. Overcast and mainly dry with just a few spots of drizzle around 5.30 cycling back from the office. Maximum 8.4, minimum 6.7. Wind light W.
  6. Dry and cloudy. Maximum 9.7, minimum 3.8. Wind light WNW.
  7. Dry and cloudy with bright intervals in the afternoon and temperatures back up to just above average. Maximum 11.1, minimum 6.0. Wind light WNW.
  8. Cold and dry, sunny all morning then cloudier in the afternoon. Maximum 7.0, minimum 1.9. Wind light NW.
  9. Dry and feeling bitterly cold with sunny spells. Maximum 4.1, minimum -0.6. Wind light NW.
  10. Either that or he's just got bad dandruff
  11. Cold and dry with sunny intervals, mainly in the morning. Maximum 6.3, minimum 1.6. Wind light NW.
  12. Dry and cold with sunny spells. Maximum 7.1, minimum 2.7. Wind light NW.
  13. Dry and cloudy for most of the day and feeling milder, with sunny intervals in the morning. Clouded over during the day with patchy rain from around 3.30pm. Maximum 10.2, minimum 3.5. Wind light W.
  14. Dry and sunny this morning, partly cloudy in the afternoon. Still cold. Maximum 7.5, minimum 1.1. Wind light W.