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  1. Cold, dull and murky with drizzle for most of the day. Maximum 5.2, minimum 3.8. Wind light SE.
  2. Chilly and dry with sunny intervals after a cold start with a hard frost. Breezy this afternoon. Maximum 6.5, minimum -1.9. Wind moderate SE.
  3. An early mix of rain, hail, sleet and a few flakes of wet snow cleared by 8.30am then dry and cold with sunny spells. Maximum 5.1, minimum 1.2. Wind light NW.
  4. A cold night with some ground frost until cloud moved in during the early hours. An overcast day with patchy drizzle. Maximum 9.1, minimum 1.0. Wind light SW.
  5. Dry and generally cloudy with sunny intervals in the afternoon. Maximum 9.7, minimum 5.2. Wind light W.
  6. Dry, cloudy, breezy and very mild. Maximum 12.1, minimum 10,7. Wind moderate W.
  7. Mild, cloudy and breezy with a few spots of rain in the air late in the day. Maximum 10.3, minimum 6.2. Wind moderate W.
  8. Early drizzle then dry and on the mild side of average with sunny spells. Maximum 8.6, minimum 4.7. Wind light NW.
  9. Clear start with a hard frost, soon clouded over. Cloudy and cold with a couple of very light showers. Maximum 4.9, minimum -1.0. Wind light NW.
  10. Cold start with a ground frost, sunny most of the day then clouded over late afternoon. Maximum 5.5, minimum 0.8. Wind light N.
  11. Dry and sunny all day, a pleasant change from the recent gloom. Maximum 9.1, minimum 5.9. Wind light NW.
  12. A dull, mild day with a few spots of rain early afternoon. Becoming breezy as the day goes on. Maximum 10.8, minimum 7.9. Wind moderate W.
  13. Dry, cloudy and much milder than recent days. Maximum 9.6, minimum 4.7. Wind light W.
  14. Dry, cold and dull. Maximum 4.7, minimum 2.5. Wind light W.
  15. Cold, dry and sunny for most of the day after a clear start with a hard frost. Maximum 3.5, minimum -2.1. Wind light W.