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  1. Dry and cold with sunny spells, generally cloudier in the afternoon. Feeling bitter in the wind. Maximum 5.1, minimum -1.4. Wind light E.
  2. Cold and dry with sunny spells from late morning onwards. Maximum 5.7, minimum 1.3. Wind light NE.
  3. Rather cold and cloudy with early mist. Maximum 6.8, minimum 2.3. Wind light NNE.
  4. Dry and on the mild side with sunny intervals, but not feeling that mild in the wind. Maximum 10.1, minimum 7.7. Wind moderate N.
  5. Overcast and mild with light rain for most of the morning, dry after lunch. Maximum 11.9, minimum 6.6. Wind light NW.
  6. Mild and dry with sunny intervals. Maximum 10.1, minimum 1.8. Wind light S.
  7. Another pleasant springlike day that warmed up quickly after a frosty start - dry and sunny in the morning, somewhat cloudier in the afternoon. Maximum 10.6, minimum -0.7. Wind light SW.
  8. Frosty start then dry and sunny all day, feeling quite springlike. Maximum 10.1, minimum -0.6. Wind light S.
  9. Sunny spells and a couple of showers, feeling quite mild in the sunshine. Maximum 9.6, minimum 5.7. Wind light W.
  10. Frost in the early hours, cloudy and cold with rain from mid-morning onwards. Maximum 6.1, minimum -1.4. Wind moderate S.
  11. Cold with rain for much of the day including a little sleet at times in the morning, followed by showers in the afternoon. Maximum 5.7, minimum 2.3. Wind light NW.
  12. Clear start with a hard frost then dry with sunshine for most of the day and feeling quite pleasant out of the wind. Maximum 7.6, minimum -0.9. Wind light W.
  13. Dry with sunny spells in the morning, sunny spells and squally showers with hail in the afternoon. Feeling cold in the wind. Maximum 10.3 (overnight), minimum 3.1 (this afternoon). Wind moderate WNW. Yesterday: cloudy with light rain most of day after a frost in the early hours. Maximum 9.5, minimum -1.3. Wind light SW.
  14. Looks we have a final figure of 103.9mm. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/pub/data/weather/uk/climate/datasets/Rainfall/date/England_and_Wales.txt
  15. Met Office loses BBC contract

    It seems that the predicted minima on cold nights have gone way down since the new app was released. BBC/MetO have historically had a tendency to underestimate the diurnal variation here in Reading (both day and night time temperatures) but the night time predictions have now suddenly swung the other way. For example, on Wednesday night they predicted a low of -5 here, corrected that evening to -4 but it didn't go below -2, even at the university, which is usually colder than the town centre. -3 is predicted for tonight but I wouldn't be surprised if we don't even have an air frost. Has anyone else noticed this?