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  1. A foggy start here, fog horns have been going since the early hours. A low of 7c at 6:30am. Fog slowly clearing, grey skies. Now 7.3c, 1034.5 hPa, ESE wind 8 mph.
  2. A cracking sunny day yesterday, 11-12c for a lot of it. A low of 8.5c at 2am. Another clear blue sky start to the day. 9.3c, 1026.2 hPa, very light Southerly wind.
  3. We had 3.2mm of rain yesterday spread over the morning and a little shower early evening. A bit more than I thought we were getting. A quick shower at 6am this morning. A low of 4.3c at 7am. Lovely bright sunny start to the day, 8.9c now, 1020.4 hpa, light SW wind.
  4. A good bright sunny start to this Sunday. Was up early and saw an orange moon. A high of 11c in the cloudy day yesterday, a low of 7.7c at 3am. Had a little rain of 0.2mm around 3am. Now 8.8c, 1014.9 hPa. The SE wind has picked up since the early hours and is 8-12mph with some 18mph gusts.
  5. After that lovely sunny day yesterday, this morning is very grey and cloudy. Got down to 4.3c at 2am, but on the increase since then was 8.5c at is now 10c. Very light southerly wind, 1023.9 hPa. Looking at the forecasts, the mild and dry conditions continue into the first weeks of March. Maybe a little showery blip on Monday. Perhaps that is the wintery weather for this year over.
  6. Foggy start here, a low of 4c at 7am. Lovely bright sunshine now, 9c, 2-4mph SE wind, 1027.7 hPa
  7. What a lovely sunny day, Been lovely sitting outside. 10c here.
  8. Was 7c at midnight, dropped to a low of 4c at 4am. A slight frost this morning, lovely blue clear skies and sunshine. Now 6.4c, light easterly wind, 1032.4 hPa
  9. Really enjoyed that glorious sunshine during the day yesterday, certainly felt a lot warmer than the 10.5c highs. Got down to 3c at 4.30am. This morning, a very slight frost. Can hear the fog horns, but not seeing any. Lovely blue clear skies. 6.7c, 1033.6 hPa, very light SW winds
  10. Light grey drizzly start to the day. A few showers late last evening 3,8mm total yesterday. Wind has died down a lot from yesterday afternoon as forecast. A few more showers bringing 2.8mm in the early hours. Now, 6.3c, SW 8-10mph wind, 992.5 hPa Looking like a dry mild spell for the next couple weeks. Great for getting in the veg garden and getting those early crops started.
  11. 16mm of rain yesterday, most of it between 2pm to 5pm. The wind stayed pretty constant at 15-25mph all yesterday, evening, overnight and this morning, with plenty of 20-25mph gusts and a good few handfuls of gusts at 41-43mph. A grey cloudy start, but some blue sky slowly appearing. 8.9c, 1003.7 hPa, SW 14-20mph, gusting 30-35mph.
  12. Breezy morning, SSW 15-20mph, plenty of 25 mph gusts and a few since the early hours that have hit 30mph. Drizzly grey morning, 2.2mm of rain so far today. 9.8c, 1002.1 hPa.
  13. Between 7 and 11 pm yesterday we had some heavy rain and a real heavy burst around 8pm, was 8.8mm. Wind from the SW really picked up here between 1am to 4am, 2--25mph and many gusts of 35-43mph. Was 9.6c at midnight and a low of 7.5c at 4am. Now, dry, blue skies, 7.9c, 1007.3 hPa, SW wind 10-18mph, many gusts of 20-33mph.
  14. Was 9.7c at 3am and dropped to a low of 7.8c at 6:30am. A little drizzle from midnight to 4am of 0.8mm. Now light grey skies, 8c, 1019.8 hPa, very light WSW wind. Looks like quite a windy spell from Thursday to Friday, with forecasts showing 35-49mph gusts.
  15. Was 8.2c at midnight, a low of 7.3c at 7am. Now, slight fog just clearing, dry, 7.5c, SSE wind 6mph, 1024.5hPa