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  1. A warm and muggy night, 19.6c at midnight and a low of 17.2c at 7am Its now 17.6c, 1007.5 hpa The strong winds started at 4am here. SW 16-22mph, with mostly 25-30mph gusts and few 34-36mph gusts in last hour. Quite a bit of drizzle in the air, but just not enough to register in the rain meter.
  2. 22.3c here this afternoon. Been a little breezy all day 10-14mph Southerly wind with many 18mph gusts. Notice we may also have some strong winds on the trail of the storms early tomorrow morning and through to Wednesday with forecasts showing 40-48mph gusts. No warnings for us though yet.
  3. A low of 10c at 5am and a high today of 18.1c at 1pm. A grey cloudy day, with the breezy wind feels a lot colder. WSW wind has picked up today 10-14mph with many 20-25mph gusts this afternoon.
  4. 18c here now and lovely blue skies. Very light WSW winds.
  5. Was 10.6c at midnight and a low of 7.3c 6:45am Now 9c, 1024.0 hPa, NW wind 1-2mph 2mm of rain fell during a spell yesterday afternoon from 3-4pm and another 0.2mm between 5-6am this morning
  6. A pleasant day with blue skies and light cloud. 19.9c at midday.
  7. Been a pretty decent week really with temps 20c to 24c max and lows of 12c. Has been a little breezy at times with 12-15mph winds on and off. Mostly sunny spells during the week, but yesterday was mostly a cloudy day with only short sunny spells and it only managed 18c. it started off very cloudy this morning and rain clouds passing over. 17.9c now, 1018.5 hPa, WSW wind 7mph No rain here since 26th September.
  8. Had 23.9mm here. Non stop heavy rain from midday till 5pm. Pretty much stopped now, just a little light drizzle. Not as windy as predicted (forecasts had us for 30mph winds and 40-48mph gusts). Wind was S to SSW 12-18mph with a handful of gusts between 23-28mph,
  9. Light grey morning so far. A low of 12.9c at 3am Now 15.8c, very light Southerly to SSE wind. Barometer has fallen since 1am at 1017 to 1012.9 now. Watching radar for the rain and wind heading our way. Looks to be an hour or so away.
  10. A mix of 18c sunny spells and showers yesterday and breezy with 14 mph WNW winds, but plenty of 20-25mph gusts. 1.8mm of rain yesterday (53mm so far this month, 412mm this year). A drop to 8.6c at 5:45am. Not been below 10c since early May. Lovely clear blue skies this morning, 12.3c, 1015.8 hPa, NW 3-7mph wind. Nasty looking windy day tomorrow, but a good drop of rain is welcome for the garden.
  11. A grey cloudy day today. Now 19.8c, 1021.7 hpa, WSW wind 8-13 mph
  12. Was a pleasant dry day yesterday, but cloudy at times, a high of 22.5c. Lovely bright morning after a low of 15c at 5am. Now 18.9c, 1016.5 hpa, very light WSW wind.
  13. We have had some drizzle here for last hour, just pushing 0.8mm The temp though has dropped from its 20c at 10am to 17.3c now.
  14. No rain yesterday, was a lovely morning, but got cloudy in the afternoon, high of 19.7c. Its a light grey cloudy morning, but no rain yet. 20c, light SE wind.