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  1. A lovely clear blue sky day yesterday with 21c max temperature. Felt much warmer. A low of 14.5c at 6am. Another clear blue Sky today, just hit 20c. Yesterday Easterly 12-15mph breezy wind with many 18-25mph gusts through the day. Still breezy today, ESE 10-14 mph today with plenty of 15-21mph gusts.
  2. That was a great sunny day yesterday, a high of 23c after a week of 17-19c and mixed sunny and cloudy spells. Also, a week when the lowest temp has been hovering around 14-15c, this morning the low was 12.4c Pleasant sunny and clear blue sky this morning, 15.8c, ENE 6mph wind.
  3. Sun has finally made an appearance and the temp has been rising fast, now 22.3c Fog horns were still going until about 10am. The fog had cleared inland about 8am
  4. A high of 26.8c here. Temp dropped off very quickly at 7pm to a low of 15c at 5am At that time the wind changed from Easterly to Westerly. Thick fog here this morning. The fog horns have been going since 5am. 16.2c now..
  5. Lovely sunny day today. High of 22.5c at 3pm, now 21c SE wind 8-10mph wind.
  6. A pleasant sunny, dry and warm day yesterday with a high of 20.5c. Was breezy all day with 12-18mph winds and plenty of 20-25mph gusts. A low of 13.9c at 6am. Clear blue skies this morning, 15c now. Wind has moved from SW to Westerly this morning and has dropped to 4-8mph.
  7. We were not in the yellow warning of rain but quite close to it. Still, did not have as much wind/rain as I expected. We had 8mm from 2pm to 10pm yesterday in showers through the afternoon and evening. Then a dry spell for a few hours. From midnight the rain started again for a few hours giving 1.8mm. The SW wind yesterday was breezy 14-18mph with plenrty of 20-25mph gusts and a handful that hit 30-32mph. Was 17.7c at midnight after a high of 18.6c yesterday midday, a low this morning at 6am of 16.1c. Now, its looking to be a pleasant morning, plenty of blue sky coming through, 17.6c, SW wind 6-10mph.
  8. Wind has picked up in last hour SW 20-27mph with plenty of 35-40mph gusts. Had a handful of 50-54mph gusts.
  9. Yes saw those BBC forecasts, both local and national, with 60mph all over our area. Sky News was doing much the same last night and this morning. Wind is still SW 16-22mph, with plenty of 25-35mph gusts. Sun is creeping out now, 19.2c.
  10. The wind has been pretty consistent overnight, 16-22mph with gusts 25-35mph and a handful or so hitting 38-40mph, with one of 47mph at 1am We had some drizzle around midnight and 2am, only amounting to 0.2mm. Was 18.6c at midnight and a low of 17c at 4am, now 17.9c The barometer readings are rising, now 1003.7hPa after a a low of 998hPa at 1am. A grey start, wind still 16-22mph, with plenty of 25-35mph gusts.
  11. Wind has dropped now after the earlier gusty spell. Down to 14-16mph with a few 20-25mph gusts Just having some pretty heavy rain showers now after a half hour of drizzle.
  12. Sunny and dry here with a good showing of blue sky, 24.2c Wind has picked up in last half hour, SSW and occasionally SSE 16-19mph with some 35-40mph gusts.
  13. We had 1mm of rain this morning between 4am and 8am Expect will get some more tonight, so no watering today. Been very busy using the hose since Monday. 18.9c was the low just after midnight. Now 20.4c, 12-14mph SSW wind. Forecasts have us down for 40-47mph wind gusts from 8pm tonight to 5pm Saturday. Some thunder showing early evening with some rain showers, but not seeing any heavy ones.
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