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  1. Yesterday heavier evening rain and the days total after some late afternoon showers was 3.2mm. No rain since midnight until 5am that bought some light showers, 0.8mm. A bright red tinged start with some nice bright sun spells between the showers. Temp has been dropping since 5am, now 7.3c after a night of 9c temps and a high at midnight of 9.6c. 1003.9 hPa, wind SSW 6-10mph
  2. Dull grey start to the morning. SE 8-11mph wind, 6.6c, 1019.6 hPa Apart from a little 0.1mm of drizzle on Wednesday, we have had no rain since Friday 17th. Jan total so far 44mm. Glad with the week dry spell really as got a new shed and base delivered, put up and painted last week. Just timed it well with the weather
  3. A low of 0.5c at 7am. Temp rising now and is 1.4c. Pressure got to 1049.6 hPa at midnight and in the early hours dropped to 1048.5 hPa, now on the rise again and 1049.1 hPa. Wind N to NNW and very light.
  4. Got to 7.4c at 2pm. Now 4.9c. Been a lovely sunny day though, despite the temperature. The pressure rise levelled a bit early afternoon, but back on the rise again now 1048 hPa. Wind in last hour or so has moved to N from NNW, still light.
  5. A low of 0.5c here. Another slight frost. Lovely sunny day here, only 4.1c though and pressure still on the rise, now 1047 hPa. Very light NNW wind.
  6. Got to 7.8c 1:30pm. Its 6.4c now. Sun has made a good showing today. Pressure still rising, its up to 1030.7 hpa. The beaches here were packed, the sun bought them all out.
  7. A low of 1.1c at 7.30am. Its on the rise slowly now, 1.3c. Very light NW wind, 1027 hpa and rising. A quick wipeable slight frost. Lovely clear blue skies and glorious sunshine.
  8. Did not get too much rain here. 3.4mm yesterday and 1.6mm since midnight. Not seeing a rain symbol on any of our forecasts for the next week and more. A cold spell for the weekend, which will make a welcome change. Sun is out now, Was 10.9c at midnight after a high of 12.4c midday yesterday afternoon. Now 8.5c
  9. The strong wind finally let up at 1am. That was 13 hours or so hours of 35-50 mph gusts. The rain was certainly not as heavy as forecast, just drizzly showers, 7.9 mm yesterday, with 5.5 mm since midnight. Drizzly showers this morning, Westerly winds 6 mph, 1003 hpa and rising fast.
  10. Still strong winds here, constant 20-25 mph. Last few hours gusts have been regular 40-50mph, with a few 52 mph and one 55 mph. Rain has been showery, 6.4mm, not seen any heavy rain spells all day.
  11. Wind picked up here about midday and has been 20-24mph here with constant 30-40 mph gusts. A few gusts of 42-45 mph. Rain has been showery this afternoon, not that heavy on and off, 4.3mm so far.
  12. The forecasts for yesterday were pretty much on the ball. From 5pm to 11pm we had winds of 23-30 mph with constant 30-38 mph gusts, a handful of gusts 40-49 mph 4.3 mm of rain fell during that period. More of the same this afternoon and evening. All calm and dry at the moment, 9.7c, 5-10 mph SSW wind, 999.4 hpa
  13. Been dry all day here. SSW wind picked up here from midday 15-23mph, with gusts 25-30mph and last hour or so gusts have been 25-35mph. Temp still rising and is 10.9c now. Barometer is currently 1001.3 hpa and falling.
  14. Plenty of clear blue skies this morning with some low cloud having a red tinge. SSW wind 4-8 mph this morning. Not looking forward to the wet and windy next few days. Forecasts have us for 40-45 mph wind gusts tonight and 50-55 mph on Tuesday afternoon and night.
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