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  1. Forecasts were very wrong for here yesterday. They all had strong winds with 35-43mph gusts and a lot more rain than we had. Wind was only 8-13mph through the day with 15-20mph gusts and a few 22-25mph gusts between 5pm to 8pm A spell of showery rain from 5pm to 10pm, gave 8.9mm, rest of the day was dry. Mid afternoon temp was at 16.8c Was still 12.4c at 5am, temp then dropped to 9.8c at 6:30am. At 6:00am we had some heavy hail and rain showers, 8.6mm from that spell. At 6:45am we had a few loud thunderclaps and lightning. Turned to light drizzle now and brightening up nice
  2. Was expecting a windy day today from the forecasts. So far SW wind is only 6-8 mph with 12-16mph gusts. Now dry, 14.2c, 1005.2 hPa
  3. We had 2.8mm of rain in the early hours, first rain for eight days. Light cloud today, just hit 17c Wind has moved to SSW today from the Northerlies of the last week, now 8mph with 12-16mph gusts. 1001.4 hPa
  4. Pleasant day yesterday with good spells of sunshine, high of 15.8c mid afternoon. The ENE and NNE wind yesterday added a chill to the temps. Was 10.9c at midnight and a low of 7.3c at 6:20am. A light grey start, 1024.3 hPa, 9.4c Wind has moved from NNE to NNW and is very light. No rain since last Monday.
  5. Another lovely sunny day yesterday 16.2c mid aftenoon. was 11.1c at midnight and 9.3c at 6.30am Now 10c, with interesting cloud this morning
  6. Since that rain on Monday, been a nice sunny week with temps between 14.5c-16c each day. Only spoilt with the 5-12mph NNE wind all week giving a little chill at times Worked out perfectly for a good gardening week for getting up some maincrop potatoes and lying them out to dry nicely before storing in the potato shed for use next Winter/Spring/Summer. Good sunny start this morning, a low of 6c at 5.45am, now 7.2c Wind still NE, but very low 1-2mph this morning.
  7. A low of 12.8c at 6:30am Now, lovely blue skies and sunshine, 14.3c, SW 10mph, 998.4 hPa
  8. Yesterdays rain was 20mm. So far October has given us 97mm The forecasts yesterday had us for wind gusts of 35-43mph yesterday, but wind was 12-16mph with gusts of 18-23mph. No rain here since 6pm yesterday. A low of 9.8c at midnight. Now 11.7c, 995.0 hPa, SW wind 4-8mph
  9. More rain today, the running total; 4mm Wednesday 5mm Thursday 37mm Friday 35mm Saturday. From midnight to 2am about 7mm, then stopped. Just started in last few hours with light rain for another 1mm, so 8mm so far today. A low of 10.7c at 4am, now 10.9c, 983.2 hPa WSW wind has picked up since 6am, 12-16mph, 20-25mph gusts.
  10. We have had no further rain since 9am here. Brightened up nicely and we have blue sky now breaking through the cloud. 15.4c, 986.9 hPa. Light winds all day moved from SSE early hours to Southerly during the morning and now WSW.
  11. 4mm Wednesday 5mm Thursday 37mm Friday Since midnight, we have had a further 21mm. its brightening up now with a little drizzle. 13.1c, 986.9 hPa, light SSE winds You would hardly know we have had all this rain, it has drained away very quickly on paths, pavements and roads. But, my Raspberries, Runner beans, French beans, Brussel Sprouts, Kale Chard/Spinach and plenty of outdoor tomatoes are all loving it 🙂
  12. 4mm of rain on Wednesday, 5mm rain yesterday. 16mm so far today. Now 13.4c, 979.7 hPa, ESE to E wind, 15-18mph with 20-24mph gusts and a few 26-30mph gusts. Nothing like the mid 40s gusts forecast for overnight and this morning.
  13. A low of 6.9c at 7am Lovely blue skies and sunshine today. 12.3c now but feeling a little chilly in the 12-16mph NNW wind.
  14. Nice sunny afternoon. Wind has picked up in last few hours, NW 18-24mph, with plenty of 25-30mph gusts and a few 33-35mph gusts. 16.2c, 1006.1 hPa
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