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  1. Apart from a few more showers in the south of the region, thats it for a very short NE blast. Still waiting for one with a deeper cold source. Looks like at least a week of Atlantic weather coming up. Could the N.Sea snow machine get fired up again before winter is out........
  2. Wow. I am 7 miles in at only 250ft asl and its just below 0.
  3. After this band. It looks like a quieter period. Noting of significance brewing out at sea. Sticking my neck out here as I have said that before and had egg on my face
  4. Only the radar will tell us while we still have air flow off the N.Sea. I thought it was dead at 5PM then showers just materialised from nowhere. It could happen again......
  5. Could not agree more and thats where my misunderstood 2010 comment came from. This is just a mini version
  6. Not a direct hit then. You should get a covering from it. Whats the temp there? Its -1.2 here
  7. Not sure exactly where you are. Do you have postcode zoom so you can see you location marked with a small red dot?
  8. By moving back and forward the radar the direction of travel of these shower coming in seems to be as below. So N of the region looking better in the next 2 hours. WHO IS IN THE SWEET SPOT........
  9. The N.Sea is absolutely exploding now. Snow from Northumberland down to Teeside. People on the coast are reporting thunder out at sea and looking at the intensity of the ppn it does not surprise me. Just to show the locality of these bands. I was out for dinner in Stannington up the A1. Clear sky. 5 miles down the road at Moor Farm heavy snow......
  10. I know the feeling. Was the same here until that streamer put almost 2" down. In beast in March I was under a snow shield and probably only had 2" without the drifts. I felt jinxed
  11. I bet there will be a few cracks of thunder out of this. With red intensity out at sea I expect the shower will expand when it hits land and become less intense. Hitting wearside and about to hit Durham
  12. They just seem to materialise in the sea from nothing. At 4.30 this did not exist now 4.50.....
  13. Looks to be quite a long period before any showers head my way. Unless they appear from nowhere on the radar like earlier today.... Its now below freezing again here
  14. Snowing nicely here. Medium-large flakes. Intensity 6/10. Struggling to lie due to the sun earlier. Temp falling fast
  15. This streamer is slowly transferring North and heading right for me. They dont often travel directly along their length. There is normally a north or south element in the travel. Going dark here....
  16. I am keeping an eye on this line of shower. They highlighted part of it has appeared out of nowhere in the last 30 mins and is heading for the Tyneside area The main activity is transferring to the south of the region. The fax chart does show a feature there which will intensify the showers
  17. Morpeth already had 2" from last night and has been under a streamer for a while. Still under it. That area of Northumberland seems to be a sweet spot for streamers. In March last year they got one and had 3 times snow depth of me and in 2010 they had over 2ft of snow just north of Morpeth due to streamers.
  18. The wind is changing gradually to a Northerly - So the showers will hit just down the costal strip later
  19. According to BBC weather, the main activity is going to be concentrated down your way. However. The only thing I believe is the radar. Just look as those streamers forming
  20. You may be in in line for some actual 'Heavy Snow" falling (above 8/10 intensity)
  21. Showers really intensifying out at sea now. Quite a bit of red showing on radar. I would not be surprised that lightning is mixed in with these ones
  22. Missed the decent showers here. Just a light covering. -0.5c
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