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  1. Still the warmest air temp day here was in April I believe. The positioning of the HP has been a terrible for the NE. When will it end? This is the HP we need in Winter, not summer. We need one sat to the SW. Just now its cloudy and cold in comparison to most of the UK.
  2. Showers packed in and quite frequent this morning. Could be about 1/2 inch here. Although both these easterly blasts have bee great for blowing snow I will not remember them for heavy or prolonged showers. They just blow past too quickly. Temp -2.4
  3. Would love to see some pics. You have hit lucky. Dusting here
  4. Yep. Hit and miss these showers. Just like the last Easterly blast for my area. The showers form too late in the N.Sea and get blown past quickly. You need to be at least 10 miles inland. Bring on the NE or N winds any day for me. Slower moving showers with greater longer lasting intensity.
  5. The south of the region looks to have had the pick of the showers over the last 2 hours, but showers now starting to intensify further North too......
  6. Radar showing scattered moderate showers with the odd heavy burst. Nothing of significance as yet. Looking like the streamer that the BBC showed this morning is developing south of York
  7. Blowing snow intensity 3/10. Light covering down. Temp -1.6 c. Beaver snow approaching.
  8. On the turn here. 0.7c
  9. I have to say that this winter has been exceptional for the amount of snowfalls here, spread out from November to now March. I have lost count. None of them have been much depth here, with the maximum being 4" depth from Monday night. The amount of snowfalls from westerly approaching fronts has to be a record here. Normally we get nothing this side of the pennines, but I have been surprised about 5 times this winter Also the amount of frosts must be up there with the most in the last 20 years. Not kept any of this data. Does anyone have any?
  10. Light snow here. Intensity 3/10. Temp 0.2c
  11. Covering here of fine hail. Temp -0.2. Come on convection........
  12. I remember that happening many times in the past. Normally from a N'ly / NE'ly when the flow gets slack and there is high pressure close to the north. Unexpected slow moving heavy showers can develop when not forecast. I cant see it happening with the current set up though
  13. I have been taking note of the radar today. Most times you will see ppn to the North ppn to the South of the area I have circled. Its strange, but is what has been happening since Tuesday. Keep an eye on it, its uncanny.