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  1. Pepping up again here in se Nottingham , about 7cm here now from the wash streamer...
  2. That steamer just hitting Nottingham ,and it's coming down nicely.. could do well from this, but marginal at minus 4.5c ️️🌨🌨
  3. Basically yes.. read the first post on page one of the strat thread, it's a good read and will hopefully enlighten ..
  4. They didn't really show the Atlantic winning out, more of a very slow encroachment .. That's totally along the lines of the ukmo, as this 144 chart illustrates.. But there are definate possibilities of a beasterly from there...!
  5. 11,000 + Greenland high, doesn't get any better than that...! ???????
  6. Best chart I've seen all winter at day 10 on the ECM in terms of Potential. But as ever chasing dreams in FI, it does seem to be the way of things this winter. Lets hope this time they have it right, heights building North atlantic, lows running through the azores, and an easterly flow from Europe to America. Or have they got it wrong and that high just keeps bobbing around southern Britain like it has done all winter, I know where my money would be...
  7. The ensembles this morning look fantastic for cold, with the op being the main outlier. This seems to me has been the case since the upgrade,with the op being on the mild side of things (generally).. Don't loose faith coldies, expect the op to be dragged kicking and screaming into line with the rest over the next few days.. To me things look very positive for the cold to stay, with a good chance of very cold..
  8. Got some huge flakes coming down now in notts. In amongst the rain....
  9. I think GP is saying the vortex is ridging towards Canada, so low heights in eastern Canada.. I dont believe this wouldnt give us a west based NAO.. maybe GP can clarify
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