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  1. I was a little disappointed with the amount we have in Notts.. until I came on here and now I feel greedy...! been snowing all morning lightly with patchy moderate bursts, and we have a huge 30mm...
  2. Check out the next 10 days from the gfs. Really is turning into a historic spell , just need those snow totals to go up....
  3. Try rain alarm, much better . Even gives notification when precipitation is on the way, but doesn't give precipitation type....
  4. South pennines, yorkshire moors, Thames estuary, wash, humber, east Coast of Ireland are hot spots for heavy dumpings... Everywhere else very good too especially further east, and caught in a streamer.. The only exception is Middlesborough which historicity get nothing...! 😉
  5. The river trent now at its peak through Notts.. Very lucky we didn't get the rain that was forecast further east, otherwise could have been very nasty.. here's a video I took earlier as the river breached locally... 20210122_073552.mp4
  6. Really surprised that no one has mentioned the blizzard showing across most of the country at 108, if this was to come off... WOW....
  7. For the Greenland high to produce very cold for us, we need a much stronger high, ie yellows and oranges (as seen on meteociel) pushing the lows coming from North America on a more southerly route, and our trough deeper into the med.. So far this hasn't really been an option of late on the outputs, greens into Greenland are OK but frought with the danger of west based -NAO and lows coming at us head on and phasing rather than cutting under us, unless we can keep the waa going up into Greenland and cutting off the Atlantic ,which is difficult to maintain without a strong Greenland high,
  8. Still snowing here in the trent valley ,but on the wet side.. No more accumulation, and turning to slush on the ground..
  9. intensity seems to be waning on the front now, hopefully not a trend.. light snow now here in Notts after an hour or so of moderate snow..
  10. Been snowing moderately now for half an hour in notts, everything turning white.. Temp 0.5 and dropping.. Must say, I wasn't expecting it to be this good at 20m above sea level..?
  11. More snowy than sleety now here in notts. The snow will settle on even wet ground, if temps are 1 degree . So hoping for at least a covering here in the snow starved trent valley ....!
  12. I really don't see a prolonged very cold spell from the chats atm, yes I see a snowy spell with maybe some severe temperatures at times lasting a week maybe 10 days from these charts, which in itself is amazing to see and has me glued to this forum and meteociel.. But the only chance we get of seriously cold uppers, is from channel lows passing under the block and giving us a brief easterly, the rest of the time the general wind direction is a northerly , which will be cold enough for snow but not severe, as too long a sea track... It seems there is only one outcome (as far as I can
  13. Pepping up again here in se Nottingham , about 7cm here now from the wash streamer...
  14. That steamer just hitting Nottingham ,and it's coming down nicely.. could do well from this, but marginal at minus 4.5c ⛄️⛄️???
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