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    Wife and 3 daughters to support.Been married 40 years and would not change a thing. ( the wife told me to say that).
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  1. Hi Shotski, I lost a load of spawn 2-3 years ago, when my wildlife pond froze over, but they were on the top, the eggs underneath were ok, so I hope you don't loose too many. The eggs I lost went white but the ones underneath stayed dark, however, when the tadpoles hatched they fed on the dead ones. At the moment I've got plenty of frogs but they are all loved up as yet with no little ones being layed. cheers Colboy
  2. No, but plenty of snow and freezing temperatures on a night. The pavements were frozen over and any flattened snow turned to ice. The icicles were fantastic, mainly from the buildings and the Windows had ice on the inside, no central heating or double glazing in those days. I went to school in Toolley street in London and we used to slide down the street to school. We had ice slides in the playground for quite a few weeks. If people would like those temperatures now it would paralize the country, considering the amount of traffic now compared to those days. In the road I lived in in London S E
  3. a certain Mr S Murr has come out of hibernation already and commented in the mad thread.
  4. Thought I would advise anyone whose boilers have suddenly stopped it could be your outside pipe from the boiler has frozen up stopping the water from draining away. Pour hot water over it and it should free it up. Hopefully. Still snow grains coming down here in Sidcup. Still -2.5c here.
  5. Even the southeast weather forecast had it dry for next week, but the lady doing the forecast said possibility of snow showers on Monday. No wonder people are poo pooing the situation.
  6. Hi, I don't post much on this forum but have been a member for a few years, but, I feel that as it looks as if we are in for extreme weather conditions, I thought it might be an idea to advise people of what they can do to prevent freeze ups to their domestic water supplies by making sure all water pipes are lagged, turning off outside water pipes and draining down. It used to be the done thing to put a matchbox underneath the loft hatch so that some warmth could get into the loft.There must be other folks reading this forum who can offer advice regarding looking after your homes. And don't fo
  7. Just had a heavy shower of snizzle here in Sidcup. Grass has turned white and the main road near the Charcoal Burner pub is white over. Be careful driving in Sidcup.
  8. Was -5c this morning at 9-00am didn't get higher than 2c all day and now at 5-00am it's already -1c. It's certainly going to be a cold one tonight.
  9. Have a great time I am so jealous. My wife keeps saying that I should go one year with You guys and girls. Cannot wait for your reports. Best of luck.
  10. Hi, just had a flash and a Big Bang here in Sidcup. The hail was very heavy covering the road etc etc
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