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  1. I dont post on here but really look forward to reading your take on things and respect your point of view, love the weather and you make it so much easier to understand with your explanatory posts.

  2. loretta

    Reflux Hell !!

    Katie I'm sorry to here you are going through hell with babes, my son had that in the end the only way he would sleep was in his car seat so he was only just lying back a little, every night we used to get the seat out of the car and bring it in the house. Its an awful time but if its any consolation to you he seemed to get alot better by the time he was 16 weeks old and gaviscon helped alot, so fingers crossed Tilly will settle for you soon, hope all goes well.x
  3. loretta

    Sad Birthday

    oh K L, keep your chin up. baby is so cute. Have a happy rest of you day
  4. Sounds like you really enjoyed the game - wouldn't fancy having drink sprayed over me in this cold weather though brrrr makes me feel cold thinking about it
  5. loretta


    Men - keep your chin up KM
  6. you will be fine next time don't worry. It is sods law though that when you are having a bad days driving (learning or not) you either see someone you know or the fittest guy you have ever seen is the one you nearly ran down at the traffic lights! :lol: good luck with your test when it comes around
  7. ok thankyou for your help - thought it was me
  8. loretta


    :lol: :lol: :lol: aren't they just so great! A few weeks after my mum died our fish died my son, then about 4 wanted a funeral in the garden I persuaded him it would be best to flush, oh he said is that what you did with nanny? what can you do but smile good luck in Devon.
  9. I use broadband I don't get text though I'm getting the odd picture and the rest just blanks
  10. sorry I put thread I meant blogg when I click the option for slideshow on alot of them only 1 or two of the pictures show
  11. I dont seem to be able to see some of the pictures in some of the threads some are fine but some don't seem to load I know its something I am doing wrong - any idea what?
  12. How frightening for you, you read about this sort of thing but never expect it to happen right on your doorstep like you I hope she is ok, the police must be very concerned to start investigating so quickly. My children go to a village school and we have had a couple of incidents of strangers hanging around, it is a worry - like you say years ago you met up with friends and thought nothing of it. We live in a lane there are lovely woods just up the road we walk the dog as a family but even though he is an alsation I am always worried about walking him alone - its a sad world we live in. Take care of you.
  13. loretta

    Snow Update!

    Nice picture , I can't remember the last time I saw that much snow you lucky person
  14. I know exactly how you feel. My son is doing sats so isnt allowed any time out so we are having same problem, they make all these laws about what we as parents can and cant do its a pity someone doesnt do the same to the airports ferries and hotels they are like vultures circling because they know we have no option it is so annoying. Glad your daughter cheered you up with her achievement.
  15. Your son is an inspiration, so dedicated I can't believe this is the work of a ten year old - you must be very very proud. Its a shame more kids and adults come to think of it don't channel thier energies into something so worthwhile.
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