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  1. Heavy sleety mix here in Ryton, some big flakes mixed in. Strange how we had a weather warning added for snow here overnight from 9pm, yet the Beeb TV forecast half hour ago showed clear here and dry overnight. The joys of relying on old data! Think I will trust the brand new Met Office warning!
  2. Steady away here, road going under. The kids were asking me earlier if they will get to school in the morning. I told them that wouldn't be a problem, then added that the difficulty will be getting home again! Told them they would be stuck there all weekend lol ⛄
  3. Light snow now, no wind, medium flakes falling gently!
  4. Hi all, remember March? can't believe it was nearly a year ago. It has been a bit galling again this winter to see everybody else but us up here getting snow, but now it is OUR time you're. I have of course ruined our chances by promising my daughter's sledging session on Saturday. Btw, nowt here in Ryton yet!
  5. Cheers Doc for the heads up. The Mrs thinks I'm bonkers going fishing, she's probably right lol
  6. Doc, do you mean tomorrow, or Monday mate? I was under the impression it was arriving overnight/ early morning Mon. Not being picky, just have out of touch with the models last couple of days and I am due to go fishing Monday. Ml
  7. Lol spoke to soon! It's a shame we can't see further out on the radar as the showers are moving through so quickly, there is just a conveyor belt of them but hard to guess what may be coming our way even one hour from now. Also, if you look closely you can see a lot of the showers shrink and become less intense just before making land, or is it my eyes? Lol
  8. Ooh, something heavier and more prolonged here, looking forward to sledging tomorrow
  9. Hi mate, yes, couldn't write the script. Change of plan, no trains Uday and only road route was via Glasgow. Couldn't justify the journey, especially when , due to the lack of trains, I would have to do the same journey tomorrow to collect them. So change of plan, up at 5 this morning to check status, couple of roads open, left at 6.15, A1, A167 at North but ran into a couple of fresh blockages, eventually got across to Berwick and away up, arrived Edinburgh 10.45. Gotta laugh, the A1 Alnwick was then immediately reopened and I came home that way, to find out the bloody trains have started running a restricted service, couldn't bloody write it!

    Tell you what, saw some fantastic snowy scenes, drifting to:15-20 ft, v dangerous. Mi

    1. Mercury Rising

      Mercury Rising

      sods law lol ...at least it was scenic, well done! glad you managed it :D 

  10. Have an interesting day today. 11 yr old mad keen swimming daughter due in Edinburgh tonight with Mum, her best swimming buddy and her mum, hotel for two nights to watch UK Swimming Championships, one of her Xmas pressies. She has been so excited, she is bursting. Then...the snow. Virgin East Coast have confirmed no trains into Scotland at all today, boooo!! So I have volunteered to drive them all up after work ( well, she is my girl and I love her to bits, she is distraught at the thought of missing it). So am I, I thought I had the tv control this weekend, and a night out with the
  11. Met Office web showing 80% chance heavy snow for 3 hrs in Ryton from midnight, sure it wasn't earlier.?
  12. Well, it's all gone quiet in here. Don't suppose there is much happening, the radar is relatively quiet right now. Meto showing heavy snow/snow showers all afternoon, but seems a bit quiet, is something brewing like yesterday lunchtime?
  13. Looking on SAT24 satellite animation, it is clear there is a band of thicker white showing offshore that looks like it is headed Tyneside way in the next couple of hours. Quite hard to tell as the shower band is pivoting slightly ( or is it an optical illusion ?). Whatever, there is def something thicker headed our way shortly, some kind of disturbance.
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