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  1. Same here. Even if there were a few the local rain blobs would have leapt on em kicked the crap out of em as if to say "Bugger off back north your not settling in our manor"
  2. It really is ridiculous. on the mad thread they are enthusing yet again about charts 10 days p[us ahead and we don't know whats gonna happen in 12 hours time.
  3. I always say measure it in millimetres. Doesn't make it any bigger but it sounds a lot more. Lol.
  4. I think we have to be realistic here it doesn't matter one jot where the sliders end up and all that ppn coming up from the south west on Sunday the fact remains the temperatures here are projected to be 10 degrees and only 2 further north (midlands) The brief period of possible snow on Monday looks unlikely for the far south again I don't believe our temperatures will be conducive for snow. Howling winds and rain seems probable.
  5. God this model reading is making me bloody depressed for our region. Always near but never close enough. I am beginning to think you have more chance of winning the lottery than get snow down here.
  6. Need to put up the outside xmas lights. Will two thirds up the ladder do?
  7. At least I can recall the epic winter of 62/63. I had just passed my driving test and it was harrowing. The snow ploughs were out all day everyday and being no where else to put the snow it was banked up either side of the roads and you were literally driving through tunnels. Road signs were buried in drifts of snow and trees were falling because of the sheer weight of snow on the branches. The frozen snow and ice on the trees gave them all an appearance of giant chandeliers under the street lamps. I could go on. but I would love you all to witness such a sight one day.it was truly magical.
  8. If you reverse your age Khodds that will give you my age. So being the senior member on this forum I am telling you that you will see something wintry within the next 3 days. So my word is beyond contestation lol.
  9. I was an old man 7 years ago beginning to wonder now if I will see anything significant before its too late lol/
  10. Yeah certain members from the midlands seem to be constantly reminding us that there will be no snow for our region. cmon 18z push the whole damn lot south of the M4 lol. Notice how diplomatic I am by not mentioning any names or then again one of em rhymes with ? ? ? lol.
  11. All these hills around here going out to buy some snow tyres.
  12. Make us laugh

    A night nurse takes a call in her hospital. How is Mr. Brown doing in ward 8? the caller asks. One moment the nurse replies Ill just get his notes. Moments later the nurse says Mr. Brown is doing fine,the operation was a complete success and he is recovering well and will probably be sent home in a couple of days. She then says Who may I ask is calling? Its Mr. Brown in ward 8 came the reply. Nobody tells me F.....All.
  13. Bumpy flight - Bournemouth to Stapleford

    Must admit my wife and returned from Malaga to Bournemouth on 11th October and the landing was very iffy. Somebody said the pilot was a trainee but I don't know what truth there is in that. Made that journey many times as my son has a holiday home there and this was definitely the worst for Ryanair.
  14. If we are looking that far ahead wheres the chart for xmas day?
  15. Same here karlos for my Grandchildren. But lets be honest who are the real kids?