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  1. Has there ever been an all English champions league final. Anyone know?
  2. Cn I just mention my teamLiverpool.
  3. There are no words to cover the loss of history burning. Had the pleasure of visiting 25 years ago. Truly sad.
  4. kent


    You could also argue that the increasing mania of this generation of snowflakes to shut down everything and any form of free speech and things that offend is a form of fascism.. Hitler and many other regimes have been responsible for that. Sadly I firmly believe that social media has a huge part to play for todays snowflakes. They take non-entities who haven't contributed anything to society.put them on pedestals and tout them as role models to the impressionable and then create a a frenzied self entitled obsession around them. Footballers reality stars. the Kardashians and all c
  5. kent


    Forgot to add a politician who is not a liar.
  6. kent


    Show me a politician either here or in Brussels and I will show my butt in Bournemouth bus station.
  7. kent


    Absolutely correct Ed. For anyone who is not in the least interested, I went shopping with my partner today and stopped to give an economically marginalised outdoor urban dweller a couple of quid in the hope he would use the cash to buy some ethnic cuisine from the nearby Lidls. Being economically inactive he needed a welcome hand out. On the return journey home I noticed a vandalised car that had been vandalised by people of interest to the police. I only hope there is enough human resources to apprehend the unschooled .motivational deficient reality challenged creeps. I plai
  8. kent


    Indeed. any bloo.y proletarian with parliamentary ambition and patriotic views must be crushed by the knowing all political class. Well this little proud Englander will give them my backing.
  9. kent


    Schools in Barcelona are removing more than 200 childrens books from its libraries as they are deemed to be too sexist. Two of the books getting the axe are the classics little red riding hood and sleeping beauty. Reasons given are that times have changed and these stories portray the idea that masculinity is about courage and competitiveness which is wrong. I believe the people responsible for dreaming up this crap are the ones who should be axed. How long will it be before Adam and Eve become Adam and Steve?
  10. Best rendition of Amazing Grace ever. Truly haunting. Its only make believe reminds me of those dances when I was too shy and young too ask the girl of my dreams to dance with me. Roy Orbison aah Where has romance gone? Wonderful era. Better stop now otherwise I may cry. Lol.
  11. kent


    Give em time. Basils comment of "Don't mind him hes from Barcelona" the BBC deemed to upset the Spanish. When will Dads army be bleeped every time that Corporal Jones declares " the fuzzie wuzzies don't like it up em". All I can say is thank god I have still got my collection of Alf Garnet in til death us do part.
  12. kent


    Sadly this format wouldn't be tolerated today because Basils treatment of Manuel would be classified by the pc brigade as racist bullying .
  13. kent


    The major differences between my childhood and that of today is. we were allowed out by ourselves [absolute horror] barely any telly no mobiles no internet or computer games. We had marbles skipping ropes and balls. We played conkers[heaven forbid] We were caned at school for misbehaving [usually deserved] We went outside to play with friends. None of us were obese because we were running around. We would leave home and told to be home before the street lights came on. We built go karts from old prams. climbed trees and fell out of trees broke bones and teeth but nobody was sued. W
  14. kent


    Perhaps its the last three letters of your avatar lol. Very sensitive to snowflakes.
  15. kent


    Castigation concerning race? It would seem to me that many of these Liberal woollies [Snowflakes] are more concerned with the protection of other cultures than our own values. If I travel to a different country then I would be expected to uphold their customs and etiquette by not defying their cultural values. If I couldn't discipline myself to respect their rules then I shouldn't be there. When a group of immigrants enter a country and voluntarily isolate themselves into a sector avoiding their new countries culture..holidays language schools foods etc. They are not preserving
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