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  1. Fascinating watching the satellite. When the intensifying band approaching from the east collides with the trailing arm of PPN from Cherbourg. Whats gonna happen then?
  2. I measure mine in millimetres. Doesn't make it any more but it sounds a lot bigger. Lol
  3. Watching the satellite is like trying to do a jigsaw puzzle and wondering if its all going to come together. At the moment there are holes everywhere.
  4. Jethro lives between Bath and Wells. In Netweather poetry she excels. If the snow is deep enough I bet she will, Be on her sledge down Brassknocker hill.
  5. Such a shame because it seems to be pepping up in the channel into maybe a streamer and it could be significant if the temperatures are conducive.
  6. Heard the same rumour. Gutted with this rain as I was hoping to start on the garden.
  7. Freezing bloody rain again here. Somebody overnight has swapped all the clear glass units in my conservatory with frosted glass. Abandoned cars littering the hill where I live. The dog wont go out and the road looks like a glacier lol. Happy days.
  8. Its total mayhem out there just dragged the mutt up the hill to the main road and traffic is at a standstill practically. My son is working just 3 miles away and is still in traffic after 2 hours
  9. Nick Sussex said this morning it may stall on the coastline maybe he was right.
  10. According to the radar you should be under it by now with a lot more to come.
  11. Cheers and stay safe. When this is all over will be back in the UK thread to give you some grief lol.
  12. Are you gonna blame this on Brexit Frogesqe lol.
  13. Yeah lol I was just going to post the same thing and now its here everyone wants bigger flakes and huge snow drifts when last week we would have been well happy with what we have so far. Not being greedy are we?