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  1. Have to drive down to Plymouth tomorrow from Poole for nieces wedding. Can anyone from that area inform me of the conditions down there. Thank you.
  2. According to the latest beeb forecast he said the whole thing will head south later.
  3. Wouldn't go that far lol The grass in my garden is 10 inches high.
  4. Difference is under a Corbyn Govt. I wouldn't be surprised to see any snowfall taxed per cm.
  5. kent

    Did you know.

    The next hurricane will probably reduce it to scrap value.
  6. kent

    World Cup 2018

  7. kent

    World Cup 2018

    The hand of God looking on from the stands looked gutted lol.
  8. kent

    World Cup 2018

    Phew. Justice for Harry in the end.
  9. kent

    World Cup 2018

    Translated means Merkel is now blaming Trump for not building that wall.
  10. Certainly get a variety in this country. Hardly any day is the same.
  11. Nice to be in the garden in shirt sleeves and not feel cold in late evening.
  12. Be nice to get some overnight rain for the garden
  13. Hope so ,loving this weather but it will save me having to water the garden.