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  1. Hi People, Sorry about the lack of updates! First on the mod that was mentioned in the last blog posting. She was later reinstated as now we have a helathy team of 5 moderators with no arguments! I love cars . That's the main reason I recieved as Red Letter Day a month back (they did accept it after the company trouble) so I could drive a Porsche 911 and Ferrari F430 (fresh from delivery) at Silverstone, which was one of my ultimate dreams. So you turn up to the circuit on a gray Tuesday afternoon, have a safety briefing, learn each car and after all of that you then get to drive the nuts of both for 15 laps each! My brother (That was a shock when I heard it was from him) payed a bit extra so I could have a good few laps on top of the training. First lap wasn't very good as I nearly went straight off into some tires :blink: But then I found the rythum and was off getting quite good lap times IMO until what must have been the 12th lap when I broke the traction control.... I did keep going though because the instructor didn't notice (until the last lap) the warning lights on. All he said was "How could you get it so sideways with the TC on!?" Porsche next and it was spin after spin in training... with inevitably landed me sand trap.... then into a wall at 80mph.... Not wise... Last week I recieved the repair bill... £500 on top of the insurance :unsure: .... I'll just stop talking about it now :wub: Thats it for today folks! SW
  2. 7 Day forecast problem at the mo... Thats all I get when pressed from the homepage.
  3. Hi Guys and Girls to my first blog posting. I've been listening to my favourite radio station (Rally Radio Live) for most of today and have realised how funny they are! I've been followinbg these guys for a good 3 and a half years and have allways known that they are amusing but today was something else! :unsure: Weatherwise it was very boring today with it mainly cloudy in the morning but loads of sun in the afternoon. I got my new weather station today (Ferrari Modena Weather Station) from eBay at half the cost of RRP, £50! Only thing I need know is a wind meter! I've been busy moderating my forums and came across a bit of a conundrum today on one. 2 moderators had been dropped from Mod duty due to lack of input. Another member was then hired to take on part of their job. I lateer recieved a PM saying that this members mum wasn't very well and that was the reason why she hadn't been on recently. She actually said that it was good to be part of something! <_< I keep you updated on the outcome tomorrow/Monday. Hope you have enjoyed my first blog posting, most of them will be longer than this. SW
  4. All my pics I can get of Autumn/Winter 06/07
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