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  1. I have loved snow all my life and accordingly endured annual despair at our mild winters. Thus it was a deciding factor when I agreed to my wife's request back in 2016 to move to Latvia (she's Russian and we needed medical treatment for our kids at some of the clinics in Riga). But have you ever heard the saying, "too much of a good thing is a bad thing"? Right now I am ready to emigrate to Marbella, let's put it that way. The highest temperature forecast here for the next week is -6C, with night time lows of -22C forecast and really, truly, madly, deeply, I have had enough.
  2. Today's news just made me laugh (sardonically). The recession is "over"??? It hasn't even begun in earnest yet. And before it is over, this and most other western nations will look like a nuke hit them. Perhaps even literally.
  3. Picture taken just outside Bryansford, Co Down.
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