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  1. Been light snow all morning here and still coming down. Met Office showing heavier snow later from about 5pm - 11pm. @kold weather I must be in a good area for later I'm guessing - not a million miles away from your old stomping ground!
  2. What dew point / temp does it need to be to settle on wet roads, patios etc?
  3. Have to say, the Met Office app has been accurate for my location so far. Showed no snow until about this time when I checked around midnight and was correct.
  4. When I just asked her if it'd snow tomorrow, My Alexa just said to me "look, stop asking me the same question, I've told you yes, idiot". In all seriousness, while I love all this technology at our fingertips, being able to see the model runs and interacting with other snow lovers on this forum, there is a part of me that misses the innocence of the 80s. I remember January '87 well. I was a 13 year old and the first I knew it was going to snow was when I looked out the window at the lamppost. I sat there for ages just watching it! Always seemed to start snowing early evening back then fr
  5. I know people say apps are useless in this situation but the Met Office one is showing less snow tomorrow here as time goes on with each update. Will it get this far inland?
  6. Apologies if this has been shared before, but it is crazy to think that this is almost to the hour exactly 30 years ago regarding the 1991 monster easterly. I remember it well. Blizzard conditions for hours on end and bitterly cold. Me and some friends were on our way to South Weald to go sledging and we helped clear the A12 slip road to the M25 as cars couldn't get up it. Hoping for a repeat over the next few days. Enjoy this forecast if you haven't seen it...
  7. To be honest, I'd love just a few days of lying snow and the chance to hopefully get the kids out on the sledge this Sunday (while it's still snowing!). That would be perfect. If there's nothing else after that then so be it - I'd rather people were able to get out and get this vaccine than be unable to get anywhere because of the weather for days on end.
  8. I just long to see another easterly like February 1991 and for the Met to release this type of weather forecast. Everything crossed for the next few weeks...
  9. Which model's rainfall maps do people find the most reliable within the 48 hour range? Arpege? GFS? ICON?
  10. I've been following the low for next week with interest for a few days now as I'd ideally like a more or less dry day next Thursday (North London). What's the chances it is weak enough to not cause too many problems? Perhaps the azores high may nudge in? Temps look reasonable at least but a dry day would be the icing on the cake!
  11. I'm staying here if that's ok with all you guys and gals south of the river. I'm south Essex so as @kold weather says this seems to be a better home for us.
  12. I do keep an eye on the met office app just out of morbid curiosity and showing more or less sweet fanny adams for here snow wise over the next 3 days! Shocking!
  13. Steve I think I speak for the whole of this region when I say, please don't ever move from the South East! Your input is invaluable.
  14. Stunning morning here looking out directly east towards Brentwood. Still quite pleasant in the sun and actually ok wearing a tee shirt (nothing on bottom half, just a tee shirt, lol). Looking forward to hopefully a week of fun and games culminating hopefully in a blizzard on Friday. Come on weather gods, make this one to remember - the cold never bothered me anyway.
  15. Music to my ears that Paul. I remember 87 and 91 vividly and we had copious amounts here just outside Romford. Taking my eldest to his football tomorrow near Barleylands so hoping that's on and not frosted off - keep telling him next week's game may be called off due to snow but he thinks I'm mad!
  16. Hi Kold. Seem to remember you used to live near me in Thurrock? What do you think chances are for your old area and currently mine up in Romford / Brentwood?
  17. Haha. I'm actually nearer Brentwood but I'm not the right shade of orange to claim I'm from that area.
  18. No mate, Romford, Essex. I don't get it as if these apps take their data from the models then how can it be so different? People talking about snow from Monday evening to Wednesday - maybe not constant but certainly what you'd read as disruptive and these apps showing diddly squat. If they get the same data then why don't they show what we're being told and seeing on here?
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