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  1. Beast from the east my @rse. That's all I have to say.
  2. I'm staying here if that's ok with all you guys and gals south of the river. I'm south Essex so as @kold weather says this seems to be a better home for us.
  3. I do keep an eye on the met office app just out of morbid curiosity and showing more or less sweet fanny adams for here snow wise over the next 3 days! Shocking!
  4. Steve I think I speak for the whole of this region when I say, please don't ever move from the South East! Your input is invaluable.
  5. Stunning morning here looking out directly east towards Brentwood. Still quite pleasant in the sun and actually ok wearing a tee shirt (nothing on bottom half, just a tee shirt, lol). Looking forward to hopefully a week of fun and games culminating hopefully in a blizzard on Friday. Come on weather gods, make this one to remember - the cold never bothered me anyway.
  6. Music to my ears that Paul. I remember 87 and 91 vividly and we had copious amounts here just outside Romford. Taking my eldest to his football tomorrow near Barleylands so hoping that's on and not frosted off - keep telling him next week's game may be called off due to snow but he thinks I'm mad!
  7. Hi Kold. Seem to remember you used to live near me in Thurrock? What do you think chances are for your old area and currently mine up in Romford / Brentwood?
  8. Haha. I'm actually nearer Brentwood but I'm not the right shade of orange to claim I'm from that area.
  9. No mate, Romford, Essex. I don't get it as if these apps take their data from the models then how can it be so different? People talking about snow from Monday evening to Wednesday - maybe not constant but certainly what you'd read as disruptive and these apps showing diddly squat. If they get the same data then why don't they show what we're being told and seeing on here?
  10. Said it before but weather apps on your phone are very poor. Not showing much at all for my area still with best I could find being 2cm for Tuesday. Really?
  11. Not overly concerned but the met office app showing very little snow for my location (Romford) for Monday - Wednesday. How do these apps get their data as it totally goes against the models? I know these apps are useless in this situation but even so you'd think they'd show a bit more snow than they do.
  12. Can i ask a quick question. Will the ground be frozen over Sunday morning (Brentwood)? Trying to plan around the kids football being on or not due to hard frost!
  13. Just a quick bit of advice to anyone that pops into the MOD thread and sees people getting in a tiz waz about downgrades. Rule of thumb i've found is to look at their location (not easy to do if viewing on mobile phone, granted, but when on a desktop it's there in plain sight). Reason being, and although some see the overall picture for the whole UK, we all really are only interested in snow for our location and not someone, in our case, who lives in the NW of England or Ireland for example. Generally with an Easterly incursion, we in the SE are in one of the prime positions and i see no evidence why this shouldn't be the case again this time around. Whether it's a repeat of 1991 remains to be seen but here's hoping. Good luck to all and please, come Monday/Tuesday, look up from your phones, ipads and laptops and take a look out the window - it may just be snowing outside... ...so get out there and go build a snowman!