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  1. It's been fluctuating between really active and not so active. It's in a not so active spell but the ground is still inflated to the east, so it ain't over yet. New cam image, not live - pics every 15mins: http://www.vedur.is/vedur/athuganir/vefmyndavelar/reykjavik/#teg=sa Looming in the distance may be the ash cloud - just appeared in the last half hour or so.
  2. The volcano is out of frame to the left in the http://live.mila.is/jokulsarlon/ webcam. They're trying to get some more online (I mentioned them in a post this morning) but they're not working yet. The three at the bottom here: http://live.mila.is/hvannadalshnjukur/ You can see the ash cloud here: http://www.vegagerdin.is/umferd-og-faerd/vefmyndavelar/lyngdalsheidi_3 As big as a camper van, I'd say! Edited - bummer - bunny is gone. Washed away by the tide.
  3. Who can see the bunny in the http://live.mila.is/jokulsarlon/ webcam image? Here's a clue - it's laid down with ears sticking up. Lightning occurrence in the ash plume is 1000x more frequent than at Eyjafjallajokull: http://t.co/YXuEuHb
  4. Yes, that would be fun, but not many daylight hours to see anything at that time of year.Maybe a little earlier in Spring when the daylight hours are drawing out as a compromise. Could get scary interesting quite quickly... I've heard the minerals in the hot spring waters are good for psoriasis, so it would be worth it just for that.
  5. Yes, biggest eruption of this volcano in 100 years and bigger than the Katla eruption in '47. They are saying 10x bigger than the one last year. Oh, wow. Just found this webcam - guess where I want to be at the moment... http://live.mila.is/lonid/
  6. Another excellent satellite image: http://rapidfire.sci.gsfc.nasa.gov/realtime/2011142/crefl2_143.A2011142131500-2011142132000.250m.jpg A chart of inflation of the area shows no deflation as yet - red point is todays. http://hraun.vedur.is/ja/vatnajokulsvoktun/gps_grimsfjall.html Suggests there is still more to come.
  7. Don't know about you, but I quite enjoyed the quiet skies while they lasted. Was sad when the first plane flew over again on the way down to land at the airport - noisy thing.
  8. More news and great pics: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1389639/Brace-Icelands-volcanic-ash-reach-Scotland-Tuesday-rest-UK-Thursday-eruption-continues.html?ito=feeds-newsxml Go here for updates: https://www.public.cfmu.eurocontrol.int/PUBPORTAL/gateway/spec/index.html Update 3 says: CFMU have been adviced by Icelandic met office that there has been a volcanic eruption of volcano Grimsvotn in Iceland at 20110521 1900Z. The plume hight estimated by radar 15-17 km. ASH CLOUD IS EXPECTED TO REACH NORTH SCOTLAND ON TUEDSDAY 24TH MAY. IF VOLCANIC EMISSIONS CONTINUE WITH SAME INTENSIT
  9. Someone has made a timelapse of this area - from Sept 2010: http://spatialanalysis.co.uk/2010/09/02/jokulsarlon-timelapse/ As you can see, it's normally pretty busy there and the flow rates change direction & turbulence depending on tide. Note the wee whirlpool right at the very end - this is what I saw last night. Another great image, from MODIS: http://img.visir.is/apps/pbcsi.dll/bilde?Site=XZ&Date=20110522&Category=FRETTIR01&ArtNo=110529730&Ref=AR&NoBorder
  10. This is a stunning picture of the eruption: http://www.visir.is/almannavarnir-hafa-mestar-ahyggjur-af-oskufallinu/article/2011110529772 I think this area is tidal - it was flowing the other way last night & a small whirlpool was visible.
  11. Yes they were very white. I was wondering if they would be black this morning and they are. Can you see all the camper vans in this webcam - I hadn't realised how big those bergs were - the image was deceptive until I saw some traffic last night - I thought the 'river' was not so big. Ash fall has now reached the Katla cams it seems. You can see the wind change on this - eruption was about 21:00: http://www.yr.no/satellitt/europa_animasjon.html The floods are called joküllhlaups, btw. 3 new webcams coming here: http://live.mila.is/grimsvotn/ - Eldgos i Grímsvötnum 1+2 and Hvannadal
  12. Latest reports - up to 20km high now & bigger than the 2004 eruption.
  13. The only reason we got flight chaos last year was due to wind direction - flights over Iceland are being diverted around but we don't have the blocking systems we had (hence winds blowing from the N & NW) like last year so no ash likely to go over us (unless the winds change). Yes, it is sub-glacial so flooding is expected from melt waters in the next 10-12 hours or so.
  14. Top of the plume is now at jetliner height. Latest info from VAAC is 15km! There has been reports of lightning but we may need to wait for dark to see it via this webcam. Here's a pic taken from the north; http://twitpic.com/50qrox Watch this and pay attention from around 21:00 - Iceland is pretty much clear of cloud at that time. It's pretty neat. http://www.yr.no/satellitt/europa_animasjon.html
  15. Look at that ash cloud now: http://live.mila.is/jokulsarlon/ From a bit of grey on the far left, it is now almost covering the whole horizon.
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