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  1. My weather app still says -6 for darlington although the sun has been out and shining for two hours now. Can anyone confirm?
  2. Darlo just too far inland plus in the shadow of the NYM expecting nothing bonus if we get something. Good luck to everyone else this could be special for lots of ppl.
  3. Well I just got back from a 45 min walk and god was it cold. I wanted to experience a good walk in -8 air and it was fantastic. Still 4 inches of crunchy snow in darlo in lots of places. Winter wonderland for sure. If we can get another couple of days like this I may to increase this cold spell from a 5 to a 6/10. Bloody brilliant long may it continue.
  4. A waste it was in the NE, Saturday to Tuesday morning was just rubbish here. High cloud and Graupel showers 3/10. Tuesday night and Wednesday were much better and last night brought some very low temps in my region but all in all I would give this beast a 5/10. Synoptically it looked almost perfect an easterly with -12 uppers but it failed to deliver.
  5. Just got back from a half hour walk in darlington and it was baltic. 4 inch deep snow which is very powdery as I've just brushed my car clean. Says on my app its minus 6 can anyone confirm that!! My ears had that freezing tingling feeling after 15 mins outside. Darlington has quite a decent cloud cover atm and that should prevent most melting. Feels like deep winter out there. Also can anyone confirm if we had a light graupel shower last night? On some cars definitely seems so.
  6. Apart from those surfaces directly in the sunlight roofs cars etc there has been no melt here really. My garden is still completely covered and hopefully the snow will stick around until early next week. Probably 3-4 inches on level surfaces.
  7. Yep it's definitely game over now especially for the southern part of the region. Today has been pretty good really in darlo. The whole spell however has been pretty frustrating really especially Saturday to Tuesday. Could have been one to remember this but sadly it will be quickly forgotten.
  8. Looking at the radar I think we may squeeze a couple more weak showers out of this spell around 3.30 - 4pm but its not looking great for south of the region now. For the north its looking better.
  9. That's one of the best videos for snow I think I've ever seen. Wouldn't look out of place at the great lakes.
  10. My weather app ( I know they are crap) has said that darlo has remained at -1 throughout the day so far. Can anyone confirm that if so could be an ice day incoming.
  11. Very heavy snow here by far the best shower of the cold spell!! Could be a few inches getting put down by the end of the day.
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