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  1. Snow grains blowing about in the wind in Stockton. Nothing severe as of yet. Bloody Baltic out there though.
  2. A nice lovely scene in darlo but the thaw is on all icicles dripping profusely. Im quite pleased to be fair. This has been an excellent cold spell with the coldest 850's since the 80's but I am now firmly in spring mode and I want some sunshine.
  3. Likely to remain cold enough for snow until early next week but I think now the worst of the cold and snow is over. It's been probably the best winter weather since 2010 that's for sure.
  4. Don't know about anyone else but there has definitely been less showers tonight than last night especially here in stockton. It was more severe last night in terms of volume of snow. The showers when they do come are sometimes only lasting 5 mins and mostly light in nature.
  5. Ahh yes I know it i lived round there myself a while back. Now I'm based in snowy darlo.
  6. Looks like the arctic there mate you've done well after all. Is that gilesgate bank or just a bit further up?
  7. Well got into work for my final night shift. Thank God it's my last one I might be able to enjoy the snow after this lol
  8. Looks to be some hefty showers incoming to Teesside soon. Us in the south of the region have been in the sweet spot the last couple of hours. Now gotta look forward to my commute at 7am.
  9. Looking at netweather radar is that a streamer about to start heading toward Northumberland? Already a one setting up around London I believe.
  10. Radar says a huge red angry shower is heading toward Teesside. If it direct hits we could get 30 mins of near blizzard conditions. It's already snowing well in Stockton now but what will hit in a short while could be memorable. Drive home from work at 7am will be interesting.
  11. I can confirm it's snowing in Teesside and by the looks of the radar we could be in for a good dumping.
  12. Looks like a few beefy showers could just about hit Teesside in the next hour or so maybe less.
  13. At work at moment and went out to start my car up so it wouldn't be frozen in the morning and it is absolutely nithering out there. It feels colder than 2010 to me and the snow is pure powder. It looks beautiful but you can understand why the met calls it danger to life. Wouldn't like to be homeless.
  14. Heavy hail/snow in stockton. Hopefully not too much tonight as I've gotta drive home tmoz morning.
  15. Heavy snow in Stockton should make for an interesting ride home to darlo. Must be about 4 inches on the ground now. Must say good start to the beast.
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