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  1. Just picked out P 19 at total random at 192 that will do nicely http://modeles.meteociel.fr/modeles/gens/runs/2015012918/gens-19-1-192.png
  2. gfs mean at 120 showng a amuch better pull from the ne and more Atlantic amplification than the 12z http://modeles.meteociel.fr/modeles/gens/runs/2015012918/gens-21-1-108.png AH SM beat me to it
  3. Quick summary of the latest models........... ECM starring Freddy Kruger rated 12z UKMO starring Peter Cushing rated 12z GFS starring Vincent Price rated 18z
  4. Lets face it. No rescource is reliable in these instances. Not now or not even the next generation of super computers. Upto 5 days we may expect to go from say 79.1% accurate to maybe 80.2%. But even if it were 90% we could never rely on it. This is the sheer beauty of temperate climate. No need to ever get hung up because there is always something different around the next corner. Even 30 minutes out on radar things change daramatically! That said someone somewhere in the BI will be very happy with their cotton wool landscape this week. And for those doubters there is less than 5 months to
  5. Great model watching at the moment, so many imponderables. No wonder the Met have been talking up Shannon Entropy. It all makes for great discussion on the forum. Now for those of us who find the Mets meaning of Shannon Entropy technical I have a set of imponderables to define it for myself. They are........ Will the Pacific ridge stay amplified. Will the Azores HP amplify further to keep the US cold over their side. Will the LP area go under the block. Will the Scandi High retrogress inyo the vacuum left by the LP, it usually does. Will temps be low enough for the "white" stuff. Will the J
  6. put all comments aside we love your cheerful optimism . Not the same forum with ou gone. JBZ

  7. Whether you commsnt or not is a cloudy issue my sun

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