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  1. This reminds me of December 1978 - we had a mildish December, and around mid-late December there were widespread floods, then at the end of the month a big storm swept down the country, and we woke up in the New year with about a foot of lying snow, and a strong east wind which seemed to hang around for weeks. I was living in Kent at that time, and I had only recently erected a weather station in the garden, and been taking readings since August. I was so excited to be witnessing the first big snow event since 1962-63 (when I was less than a year old). Really hoping for for a repeat this year
  2. Snowing heavy here for the last few hours, only really stopped for a few minutes at a time, more snow tonight than we got from the real beast. Ok....but only issue is I will have to drive my daughter to work at 5am tomorrow morning. Foot deep drifts in back garden. About 2 inches elsewhere.
  3. The other thing that can happen, in dry air, is that the snow is actually evaporating, due to the high winds and dry air. Temperatures don't have to be above freezing , snow can go back to water vapor without entering a liquid state, in the same way that it can go straight to a solid state from water vapor, in hoar frost.
  4. Need to go to bed now, but I don't think it will take much tapping on the window from the snowflakes to wake me up, I'm a very light sleeper in these situations. Hopefully will be woken at 3am
  5. Meto app showing light snow again for here tomorrow, ridiculous, you could say they are hedging their bets, HEAVY/LIGHT/HEAVY/LIGHT, all in last 12 hrs - I suppose at least it still says snow of one type or other.
  6. Storm Emma looks a little less intense on the 18Z than the previous run, at Sat 00:00 (+78)
  7. Meto show the beefy showers to hit South Yorks about 3am onwards
  8. Hoping for a little more so I can work from home tomorrow. I commute to work on a scooter, so too much snow and its better to stay home
  9. Yey! Lamp-post (visual) and conservatory roof (audio) warning systems both alarm ! Bring it on ...
  10. Meto office app changed back to a heavy snow forecast for tomorrow here now, was heavy , then changed to light snow, now Heavy back on again ! Yeh !
  11. 1 cm here at the bottom of the hill in Hemingfield - what's it like at the top ?
  12. I think for parts of South Yorkshire ESE winds would be better than NE, the NE winds have delivered nothing here over last few days.
  13. This wind direction change has freed us from the shelter effect of the North York moors I guess. Last few days there was an obvious effect as the showers went over the top. That and the increased wind speed, we should be better placed for a while.
  14. This latest shower's latest longer than most today, are they starting to merge together ?
  15. I was in Svalbard in late November last year, it wasn't much different to the pictures I've seen today on Look North. About -12 (-22 windchill) at the time.
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