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  1. Amazing video of Fuego after the deadly eruption!


  2. Amazing video of Fuego after the deadly eruption!
  3. The Parklife Festival has finished and the thousands of basic teenagers and young adults are leaving the city. The thought that one day in the not so distant future those people will procreate leaves me speechless. 

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    2. Seasonality


      I suspect Ed means a word for an aquatic bird, starts with 's' and ends in 'hag'.

    3. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      bad name that for liam, he wanted it called parkalife

    4. karyo
  4. karyo

    France weather

    You don't like storms Nick? I could kill for one! Manchester has been exceptionally dry through May and overall warm too. Not my kind of weather and June doesn't seem to offer much excitement either.
  5. karyo

    Shetland Weather

    Expect drizzle.
  6. karyo

    Shetland Weather

    I can't blame him! I bet he didn't expect his thread to come to life 4 years later
  7. karyo

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Nuisance sunspots continue to appear. Until a couple of weeks ago it looked good for achieving 100 spotless days in June but now I am starting to wonder if it will have to be pushed to July.
  8. We have Alberto already! https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/
  9. Thunderstorm activity has increased and became better organised according to the latest advisory. Let's see if we get Alberto this weekend as the system tracks north over the open water. http://www.nola.com/hurricane/index.ssf/2018/05/tropical_depression_gulf.html
  10. Despite the cooler waters, a low pressure system which is currently on the Yucatan peninsula may gradually develop over the next few days as it moves slowly northwards. The forecast track takes it anywhere from west Florida coast to Louisiana. I guess the further west the track is the more chance it has to develop due to the warmer SSTs. https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/
  11. karyo

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Blank at last! 74 days in total for 2018 solar flux 70
  12. karyo

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    It feels like ages since we had a spotless day!
  13. karyo


    I love Budapest, I went 3 times, twice in the summer and once in winter. The summer can be extremely hot (35-40c on most days) but you get the chance to see some spectacular thunderstorms. Also, many tourists in the summer. My winter visit was my favourite one as there are much fewer tourists around and you get to soak up the true atmosphere of the city. A walk up Citadella is highly recommended as you can see the whole city from there. Also try one of the numerous Turkish baths which is a great chance to mix with the locals. A lot of Budapest's magic is due to its bridges and one of them leads to Margaret island. It is in the middle of the river and a true oasis especially on a scorching hot day as it is covered in trees. A great place to relax with a drink and listen to the live music during the summer months. Language was not an issue in any of my visits. Even the people who don't speak english were friendly and happy to help.
  14. Do you know how non-bellissimo was the air that you inhaled in London? Especially on a day with little wind to push the pollution away. At least in Liverpool your lungs are relatively safe.
  15. Of course low humidity makes the heat a bit easier to tolerate. However, low humidity also means almost no chance of rain/storms which makes it extremely boring. It brings me bad memories of my summers in Greece - barren skies for days on end, drought, heat and deadly forest fires. At least in the UK we don't have to worry about forest fires as there are hardly any forests left.
  16. karyo

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    I've read somewhere that coronal holes are more common when the sun is spotless so we should see them quite frequently in the coming months and years.
  17. karyo

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Spotless again. 5 consecutive days, 72 for 2018 The solar flux dropped to 67
  18. karyo

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Spaceweather also updated now and we are spotless for the 3rd consecutive day. The total for this year so far is 70 days.
  19. karyo

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    At long last the spotless days are back. 68 days in total for 2018 solar flux 69
  20. karyo

    France weather

    Yes, it's been good indeed! The first snow was in September which I was surprised to see (I went back to the East Pyrenees in September).
  21. karyo

    Late spring pictures.

    Yes, it makes a nice change.
  22. karyo

    France weather

    Is there much snow left on the Pyrenees? I was there early May last year and there was still quite a bit.
  23. karyo

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Hopefully, @Yarmy will be able to tell us.
  24. karyo

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    And we keep on counting... 11 day's blank, 63 for 2018, 61% The solar flux has dropped to 68
  25. karyo

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Good to see that the new sunspot died a death before it got a chance to be counted.