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  1. Isaias stayed over the warm Atlantic waters (slightly to the east of the forecast which had him scraping Florida). As a result, he has managed to fight off the strong shear and gained a bit of strength. Current pressure: 994mbs, winds 70mph. There is a chance he may make it to category 1 status before making landfall in Carolinas. Up to 7 inches of rainfall are expected in places.
  2. Current radar animation Naples, FL Weather and Radar Map - The Weather Channel | Weather.com WEATHER.COM Interactive weather map allows you to pan and zoom to get unmatched weather details in your local neighbourhood or half a world away from The Weather Channel and Weather.com
  3. Very good analysis from the Weather Channel. Basically Isaias is facing difficulties because of dry air from the southwest and wind shear. Most of the storm activity is to the east of the center. Hurricane Isaias Is Moving Through Bahamas and Will Approach Florida Later Saturday; Will Track Up East Coast Next Week | The Weather Channel WEATHER.COM What we know, and are still uncertain about, regarding Hurricane Isaias.
  4. It felt very unpleasant here yesterday. I live in the city centre so all the concrete heated up and the traffic pollution made things worse. On top of that, as it often happens when we get hot weather, there were gatherings of people in the streets getting drunk loud and antisocial. This continued well into the night. Needless to say there was no social distancing on the streets. Antisocial behaviour definitely goes up with the rising temperature.
  5. It still feels hot! I will go to the gym now which is nicely air conditioned and by the time I come back the fresher breeze should be here.
  6. It looks like it won't make it to category 2 based on the latest forecast. Still expected to affect the Bahamas and then the east coast of the US as a category 1. If anything, the afternoon models seem to have edged the track a bit further west so more likely to make landfall somewhere in the carolinas
  7. Really? Oh no, I want a thunderstorm but the chance is slim. Don't worry you will manage to have your barbaque
  8. They are elevated showers and they are moving too fast sadly. This limits the chance to develop into thunderstorms.
  9. Yes, the updated ECM is an upgrade in the sense that it keeps Isaias strong. In fact, it is a very exciting run as it shows the storm affecting the entire east US coast!
  10. Tropical Storm Isaias Headed for Hispaniola - Videos from The Weather Channel | weather.com WEATHER.COM Meteorologist Domenica Davis has the track and the forecast. - Videos from The Weather Channel | weather.com Isaias currently has 60mph sustained winds.
  11. Isaias is the only thing that attracts my attention now

  12. We finally have Isaias ( I love the name!) with 50mph winds. The forward speed of the storm has slowed down a bit from 25mph yesterday to 18mph now so this can reduce shear. However, Isaias has to face the mountainous terrain of Hispaniola which is likely to weaken him considerably.
  13. I love the name! However, none of the major models are keen to develop Isaias into a hurricane. Is the Atlantic bathed in Saharan air again?
  14. Fantastic week in Wales ending today with a nice hike up the Great Orme. I have hiked up here so many times over the years and it still feels as good as the first time. The views on the western side are breathtaking!
  15. Any sunspot day is a wasted day as we can't add days to the spotless count.
  16. Beautiful image of Hannah on this radar. Play the animation for full effect. Lake Jackson, TX Weather and Radar Map - The Weather Channel | Weather.com WEATHER.COM Interactive weather map allows you to pan and zoom to get unmatched weather details in your local neighbourhood or half a world away from The Weather Channel and Weather.com
  17. This sunspot is going to waste several days!
  18. It is impressive how effortlessly she has strengthened! A slow moving storm so likely to bring flooding rainfall to extreme southern Texas as well as parts of Mexico.
  19. Typical met office backtrack. As it is summer, I am not that bothered but when they do it during the winter it hurts!
  20. The last sentence is laughable!
  21. Gonzalo has weakened slightly and the NHC is not expecting him to become a hurricane anymore.
  22. Enjoying the Llyn peninsula, such a beautiful part of Wales.

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      Returning to Manchester this Sunday sadly. I wish i could stay longer. The city is starting to get on my nerves.

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      Had Worse

      I think your more of an oudoor man and like greenery rather than concrete.?

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      That's right. There is too much noise and pollution in Manchester 

  23. Yes it is a very beautiful part of Wales and considering the peninsula is only about 30 miles long, it has a variety of scenery including some volcanic hills, the tallest is about 560 metres (Yr Eifl) and has an almost perfect come as a peak. It is visible in some of the photos below that I took yesterday from the beach of Nefyn in the north of the island.
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