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  1. The scorpion has the risk of stinging us with a lot of flooding as the two air masses meet over our country. Still good snow potential for Scotland though.
  2. Yes, a less cold ICON with the problematic low to the southwest. The gfs up to 165 hours is an improvement for the north and it has a nice Atlantic block but sadly the low gets anchored to the southwest so central and southern areas just get rain. The UKMO has the cold licking the east at 144 hours and like the gfs it has a nice Atlantic block but still with that horrible low to the southwest.
  3. Definitely not! Terrible summer for working and sleeping that was followed by a terribly mild winter.
  4. Ώπα ώπα, ώπα ώπα
    Σ’ αγαπώ κι ας μην σου το `πα

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    2. Dami


      @Mokidugway hell no, she's much prettier. 

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      Can't put lipstick on a pig but you can on a sheep, apparently.

    4. Dami


      Oh and there was me going to say I don't wear lippy much cos it slips off too easy.


  5. Stunning 12z gfs brings the cold from the northeast by Wednesday next week! The UKMO appears much slower.
  6. My airbnb hostess in Ariege said that she had a very heavy fall of wet snow in May some years ago. It was so heavy that trees collapsed! The cold March may give the impression of a long winter but overall it was a mild winter here. The 6z gfs certainly offers several opportunities for further spring snowfall.
  7. The Pyrenees ski resorts must be very pleased with the extension of the skiing season.
  8. The UKMO 144 hour chart is quite similar to the GFS so maybe some more support for the Easter northerly. https://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/ukmo2.php?nh=0&ech=144&carte=1021
  9. This March is a right treat! I want more more more...

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    2. cheeky_monkey


      If you live in Canada it can snow any day of the year...and it will :snowman-emoji:

    3. karyo


      Sounds like a dream! 

    4. lassie23
  10. Yes, very interesting outlook! Still light snow falling here and the snow survived 80% in balcony :-)
  11. Yes, a beautiful result and much better than the last easterly! I have drifts of snow on my balcony I wish I had stayed up last night when the heavier falls arrived but I was too tired. Thankfully my balcony is east facing so it will still have snow tomorrow morning.
  12. A brilliant result! I have several inches of drifting snow on my balcony! :-)

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      I think you are right :D

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      if he isn't then he is a huge boobie head

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      He is booking his next holiday to the Kalahari desert as we speak

  13. I am absolutely knackered after a day out and about but I can't resist staying up a bit longer. Snowing heavily now and everything is covered.
  14. The cartes du medele france update first https://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/arpege.php
  15. Are you talking about this spring's warmth prospects? haha
  16. The 12z Aprege still looking like snow streamer special for the whole region!
  17. Yes, even i had a very decent cover at first but then the wind kept strengthening and blowing it away. This time at least the wind shouldn't be as strong.
  18. Spring cancelled! Maybe better luck next year Moki