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  1. Good to see that most employers will continue to offer remote working to their employees. Archaic companies that just want to see their staff in the office will end up losing out as staff seek flexible working in other companies.

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    2. karyo


      Exactly! Big cities in particular can benefit with less cars on the road. Better for people and for cleaner air.

    3. summer blizzard

      summer blizzard

      I actually agree. 

      I had previously avoided work from home jobs and the like as i looked upon them as a bit like the self employed jobs you can be offered for full time jobs (i.e. basically trying to get out of sick pay, holidays and pensions) but actually having done it for more than 6 months now, it's hard to imagine any other way. It's just so conveniant and actually you can do almost everything. 

      Paradoxically i am not a fan of online meetings though as opposed to actual work so i could imagine perhaps 4 days at home and then scheduling in person meetings all in one day. 

    4. karyo


      Prior to the pandemic I was working remotely twice a week and those two days were always the ones I was looking forward to the most.

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