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  1. This is great news and it can't happen soon enough! Way too many people on this planet polluting and exhausting its resources. 


    Nearly every country will see their populations fall as the world has fewer babies.


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    2. summer blizzard

      summer blizzard

      I suspect it will far less positive than you think given that nominal growth in Muslim and African populations relative to Eurasia and the Americas will only stoke tension given the wealth and cultural divides. Additionally, automation has not yet reached the point where it is more valuable to an economy than labour so countries which age faster are only adding to their future tax burden or a substantial reduction in the burden the state faces in terms of public services. 


    3. karyo


      This is about the planet not tax implications. There is a price to pay for everything and the environmental cost of an ever increasing population far outweighs everything else. 

    4. summer blizzard

      summer blizzard

      Almost all of Eurasia and the Americas has perfectly sustainable fertility rates. The problem is primarily in Africa.

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