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  1. Another cycle 25 sunspot has appeared sadly.
  2. Yes, high pressure to the east low out in the west, it means a period of southerlies.
  3. Tonight, I have a date with Christina Aguilera! 

    1. Had Worse

      Had Worse

      Nice. Did you get the dressing room tour?

    2. Had Worse

      Had Worse

      Michigan Live.

      Note the snow machine (middle of picture)



  4. When I was a teenager in Greece, I had an image of England as a very foggy country. This was based on films and books. When I came here in 1997, I noticed that fog is quite rare as it tends to be windy. On top of that, like you say, there has been a reduction of foggy days/nights in recent years.
  5. Yes, almost every month lately is either the warmest or second warmest on record. And this is without an El Nino.
  6. Go the other way, by telling them it is going to be the warmest winter in 100 years! Still newsworthy and statistically more chance to come true than the usual Express weather headlines.
  7. We need some clear nights. Tonight should be a clear, chilly one.
  8. That's a nice switch in the outlook but after last year's fiasco, it is best to remain cautious.
  9. Another sunspot has appeared, this time from the old cycle.
  10. This is dreadful! Mild to very mild here and horrid drought in the continent!
  11. It is a pity that a new cycle sunspot has appeared (albeit not the first). Let's hope that the ascent to solar maximum will be very slow. 2009 had 71% spotless days so that's the one to beat. It is quite a task
  12. Frosts in Manchester city centre are rare events even in the winter months, so to wake up today and see the first frost of the season was a nice surprise.

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    2. Had Worse

      Had Worse

      That might not be too far away.

    3. karyo


      Slight frost this morning, so that's two so far this season. If I manage another couple of frosts by the end of November, this autumn will be classed as severe for Manchester ! 🙂

    4. Daniel*


      much more unsual in centre of London 

  13. Don't despair lassie, a 48 hour chilly spell is about to begin. This is already better than the entire last winter! Lol
  14. A tropical storm is forming in the western Gulf of Mexico. However, a cold front is catching up with the system and it is expected to make it post tropical by tonight (local time).
  15. There was some fog in parts of Cheshire and Bristol this morning. Manchester had some mist which soon lifted.
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