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  1. Who needs Storm Chase USA when you can do it much closer to home for a fraction of the price! Amazing tornado outbreak in Germany last weekend! 


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    2. Paul


      It could happen @karyo, although because of the fairly unique setup with the rockies / gulf of Mexico in the USA the storm season happens every year. In Europe, although there'd always be potential, and that potential may increase in regularity, equally you could end up with a socking great Euro high for 3 months. So always a tad tricky if you're wanting to book in advance. I've always liked the idea of late-notice type trips though - I think a few on the forum have tried it over the years too, so maybe that's something to expand upon. 

    3. karyo


      Yes, because of the close proximity, cheapness of the flights etc. a storm chase in the continent can happen at a short notice. I sometimes do that in winter for snow.

      Ps please don't mention the 3 month euro high scenario again. It is too much for my sanity to take.

    4. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      In answer to your question, I think you are getting the backward (as you call it) states mixed up with the Southern Plains. Are you thinking of Dixie Alley for example Arkansas, Louisiana, Missisippi etc

      In the Southern Plains there is plenty to do when it is quiet, even at the moment in the ridge of death as people call it we have had 3 colorado days with Golfball to Softball sized hail noted on all days (Does that happen on ridged set-ups with a blocking high in Europe) no dont think so. Also you could spend 2 months in the Dakotas and would still not have enough time to do it all. Anyway not going to spend time batting it against europe/uk any longer because I know its a impossible to chase in the Uk due to roads and traffic and pulse nature of storms and b in europe because it is not set up for it (eg large hotels and vast open spaces) But if you think it i possible then go for 2 weeks and lets see the results am guessing there might be quite a lot of European Churches and al fresco cafe shots for everyone to see

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