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    holidays, late nights out, a bit of reading, sunbathing, countryside, enjoying the weather.

    Favourite weather types: Cold and Colder!
    Particularly deslike: mild and wet... and Darren Bett

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  1. Good to see some coldies starting to post here again. However, this coldie is here all year round, standing tall and holding his ground! :-)

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    2. IanR


      to be fair, the chances of being below 8c in jan probably outweigh the chances of over 25c in july, but if a day was picked at random by a computer (not a biased person) I would guess its about 90 percent chance that it will be in that range, I am sure a mathamatician meteorologist would get the figure more accurate !

    3. Bottesford


      OK I still stand by 'cool' in summer and 'mild' at other times. Most places at our latitude get hotter summers than here.

    4. cheese


      There's not much to it really. The difference between, say, Nottingham and Hamburg is not significant - and the difference between Cambridge and Warsaw is negligible

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