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  1. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    haha no worries. When we are counting spotless days it is important to see what the other side of the sun is doing as a sign of things to come. For now, we are having a break from the spotless days. Hopefully not for long.
  2. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    It doesn't take long for the sunspots from the other side of the sun to come to the visible side.
  3. Good to see the GFS replacing the charts showing nauseating residual warmth with something more tasty and autumnal.

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    2. lassie23


      northerlies always vanish.

    3. sundog


      @ Tamara what the hell are you talking about? I was just basically saying it's better imo to have cold shots at this time of year then silly warmth continuing well into the autumn. The prep work I'm taking about is cooling down of the seas,ground etc and a different pattern.  Do you want a euro high all bloody winter??

      I'm well aware that whatever weather i ,you or whoever wants is out of our control and will do whatever it wants. But nothing wrong with having a little hope for ones desired weather. I'm not trying to suggest either that a more favourable weather pattern heading towards winter regards cold weather means a good winter to come but much better that all the same then mild rubbish imo.

    4. Tamara


      I would personally infinitely prefer a quiet Euro High, yes, to windstorms and rain and also the cold rain variety which can make the late autumn and winter period frankly something of an endurance test in this country(in my opinion) with such little daylight and long dark nights.

      I've increasingly found myself yearning for Spring (and then summer as the now favourite season of mine) to arrive in recent years and to get back to more outdoors life and activity that the long days allow.   The interest  had become one of trying to compensate for depressing winter weather by objectively looking at, and trying to study, the atmospheric circulation as it is. This being a far more enjoyable aspect of a pastime, than eternally hopecasting for a weather preference that is often elusive anyway. It can be a very long time waiting for a bus or train that never arrives. 

      But while that meteorological interest remains - for me at least,  its no longer worth spending too much spare time in autumn and then winter itself waiting for a weather preference that more often than not doesn't arrive and offers something much less appealing instead.

      On balance in an ideal world I would now skip the UK late autumn and winter and go somewhere to warm my bones and then return here as more and daylight returns.

  4. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Yes, we just managed to record another spotless day. Sadly an active sunspot is just coming into view so it may take a while to record anther spotless day.
  5. I don't think anybody is saying that we won't see any colder weather, but it is getting more and more difficult to achieve below average temperatures (never mind snow) for a significant length of time. As for the solar maximum, yes I agree that it coincides with warmer winters for us. However, even during a solar maximum there should be some colder spells and indeed the maximum that we just had was weak compared to other cycles, yet we have to go back to 2013 for the last memorable cold spell.
  6. It is not just the south that has been snowless though, the whole country and in fact northwest Europe has seen a significant reduction of days with snow cover. So I don't think it is just a matter of bad luck.
  7. I agree! The ocean rules for us and ideally we would want to see more ice to our north.
  8. We may see some snow cover advance westwards over the weekend/early next week but probably temporary as the almost perpetual euro high doesn't want to move. The models show further pulses of warmth for much of Europe.
  9. The deep weekend low is the only interesting thing in the models. Other than that, summer continues.

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    2. Mokidugway


      You would be very stiff :shok:

    3. karyo


      It is the only way to get a happy ending

    4. Mokidugway
  10. Yes and we are still waiting for Agung...
  11. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    It should be fairly quiet too as normally spaceweather reports about activity on the other side. There can of course be the odd tiny sunspot that doesn't give any flares.
  12. Let's see who is going to erupt first! haha
  13. Mount Agung is reaching new levels of agitation! https://magma.vsi.esdm.go.id/live/seismogram/
  14. Talking about the ice, although the extend is better this autumn than the last couple of years, the ice that was extending east of Greenland towards Iceland is absent so far. It may lead to more cyclogenesis in that area.
  15. Thanks Crewe, so November also looks chilly on the CFS. What I would say is that we need to see a dramatic pattern change in the next few weeks for the November chart to come off.