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  1. karyo

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    It looks like spaceweather has taken the day off.
  2. Bravo France! I am £70 better off now. 🙂

    1. lassie23


      lol did you pick them in your work sweepstake thingy

    2. karyo


      Yes. I am clueless about football so I was a very lucky 

  3. karyo

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Yes, come on England! Oups, sorry I got carried away...
  4. The latest euro 4 and aprege are serving crepes filled with praline for northwest England
  5. Good. Make sure you post some pics when the convection starts to kick in
  6. Really nice to see some decent rain this morning. Now clearing but a lot of cloud still around. Let's see what happens later. @Dangerous55019 i think your location is looking good for today.
  7. karyo

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Yes, it is getting interesting. I just wish the solar flux would get a bit lower. By the way, the spaceweather article mentions that in 2008 we had 52 consecutive days blank but I don't see that listed in the table above from Janssen's site.
  8. It was a more humane and civilised night last night with the bedding not sticking on my skin. I even managed to sleep - what a luxury!

  9. karyo

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    That's very interesting and something we can keep for reference as the cycle progresses. Unfortunately we are very far from making the list as this stand now.
  10. karyo

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Maybe that's the remnants of the spot that produced a c class flare a few days ago.
  11. karyo

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Fantastic! The sunspot that spaceweather was expecting to appear hasn't materialised.
  12. karyo

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Unfortunately, we will have to wait a little longer for the 100 day mark. A sunspot is coming into view. www.spaceweather.com
  13. karyo

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Nice one, thanks.
  14. karyo

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Still a total of 96 days which was also yesterday's total so something is wrong with the spaceweather count.
  15. I hate hot and dry weather so this summer is a contender for the worst summer since I moved to the UK, but of course it is still early days. Other than this one, 2003 and 2006 although at least they had some thunderstorms (especially 2003). Before 1997 i was in Greece so pretty much every summer was horrible with 1995 the bright exception. That summer the maximum temperature in northern Greece was in the 28-32c range and there were afternoon thunderstorms almost daily. That was the best summer of my life actually. By the way, 28-32c is quite low for Greek standards.