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  1. The good news is that the models are looking more promising from tomorrow onwards. The slack low pressure from the south is going to deepen slightly and start moving slowly north. We just have today to get through.
  2. You are in a good place for some more evening action today and you may also catch a shower in the coming days. For the rest of us a boring few days to come.
  3. I have to say, Arome did pretty well yesterday. I will be paying more attention to it from now on. Our best chance for storms is likely to be Sunday & Monday when the pressure falls again from the south.
  4. I was hoping for some imported action from the Midlands as per the Arome but looking at the current situation I think a pop-up cell is our best chance today.
  5. A shower developed just northwest of Manchester. Unfortunately moving away from me.
  6. The Midlands are getting active too! People in the southern parts of our region need to watch this development.
  7. The euro 4 often tends to underestimate shower activity and the Arome tends overdo it. Fingers crossed for the Arome to be closer to the mark as it looks peachy for today.
  8. The updated euro 4 shows an isolated downpour in Cumbria for this evening and nothing else for the rest of the region. Then for Thursday and Friday it has no precipitation over us at all.
  9. An elevated shower is trying to form just north of Manchester. It is slowly moving northwards.
  10. The sun has woken up unfortunately. It's been ages since the last spotless day.
  11. Last night was special and I ended up going to bed late again but it was worth it. The rolling thunder and fork lightning were something else. Definately an elevated storm. However, looking at the various models today, I get the feeling that our thundery week is cut short. Most of the activity looks reserved for Wales, the Mids and the south for the next few days as higher pressure from the north extends its influence to our region . The slack low pressure system from France and the south looks like coming back over us by the end of the weekend so hopefully a return of the thunderstorms too but Sunday is too far away to be confident about. Let's hope that the weather turns out more exciting than the models currently suggest.
  12. Fork lightning and rolling thunder! That's awesome! Strangely, there is only little rain falling.
  13. There are frequent small flashes of lightning and every now and then a really bright one with audible thunder
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