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  1. We don’t have to agree with their methods to understand why protestors do what they do. The actions of suffragettes or civil rights protestors and many more, disrupted life for people at the time, now we understand with time passing that it was a small price to pay. There is nothing as important as the effects of climate change right now and these people are trying to make the rest of us take notice.

    1. Weather-history


      There is a big difference, suffragette and civil rights movement in the US were national action. All well having protests in this country but it will matter not one bit if a country like China carries on as is. Where's the protests in China? It has to be global 

  2. This sounds like bad news to me as this cold blob/NAWH is likely to make any cold spells even more difficult for us to achieve.
  3. The planet will indeed continue to exist, but numerous species are dying out and many have gone extinct already.
  4. Tell me about it! Even frost is hard to achieve these days never mind snow.
  5. Interesting enso update from CFSv2. It shows that the current weak el nino may not have much mileage left. Peaking around June (still as a weak event) before entering enso neutral territory by August. This can have implications on the hurricane season so I will be watching with interest for future updates. https://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/analysis_monitoring/lanina/enso_evolution-status-fcsts-web.pdf
  6. My favourite weather type is snow showers mixed in with clear spells. I particularly enjoy observing the cloud tops from a distance as the snow showers are approaching. March 2018 was perfect for that as my place looks to the east towards the Pennines so i had an excellent view of the snow showers as they were coming in the easterly wind. Radar watching is also great fun in such a set up. A sufficiently cold northwestely is also great but sadly in the last few years i find that the warming has disabled those northwesterlies and we mainly get sleet. Summer weather doesn't interest me to the slightest so anything that prevents heat is good in my book. Having said that a good thunderstorm can be entertaining but that rarely happens.
  7. It depends on the season, in the summertime I despise high pressure as it brings heat and boredom for me. It is then that I like low pressure from the Atlantic to bring some active weather. By wintertime though, I enjoy the clear frosty weather that a high can bring and hate the mobile west/southwesterly which just brings mild and frost free weather.
  8. Iggy Azalea's new song is a bop!

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    2. karyo



      check Sally Walker on youtube

    3. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      exactly who? these modern cds, now that's what I call music, not heard of any of the singers or songs

      Early 2000's ruled, best music by miles, now 47 to now 53 ish

    4. karyo


      Things has moved on from cds, it is all about streaming now.

      But I agree that music is more instant now and a song that becomes a hit soon gets forgotten.

  9. Yes, that's the only positive i can see right now. It is a pity though that even at this late stage SC24 keeps producing sunspots rather than being quiet.
  10. As an observer, it looks to me that the last couple of months have seen an increase in sunspot activity. I was expecting for the opposite to happen so i don't get the feeling that this minimum has much more to give. I was hoping for longer spotless periods and lower solar flux like we had in 2008. I remember the buzz back in 2008 with expectations of some degree of global cooling or at least a stall of global warming thanks to the deep minimum and indeed it was then that the Little Ice Age was mentioned. Ok we did get a couple of cold winters following the last minimum but the world continued to warm and if cycle 25 is similar to this one, we can expect the warming to continue uninterrupted. Today we have a new active sunspot emerging and the solar flux has risen to 77.
  11. Of course i speak for myself. Duh!
  12. Yes, i suppose after a barrage of months with 2 degrees above average temperatures anything close to average can feel chilly.
  13. It is only looking chilly for the first week or so. Hardly anything noteworthy from what i can see. If we manage a below average month it will be almost a miracle given recent temperature trends.
  14. That's good, there is plenty of time for warm weather from now till October. I am in no rush to experienced it.
  15. Oh boy, it's dead here!

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    2. Paul


      You're right the numbers don't lie. And in terms of visits and weather related posts, we're right where we'd expect to be at this time of year with the quiet weather we've been having 🙂 

    3. karyo


      Yes, where is Moki?

    4. Had Worse

      Had Worse

      As they saying goes, where there's MOK there's brass.

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