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  1. So we are going to have a heatwave on Tuesday. The weather is trolling us! haha

    1. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      so often happens, warm spike on a Tuesday

    2. Weather26


      Followed by a Bank Holiday Weekend when it throws it down!

  2. It was the opposite here. Why did you choose Cancun? I want to visit Popocatepetl and Colima volcano in the future.
  3. It may turn out fine. I thought today was a beautiful day! Even had a bit of thunder.
  4. If you can, take a drive west to the Pennines. Otherwise the cell that left Nottingham may make it to you.
  5. We are under the line of showers now. I'd be surprised if there is no more thunder soon.
  6. Yes, there is some intensification in that area.
  7. Just caught a shower in the city centre, indicating that they are edging a bit further north now
  8. It seems to me that the line of thundery activity from northeast Wales to south of Manchester and further east is slowly edging northwards. I have my eyes on the intense cell over Newferry
  9. Sadly mainly south of Manchester. The city is sliced in half. There is an intense cell just to the southwest of me.
  10. I see the cell just south of Manchester is giving sferics! Pity it couldn't be a few miles north.
  11. Lines of heavy showers all morning from around Preston eastwards but I have been in a dry slot throughout!