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  1. Looking forward to Sierra Nevada in December.

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    2. karyo
    3. Had Worse

      Had Worse

      In Print Works F& B. What block ate you in?

    4. karyo


      I am in Dale street. It must be lively in printworks tonight

  2. However, they have brought that less cold outcome forward, so I am in two minds about this update.
  3. karyo

    Autumn 2018

    Those days are numbered thankfully
  4. 23 hours ago it was given a 90% chance but today they have downgraded significantly the chances.
  5. A tropical wave close to the Leeward islands has a 90% chance to become a tropical depression in the next few days. https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/ If it develops into a tropical storm it will be named Patty.
  6. karyo

    Winter 2018/19

    That's fabulous!
  7. It will feel like a kick down below, if after the painful warmth of next week, we ended up with this chart for late November.
  8. karyo

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    The solar flux is creeping up a bit but at least we are still spotless.
  9. The update never mentions positive or negative NAO. It is written in simple terms for the public. The weather it describes would correlate to positive NAO.
  10. The update up to yesterday was indicating a blocked pattern with high pressure and temperature dropping. Today's update is a typical positive NAO Atlantic driven weather. Huge change! We can only hope that they will be wrong.
  11. karyo

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Nice to reach 20 blank days
  12. karyo


    Italy has really paid the price of the high pressure block in Eastern Europe which has not allowed the lows to progressed further east. They just reached Italy and got stuck there. Of course Eastern Europe is not exactly lucky as they have drought. Not a drop of rain in the last month for my hometown in northern Greece and the same applies for much of the Balkans. The farmers must be in despair as there is no change on the horizon. The only good news for Italy is that the weather has dried up considerably in most areas and looking at the models it looks like they can expect more settled weather for the remainder of the week.
  13. Sickeningly mild pattern!

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    2. karyo


      lassie, probably his forecast will be out in the next couple of weeks. Unless he got fed up of being attacked here which is not unlikely

    3. lassie23


      he does get a hard time whilst others get a tap on the back for theirs which usually is not any more accurate

    4. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      @lassie23, I've binned every season after spring 2013! 😞