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  1. I agree with High pressure, The banks are sitting on the money, They are not lending to each other at the moment and all trading that is taking place is still off balance sheet trading. Until the banks start lending to each other then and only then will we see the bottom of this recession.
  2. Now that is a real shame because there was a valid point i wanted to make on the post mortum on the snow and forecasts models that we have for today and friday. It does seem that every time I name the date 8 days out for events like this it disapears (lol)
  3. Hi Paul A quick question for you. What happend to my posts from the 20th January- 6th February.
  4. Well I was 8 and remember dad digging out the front door and the back door snow was above the ground floor windows It seemed that we sledged for weeks . The one place you didnt want to go into was the bathroom it was so cold. I remember That we had the fire in the living room alight from October round till spring and the loft being open so that the pipes and the tank didnt freeze didnt like going upstairs to bed always thought that something might come out of the loft. All the washing that mum put out to dry in the cold sunshine only to find it frozen solid and having to put it in front of th
  5. has the forum links changed, when enter the site there is no longer the link for todays active topics.
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