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  1. I understand why you might like to regularly post cherry-picked perturbations, but inexperienced lurkers here may not qute understand that you can ALWAYS find whatever you want somewhere amongst the perturbations. Instead of cherry-picking only what you wish for, why not try random-selection, or offset your choice-morsels with the "worst perturbations"?
  2. Knocker....is it possible to send a link for this 240hr percipitation chart. I searched "weathermodels.com" but it seems to be a paid subs? Is that right?
  3. Could someone tell me what "nbsp" stands for? And also "MMW", which is being used elsewhere relating to Strat. issues? Looks like a double whammy from this warming. Not helping Winter; Ruining Spring! Len
  4. I'm posting this here in response to the discussion regarding this paper http://ams.allenpress.com/archive/1520-046...69-22-6-597.pdf .....in the Model Output Thread. I personally think that Winter SW warming events are "linked" with cold winters and that recent "bad" winters were ruined by the strong omnipresent PV. However this paper begins by talking about a mid-Jan 63 warming as contibuting to that phenomenal winter that I remember so well. However the Autumn of 62 had been mostly very cold and the extreme cold synoptics were in place by Xmas day. By mid-Jan we were 3 weeks into an uninter
  5. click on the maps here http://www.surf-forecast.com/breaks/Bournemouth-Pier/seatemp
  6. Thanks to both you & MWB. Much clearer. I get it about 80% now! Hope it helps others.
  7. Thanks for posting these regularly MWB. They look really interesting. Trouble is, (my Icelandic being shakey n'all) I haven't a clue what they mean MWB? I've been hoping someone else would ask.....but obviously they all read Icelandic. Any chance of a rundown please? Len
  8. Hi Gael Could you please tell me how to find the last image above. (With the different forecast plots on one image) Have been searching been searching NOAA MJO products in vain! Thanks
  9. Thanks.....but this does not work for me (1)Clicking on the word "Weather" does nothing! (2)Clicking on the words "UK forecast" underneath (Did you mean this?) produces a "UK page" that is supervened (within a fraction of a second) by my location 5-day forecast Any more ideas? Anyone else find it on the new site??? Len
  10. Hello, Sorry to be so basic, but I'm hating the new Met website. I just can't find the longer term UK outlook text forecasts? They used to be on the UK forecast page.....but no more. (In fact I can't even get a UK forecast now without my location-forecast supervening) Len
  11. I have the same sentiments about accepting the weather as John Holmes. But to throw some comfort to coldseekers NOAA is sticking to its guns 6-10 days & 8-14 days
  12. Hi RESOLVED! I disabled Adblock (on the RainToday page). Hey Presto! Thanks
  13. Hello, About 2 weeks ago my Raintoday link ceased to show the echoes. I just have a blank map! If I do a fresh search for RainToday it still comes up with a blank map??? On my wifes laptop it still works! We Both use Firefox. I see someone else on the web had this problem....but no solution. Any Help please?
  14. Hello, Sorry if I'm posting this request in the wrong thread? Posters often put up the monthly NH composites for MJO phases here. My link for these now goes to "American Weather" As anyone got a new link for these monthly phase composites please? Thanks
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