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  1. Not a lot of electrical activity at the moment but the rain looks like it’s about to get heavy for most of us!
  2. 17.6mm since midnight and more to come today! Wind has been pretty lively overnight here on the coast too.
  3. Just had a rumble in the Channel. Small cell running along from the looks of it. Barely any activity but was still a rumble!
  4. 25.7mm so far but looks like the heaviest rain has passed over here now. Is the secondary feature you referred to this morning @Blessed Weather?
  5. 19mm of rain here today, the most in one day for a while. Down to 9.8c at the moment, though I expect that’ll rise ahead of the rain tomorrow.
  6. Lovely day today after last nights wind and rain. Feels like it finally cleared the humidity out of the air and now it’s proper autumn. Came on to have a little look at the mod thread for some indication of the upcoming weather - we get married a week on Saturday and hoping for a calm, autumnal day. Don’t mind if it’s cloudy, just no wind or rain please! We so nearly chose this coming weekend as the date and now so pleased we didn’t!
  7. As expected, the rain all went to our west. Only managed 0.71mm but in a sunnier spell around lunchtime the temperature went up to 22.3c and it felt very humid as a result. Currently 16.5c with no breeze and stars out.
  8. Reed Timmer is currently you streaming live from Texas on his YouTube channel. Lots of surface water he’s driving through.
  9. Up to 21c on the dot today, not bad with the wind yet again strengthened from the E/NE. After all these months of streaming NE’ly, I hope this continues into autumn and winter so we might take advantage of some snowy streamers. After the rubbish weather this summer ruined all my garden veg one way or another, I’m done with summer and looking forward to a snow watch or two 🌨
  10. Why is it 21.9c at nearly 22:30?! Who else is looking forward to frosts and snow watch?
  11. 29.3c here the high today on the south east coast. Mostly sunny, some high cloud near sunset as the front moved towards us. Still 24c now, in for another restless night!
  12. Exceeded the predicted maximum by some way! Ended up at 29.1c briefly - must have been a 30c somewhere?
  13. Morning - the MO predicted 22c here yesterday and 23c today. It hit 27c in the end so I wonder how we’ll do today! Currently 16c and rising
  14. Fizzled before it got here (again) - ended up with 5mm of rain from the morning showers and a brief go late afternoon so at least I didn’t need to water the garden!
  15. Woke at 6am by the wind in the trees and thunder off to the SW. It’s been rumbling away ever since, several very loud but never overhead. Looks like the next storm is now running into the Dover area just to my northeast.
  16. Very localised thunderstorm warning just issued by the MO
  17. Could see the tops of the clouds over Dungeness from Folkestone when they first went up
  18. Horribly humid and raining again, 27mm of rain and rising. No storms here at all unfortunately.
  19. Some activity popped up over northern France, potentially heading towards Kent? Also, lots of teeny little echoes emerged out of nowhere over Kent and Essex in the last half hour.
  20. 26.6mm of rain in one hour! Lots of lightning and a fair amount of thunder, a couple of overhead/immediate claps of thunder following lightning. Wonder if there’ll be any more tomorrow..
  21. In one hour I recorded 26.6mm of rain, maximum rainfall rate was 64mm per hour at one point!
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