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  1. On 37mm in the last 60 hours here
  2. 25c here and very humid, milky high level cloud but still sunny
  3. Woken by thunder and hail here in the night. Hail still laying on shed roof, temp currently 1.3c
  4. After a bit of a thaw here this afternoon, drove back from town and it was raining until we got to the top of the hill and it was snow still. Coming down slowly but steadily, biggish flakes. Settling on the existing snow but not on any bare surface. Hoping the temperature drops that extra degree and then it'll lay properly again!
  5. I love it! Best snow we've had in about 4 or 5 years...off out for a walk in a minute. For my 10 year old obviously, not for my benefit at all...
  6. That's just round the corner from me and not quite as much as 7 years ago! This is an inch or so whereas this exact date in 2010 we were under an East Kent streamer which gave around 10" in 24 hours (see my pics from yesterday) Edit: not a dig at you Daniel* - I just can't believe he's comparing the two!
  7. Better than expected! An inch or so I think..
  8. A dusting on the car and shed roof now...like Whether Idle I'm watching the blob coming out of Belgium. Its like waiting to see where the cells over France are heading in the summer (but worse as snow is so few and far between the last few years)
  9. About three snowflakes here, was 0c at home but 1c in town. Wind is freezing!
  10. I'm still holding out for a repeat of this...
  11. 150m+ sea level ✔️ On the East Kent Downs north of Folkestone ✔️ Sledge waiting patiently to come out of the shed ✔️ Similar set up in February 2010 saw us under a streamer for near on 24 hours and gave roughly 8" with drifts over 5ft on the hills overlooking g Folkestone....please let it happen again!
  12. Potential Kent or Thames streamer there!
  13. Snap! I'm not minding this "failed" wintry spell at all, max here was 2c today and also frost forming by late afternoon.
  14. Snowing in Folkestone too...went to shops and was 4c raining when left and 0c with snow within half hour!
  15. You're not far from me so I feel your pain! No snow since 2012 when it snowed on my son's 5th birthday in February. He's already asked if he'll get birthday snow this year! Seems that with the models at the moment it's so near yet so far (again!)