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  1. Going to following this thread with interest the next few days.
  2. Had the MO forecasters been on the wine at lunch when they wrote Friday’s forecast?
  3. -1.5c here and a frost on the cars and sheds. Shame the cloud will make it disappear before morning!
  4. Same here, the roads were covered on the way home from work. Currently -0.4c here
  5. Snow! 39BE3BF8-AC87-492F-A8D2-25615597112A.MOV
  6. Not barrel scraping, just interested as it’s a good end to autumn... Woken to see a streamer has popped up in the last few hours and what’s coming out of it is snow mixed into in the heavier bursts which I wasn’t expecting.
  7. Rain, sleet and hail here this evening. Very windy too!
  8. Just home from taking donations on the phone for children in need and it’s so foggy still! Down at town level it’s not too bad but up here it’s down to 50m in places and still people doing 50mph plus on the drive up the hill with no fog lights! Much cooler too - currently 6c so chilliest it’s been in a little while.
  9. It was foggy here most of yesterday, very thick from around 4pm onwards. Woken this morning to the same - just hope people remember to put their fog lights on!
  10. Hey SJ! Nothing but a couple of showers here today, not a bad thing after the persistent squall line we were under Saturday morning and then the regular heavy showers yesterday. Seem to have missed the showers this evening though the wind picked up again this evening.
  11. A gorgeous day here again, warm and sunny by day and nice and cool in the evening.
  12. lottiekent

    Hurricane Leslie

    Latest has Leslie arriving in the Canaries on Saturday. Bit of a change for them as they’ve been having some very warm Autumn weather recently (in-laws just back from holiday in Tenerife) with temperature high 20’s or low 30’s most days. /
  13. Big difference in snow cover across Canada compared to this time last year..
  14. lottiekent

    Hurricane Florence

  15. lottiekent

    Typhoon mangkhut

    My partners cousin lives on Lamma island, just off the coast south of Hong Kong. They didn’t get evacuated so hoping there’s no last minute change in course! The pic is one she sent earlier today...