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  1. 35.8c here on the coast in SE Kent an hour or so ago; much warmer than forecast. Patchy high cloud now bubbled up so temp dropped to 33.3c. See there’s a storm off the northern french coast but doesn’t seem to be coming this way sadly.
  2. 28.2c here - max forecast was 28c so should get a couple more degrees out of the day.. Edit: note they’ve revised it to 31c since this morning!
  3. Was meant to be a max of 23c here on the coast today and hit 27.4c Dipped down to 19c an hour or so ago, now rising again - currently 21.1c. Going to be a hot one!
  4. Woken at 5am by the wind ahead of the storm..very gusty for a couple of minutes before dying right back down again. First rumbles from the Channel heard a few minutes later.
  5. Just did a frame by frame on that...the cows must’ve had a shock!
  6. Woken at 5am by the downdraft ahead of the approaching storm. Went from no wind to crazy and back again in a couple of minutes. Can now hear rumbles in the Channel
  7. 30.3c here in the end, at around 2.40pm again. Currently 28.7c, a bit breezy, unbroken sunshine. There’s a storm south of Rouen but don’t think it’s coming this way sadly.
  8. Morning Overnight low of 20.4c, already 22.8c though wind is supposed to pick up again soon. Fingers crossed for some storms tomorrow!
  9. Just snuck over the line with a 30.1c at 2:40pm...looking at the graph it was very brief but still in the very high 20’s for most of the day. Currently 24.1c Quite breezy on the front of the house (north facing) but boiling at the back where we sleep (south facing) so sleeping’s going to be fun!
  10. 29.7c here not long ago! Not bad for a seaside town! 29.5c now..
  11. It was 20c here at 8am so knew we’d exceed the 25c the MO we’re forecasting - currently 26.4c Not sure it’ll get much warmer here on the coast as the sea breeze has gotten going. Looking up the road towards Ashford and Maidstone it’s 30c in places
  12. A high of 25.7c here today...not bad considering the forecast was for 22c! Can’t see it being quite so warm tomorrow as the breeze has gotten up and looking at the forecast it’s here to stay.
  13. Looking more and more likely somewhere in the SE will hit low 30’s by mid week. I never mind the heat in the day, it’s the resulting heat overnight I can’t bear.
  14. Those Channel showers look very slow moving too! 18.8mm here since midnight! That’s more rain than we’ve had in all of May and June put together so so far...at least I won’t need to get the hose out this evening. Edit: looking at the radar, I guess that’s a convergence line running along the south coast as the main patch of rain is moving west but the heavy showers are moving (slowly) east
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