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  1. Frosty and clear this morning! In the absence of snow, perfect
  2. 5c and just started raining. Feels much colder..
  3. So the hunt is still on for our nor’ Easter full of snow...however, eight (long) years ago here in Hawkinge...
  4. For me I’m happy with the fact we are going into a north east flow to start with. Once that’s in we can then worry about the longevity of the cold snap/spell and look at shorter range for any showers and (fingers crossed) streamers into the region. Exciting model watching the next few days if nothing else!
  5. Nothing heard here but then you’d have a job hearing anything over the wind and rain on the window.
  6. I’ve decided I’m not telling anyone about the potential for us next weekend. I swear that it always jinxes it Another very wet, but not so windy day here. Cooler than the last couple of days at least, currently 5c.
  7. I agree...went to sleep and it was -2 and white with frost, ice and some snow cover and woke to +4c wind and rain. I’m really hoping we get a potent easterly as some stage in the next couple of months so our region can join in on winter proper.
  8. The snow that came down yesterday was still on the grass where the sun hadn’t touched it today, as was the frost. Very cold and frosty again now, with everything sparkling in the moonlight...shame it’ll be gone by morning!
  9. This is just up from where I work, along the road from home. They often get snow up there (as we do at home as it has the elevation).
  10. Been sleeting here in Folkestone all day and has just turned to big flakes. Back home in Hawkinge it’s been snowing on and off all day and has settled a little on the grass...pics sent by daughter who is at home while I work:
  11. It's forecast to be gusty as the front moves through/away
  12. Watching that blob move down across Norfolk into Suffolk reminds me of blob watching in the summer when we are willing the storms our way from France!
  13. Today has been interesting! Left home at 8am this morning to heavy sleet and arrived down at work in town to find just rain. It then snowed and rained off and on all day, never settling at work as it was too warm. This evening, got home to some snow on the ground! Not a lot, no more than a cm or two but still snow! It is going to be lethal out there in the morning if the temperature stays low and my Suzuki Swift is no 4x4
  14. Frost here too...only bit of wintriness I saw here was on my way home about 4pm when the drizzle turned sleety.
  15. It's pouring with rain here! Looking Netweather radar it's snowing close by...hmm