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  1. lottiekent

    Hurricane Leslie

    Latest has Leslie arriving in the Canaries on Saturday. Bit of a change for them as they’ve been having some very warm Autumn weather recently (in-laws just back from holiday in Tenerife) with temperature high 20’s or low 30’s most days. /
  2. Big difference in snow cover across Canada compared to this time last year..
  3. lottiekent

    Hurricane Florence

  4. lottiekent

    Typhoon mangkhut

    My partners cousin lives on Lamma island, just off the coast south of Hong Kong. They didn’t get evacuated so hoping there’s no last minute change in course! The pic is one she sent earlier today...
  5. Frequent heavy showers from late morning yesterday, felt a bit like April! Ended up with 12mm of rain from them overall, highest daily total in a long while. Today looks like it’s started off nicer - currently breezy, 14.7c and sunny.
  6. Raining here again with the odd distant rumble but the heaviest stuff is going up the Channel and looks like another storm or heavy shower travelling north eastwards to the west of here. Still warm though - was 26c just before the rain started.
  7. 25c here in Hawkinge. Very dark to the south and south east and several rumbles heard.
  8. I hope this doesn’t happen the way it’s being shown in the charts today as my friend gets married next Friday. After all the weeks of heat and sunshine here in the SE though that’ll be just her luck.
  9. Did it get put out Alexis? A high of 30c here today. Off to London tomorrow and not looking forward to the heat on the underground!
  10. Weather station in garden says 33.8c here this afternoon. Hottest recorded on it since I got it in 2012 and second warmest day I’ve ever experienced in the UK
  11. 30.1c here today, humidity is horrible at the moment
  12. What’s your view on the breakdown of the heat this week Knocker? Some seem to think it’ll continue on for a while
  13. Fog and drizzle here and humid
  14. A low of 14.8c overnight and up to almost 18c already, light/mod wind from the south. Chance of storms in the south west of our region this afternoon perhaps?
  15. A warm night, low of 18c. Just about to hit 20c and it’s not even 7am...going to be another hot one! Fingers crossed the air con at work is fully functioning again after being in the blink late last week..