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  1. 26.6mm of rain in one hour! Lots of lightning and a fair amount of thunder, a couple of overhead/immediate claps of thunder following lightning. Wonder if there’ll be any more tomorrow..
  2. In one hour I recorded 26.6mm of rain, maximum rainfall rate was 64mm per hour at one point!
  3. Can see the edge of the MCS from the garden now with some lightning to the SW
  4. I like the weather pants! I have weather themed socks and a mug…both will be out today 🙂 Good luck today/tonight everyone. All eyes on the French radars…
  5. Ha ha this is true, it’s snow watching for the summer months! The MO says it should be 15c now and it’s already 20.1c, I think I might get a 27c today right on the SE coast. Anyone think they’ll get higher today?
  6. Surprised there’s not more storm chat in here! Paul S is going for a more westerly track based on latest runs (post is in the storm thread), Estofex have mentioned MCS heading for SE England. Tomorrow afternoon and evening will be radar watching over France for sure!
  7. Looks like a pretty big swathe of England from IOW eastwards could join in if this is correct. As always though, it’ll come down to nowcasting at the time. But isn’t that part of the fun?
  8. Up to 25.7c in the end, much warmer than the 21c forecast by the MO. Currently 18.6c, with a very brisk northerly breeze picked up. Have all the windows open upstairs trying to push the warm air out; doesn’t seem to be working so far! What with the humidity, heat and a heavily hayfevered teen sneezing away in the next room, can’t see sleep being easy to come by tonight. Even the kitten is meowing his head off and he’s normally zonked by now.
  9. Morning After a low of 12.6c, already 20.3c with not a cloud in the sky. Didn’t feel that cool overnight thanks to the house holding the heat too well from yesterday. I saw the early warning out by the MO for storms Weds evening through to Friday. One to keep an eye on but can’t imagine it’ll be all that bad everywhere.
  10. Was mostly sunny here yesterday morning so managed to get a couple of photos through the filter, one is from the telescope and the others just via my phone through the filter (was trying to run in and out of the garden around work).
  11. Morning The sky was clear enough for a couple of photos of the eclipse yesterday (we have a special filter for the telescope). The larger one is through the telescope and the other two are just from my phone with the filter. Overcast and breezy here this morning, currently 14c.
  12. Funny old day round here - woke in the night at 4:50 (already light of course) and it was thick fog. Got up at 7am and it was sunny. By 8:30 it was misty again but that burnt away by 10ish. Then a drive across town on my lunch took me through patches of fog, mostly near to the sea so I guess it was rolling in from there. Clear and calm again now, temp down to 12.9c after a high of 20.7c mid-afternoon.
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