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  1. Recorded 75.95mph gust around 2pm on the cliffs in Folkestone! Not too shabby for August!
  2. Very windy here too already (Hawkinge for those on mobiles) and warm at 18c Was thinking of getting my handheld anemometer out tomorrow and going to the seafront to see what speed I can record. MO showing gusts of 57mph early afternoon tomorrow in the seafront. Not unusual in the autumn but not as normal in August.
  3. First heavy dew for a long while here this morning which is a little early I think but it was also a cooler night than of late at 13.2c. Noticed the conkers are looking ready to start dropping soon too...autumn won’t be long
  4. Ended up with 19.1mm of rain today. The maximum temp outside was recorded at midnight (18.3c) and the daytime maximum at lunchtime was just 17.6c - a full 20c cooler than just two days ago!
  5. Morning...what a horrendous night's sleep! Woken up intermittently from midnight until 2am due to rumbles of thunder, 2am due to a heavy shower then after that slept through to 5am (again with rumbly interruptions!). Hottest night I’ve experienced in this house and one which I hope doesn’t get repeated soon! Currently 20.5c which is better but feeling humid. Got a feeling it’s going to be a muggy day, with the far east/SE hanging onto the continental warmth as long as it can.
  6. I was wondering that...had stopped altogether but in the last 15 minutes there have been a few more flashes and rumbles out south/south west
  7. Back up to 25c now after dropping to 21c around 8pm. And out of nowhere a new storm has popped up!
  8. Almost overhead flash and rumble gave Hawkinge a brief power cut just now! Back on within 5 minutes luckily
  9. Been rumbling around for an hour or so now. Nothing really close and only had sporadic periods of convective rain which dry up as soon as it stops. Pic taken about a half hour ago
  10. Whereabouts are you Ryan? On mobile at the moment so can’t see locations
  11. Rain didn’t last long...seemed to swerve us and be more over Dover way
  12. Can hear lots of rumbling coming my way from the Channel... High today was 37.8c! Hottest I’ve ever recorded.
  13. Wind seems to have picked up again in the night. The low was 18c around 3am, after which as the wind increased, so did the temperature as the heat pushed up from the continent. Already 25c on my station in the garden and that’s with a layer of very thin high cloud
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