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  1. Third frost of the autumn here this morning, lovely and sunny too and currently 3c. Don't mind too much if we have some wind and rain over the next couple of weeks, would rather get that out the way now than in Jan/Feb when there's a better chance of snowfall sticking if it falls!
  2. Frost watch season 17/18

    Second frost of the autumn here, though only a slight covering on shed and car this morning.
  3. They're all on here: http://www.natice.noaa.gov/ims/gif_archive.html
  4. Traditional misty damp start but can't complain with the rest as after that it was the third warm, sunny day in a row here. Now raining and breezy but there's nothing wrong with a bit of that at the end of September
  5. Lightning out in the Channel, small storm heading south looking at the radar. 15.2c here now
  6. Thunderstorm with heavy rain and large (for here) hail for a time in Folkestone. Came out of nowhere and built overhead, still thundering back home in Hawkinge but there's not even been enough rain to wet the ground completely and we're only a 5 minute drive up the road!
  7. I can hear that here in Hawkinge too Alexis
  8. Humid and 26.1c here, mostly sunny but a bit of cloud at the moment.
  9. Lovely and sunny and 25.9c here...nice
  10. A high of 31c exactly for me today. After yesterday's 30.1c, I wonder if it'll hit over 30 three days in a row here..
  11. Some very heavy rain for a short while with a few rumbles, the odd one very close by
  12. That was an awesome storm, looked like the mothership arriving in Independence Day!
  13. Screen grab from video...storm here 6/10 so far. Frequent lightning and increasingly close thunder
  14. Surprised you can't hear anything yet! A few distant rumbles here...maybe it's the elevation that allows the sound to reach here?
  15. Already a few flashes off to the south east, very distant rumbles at times too