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  1. Agreed, clear skies here. Just some thin high level cloud
  2. I don’t know what that “sun” word you mention is...feels like forever since we’ve had anything resembling warm and sunny!
  3. Interesting article by Bill Giles unhappy with what the BBC have done to their forecasts: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/03/20/bbc-weather-severe-disappointment-sacrifices-uk-europe-veteran/
  4. Morning As the sun didn’t come out yesterday we kept the snow from Saturday and Sunday (all 5cm of it) but sleet here already making light work of what was left on grass and sheds etc. Some impressive icicles from this which is something I haven’t seen for a few years! Also, I should say we also didn’t benefit greatly from good snow cover with either event. An inch or so at most from the first beast and two inches (on non concrete surfaces) from this one. Heavy snow was always a few miles to every direction but here! Encouraging signs of winters cooling again though as per 2009/2010 etc? We will see...
  5. Snowed from lunchtime until about 4:30 and just noticed a short while ago it was snowing again. Know we won’t get a snow day out of it tomorrow but still happy with what we’ve had. Measured earlier and we had 5cm yesterday and close to another cm on top of that this afternoon. Had it not been so windy probably would’ve been higher. Hawkinge (SE Kent)
  6. It’s still coming down here, a couple of hours worth so far. Not laying apart from in snow already there and the car from the looks of it. Tiny flakes now but fairly persistent. Unexpected but lovely to see! Currently just under freezing with a DP of -5c
  7. Snowing here now in Hawkinge, reasonable sized flakes but so windy they’re not settling. Mall inall had about 5cm on the grass here yesterday so not bad!
  8. I think so. It’s the blob below I’m watching..
  9. This seems like a decent radar too: https://www.weatheronline.co.uk/cgi-app/radar?LANG=en&STRUCTUR=_&CREG=frfr&CONT=frfr&BIG=0&LOOP=1&LTYP=std&ROAD=0&CITY=&L=0&SLP=0&W=0&LF=0&SUM=0
  10. Send it this way (Hawkinge) once you're done with it please
  11. My understanding is that a wave front is going to move up/across the south this evening and tonight and showers to the north of that. Had around 5 hours of persistent light snow so far, laid on everything but concrete so far and still going. Hoping for more later. Currently light snow, very blowy and -1c with a -3c dew point. About 2cm though hard to tell due to the wind.
  12. Is it the long wiggly line of fronts extending east that is expected to bring this afternoon and evening's snow over the south?
  13. Which direction are we looking to for this afternoon and evenings snow? Will it be a Euro radar watch?