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  1. What’s your view on the breakdown of the heat this week Knocker? Some seem to think it’ll continue on for a while
  2. Fog and drizzle here and humid
  3. A low of 14.8c overnight and up to almost 18c already, light/mod wind from the south. Chance of storms in the south west of our region this afternoon perhaps?
  4. A warm night, low of 18c. Just about to hit 20c and it’s not even 7am...going to be another hot one! Fingers crossed the air con at work is fully functioning again after being in the blink late last week..
  5. 25c in Hawkinge and breezy. Warmer feel to the wind though and humid.
  6. Woken to cloud in Hawkinge, not forecast and not on the radar that I can see. Hope that soon burns off..
  7. A nice day here in Hawkinge even with a far bit of high cloud making the sun hazy or to disappear at times. Managed a high of 24c so can’t grumble. Still hoping the MO forecast of much cooler on the eastern side of the region is incorrect from Monday onwards!
  8. Folkestone seafront, down the zig zag path from the Leas. Hoping you know where I mean as you’re “just along the road” as such..
  9. So windy still! I don’t think it’s going to be that warm on the south coast today if that keeps up, even if the sun does come out. (and it’s drizzling though nothing is showing on the radar!)
  10. Thermometer says 21c but the breeze is chilly in the shade. Be nicer if that dropped off a bit!
  11. Breezy and noticeably cooler feel this evening
  12. A fair amount of lightning to the southwest, eased off now, and a brief spell of torrential rain.
  13. Hadn’t looked at radar since about 7pm and as there was nothing hadn’t bothered since. Now hearing deep rumbles every 30 seconds or so. Looks like it’s going to hit Dungeness way though what’s coming up from France after it?!
  14. Had a 15 minute heavy shower earlier but no thunder. Now very humid with sunny spells. Thought we had another shower incoming but turned to the north...it seems all the showers/storms across central southern England are heading north west while ours are going north...maybe something coming off the north coast of France now though?
  15. Think it’s going to miss, currently over Dungeness and might go as far east as Hythe? Murky sun and 21c here