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  1. Lovely and sunny and 25.9c here...nice
  2. A high of 31c exactly for me today. After yesterday's 30.1c, I wonder if it'll hit over 30 three days in a row here..
  3. Some very heavy rain for a short while with a few rumbles, the odd one very close by
  4. That was an awesome storm, looked like the mothership arriving in Independence Day!
  5. Screen grab from video...storm here 6/10 so far. Frequent lightning and increasingly close thunder
  6. Surprised you can't hear anything yet! A few distant rumbles here...maybe it's the elevation that allows the sound to reach here?
  7. Already a few flashes off to the south east, very distant rumbles at times too
  8. Flashing way off the south east already
  9. Which site is that radar on please?
  10. I did! Shame you can't remember your username. This just passed through, sunny again now
  11. Surprised no one has mentioned this heading towards Kent/West Sussex...
  12. There's a few of us on here who were with Met Monkey from the start, I think Mapantz and I clocked up many thousands of posts between us! Looking forward to the next couple of days, didn't scrape a decent storm here at all last year. First summer that we haven't had one that I can ever remember!
  13. On 37mm in the last 60 hours here
  14. 25c here and very humid, milky high level cloud but still sunny
  15. Woken by thunder and hail here in the night. Hail still laying on shed roof, temp currently 1.3c