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  1. A much nicer day, albeit another breezy one - currently 9.8c and a brisk SSE’ly. Lunch walk shows a fairly choppy sea..
  2. It’s recently dropped here too - can clearly see when the cold front went through!
  3. Happy Christmas! Here’s to a snowy (or whatever weather you like) new year
  4. Definitely wasn’t an earthquake: Earthquakes around the British Isles in the last 50 days EARTHQUAKES.BGS.AC.UK The British Geological Survey provides up-to-date information on recent and historical earthquakes, educational resources, and seismic hazard services
  5. Driving along the A20 from Dover to Folkestone around lunchtime, it was 9.5c when we left Dover - halfway between it started pouring and within a couple of minutes the ice warning came on as the temp dropped to 4c!
  6. Early frost, then it rained and turned everything into a lethal ice rink for half an hour before it warmed up a little and it all melted! It was so icy the car was frozen shut which was fun when trying to leave early to vote before work
  7. Pleased I’ve found your analysis Knocker. Much more down to earth than some of the overnight “the sky is falling” posts on the other thread!
  8. Another pretty grim down down on the SE coast - had another 27mm of rain since midnight with a high of 6c. Interestingly, in a deluge as I left home this morning, there were a few sleety splats in with the rain on the windscreen! It was about 4c at the time but I guess the heavy rain dragged the colder air down with it briefly.
  9. Windy all night here on the SE coast, nothing unusual at all here with gusts into the 40 mph zone. Wonder if we’ll beat the 76mph gust I recorded back in the spring?
  10. Woken by heavy rain around 5am - shame it’s not a few degrees colder as the showers are coming in from the north east on a little streamer across Kent at the moment! Currently 7c and raining - I see it’s much cooler to the north of London where there’s no rain.
  11. The cold has finally arrived on the SE Kent coast too - dropped 6c in 15 minutes!
  12. What a horrible day! Never really felt like it got properly light, was warm and drizzly too which is not my favourite autumn weather
  13. Forgot to say, some fairly big temperature differentials locally at the moment! 4.6c here, much warmer down the hill and the dip along the road getting their first frost from the looks of it..
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