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  1. I thought it was meant to be sunny today, but like DonnaThw it’s been anything boring day of grey monontony feeling rather chilly this evening
  2. Morning So a lively day yesterday for everyone! A few trees down locally and also down in town. The ones in town though seemed to have snapped close to their base, rather than toppling - anyone know why? Still breezy this morning, but sunny and currently 2.5c after a low of 1.9c.
  3. Some sleet and snow echoes showing on the radar on the hills above Hastings. Looks far too light to be of anything though.
  4. After a dawn low of 2.1c, a lovely day with a walk on the hills..
  5. Morning - another beautiful day on the cards here. Currently 7c after a low of 2.1c. Just wondering if it’s foggy in places as temperatures in some locations in Kent seem to be close to zero?
  6. Thick fog/low cloud here (been present for 24 hours now) and not too warm at 5c Windy too and see from the radar there’s rain incoming.
  7. Lovely here this morning too. Got down to -2c overnight with a hard frost. See some parts over towards Salisbury Plain got down to -11c! Enjoting today before the wet and windy weather arrives for the next few days
  8. Moderate sleet in central London, larger flakes appearing but can’t see it laying
  9. Still plenty of snow and slush here (and still raining) so can see why they’ve issued a new ice warning for tonight and tomorrow. It’s lethal now at 2c so if that drops it’ll be dangerous later!
  10. Woke up to the heaviest echoes on the radar and it’s pouring with rain, steadily melting the couple of inches of snow we had overnight. At least it’s only 1st February
  11. Not long until it stops here in Hawkinge looking at the radar. Also, dew point is barely below freezing any more so I would expect sleet rather than snow if the new channel blobs make it this far.
  12. What bit do you live in James? I used to live down by the Harbour and had a couple of decent falls there in the 6 years I was there. Cheriton tends to do quite well, as does the area closer to the hills. Everything white up here now. Temp -0.3c DP -0.5C so Dee point rising slightly...
  13. Coming down nicely in Folkestone according to friends down there and same for us in Hawkinge. Shame the oranges on the radar couldn’t have made it this far north. Always seems to lose intensity before hitting land. Still happy with what’s falling
  14. Back down to 0.2c with a DP of -1.0c Snow has finally arrived, about 1/10 on Murr scale though noticed it’s laying readily where the wind isn’t blowing it away
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