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  1. Heavy snow here in Bagshot for a while now, we've been lucky enough to be in the sweet spot today.. OAT 0 deg. C DP 0 deg.C.
  2. Very light snow now falling here in Bagshot. OAT -0.2 deg. C. DP -3. The darker pink echoes have just reached us and would expect the intensity to start increasing soon. Let's hope so anyway..
  3. Ice-Bore


    Storm N of London 27/5/18 (from Bagshot)
  4. If you've got a window seat that's to the rear of the wings you'll see them doing your wing, at least until the hot fluid runs down over your window..!!
  5. The OAT at LHR is -1 deg. C in light rain and snow. If there is any freezing or frozen precipitation on your aircraft (hard to imagine there won't be under those conditions) it will need de-/anti-icing prior to departure...
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