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  1. Just hopped in my time machine and come back from London next Sunday... Grabbed a quick snap. Bring a coat if your visiting it’s a bit nippy...
  2. Would be a shock for the East coast of the US as well with an Easterly from Siberia. Absolutely bonkers run, it should be illegal. Anyway enough with these mild outliers, about time some cold runs started showing 😂
  3. Anyone concerned the coldest uppers could drift south of us as has happened so many times in the past? Or am I worrying too much? 😅
  4. Didn’t realise either. Access blimey that’s a blast from the past, now a housing estate/pub of course. Ahh the memories.
  5. ECM too quick and GFS too slow? Middle ground scenario on the arrival? Cold spell begins this time next week give or take? Watering down on the depth likely. But, it’s coming...
  6. My rather simplistic view is the cold is coming next week whatever way you slice it. It’s a case of whether it’s mid week or later in the week. When it arrives we will all know about it and for some, remember it for a long time...
  7. Eh? Building blocks in place, with snow showers into the East by TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY. Only one way from there IF the ECM setup verifies. In fact next week is a mere starter...
  8. ECM is a peach. 2nd battalion waiting patiently in the wings out East as well. Great pattern for a decent and prolonged cold spell
  9. Hello....Thames Streamer my old friend...
  10. Odds on the ECM to jump ship this evening now? Please can we just have some consistency 🤞🏻
  11. Agreed. For those that have not seen the update... However, it will turn much colder by the end of the week and into the following week, as the wind tends to turn east or southeasterly in direction. Wintry showers may develop,with the potential for some significant snowfalls focused on southern, central or eastern areas. The location and intensity of any snowfall will be uncertain until much nearer the time. However, some milder unsettled weather still may occur at times, especially in the west. UK Outlook for Friday 2 Mar 2018 to Friday 16 Mar 2018: In first week of March, it is likely to stay cold with widespread overnight frost. There will be a greater chance than usual of easterly winds developing, which would bring very cold weather at times and the potential for some snowfall in eastern and even southern parts. Unusually, it will probably be driest in the northwest. That is very bullish. May/Might/Could wordings from previous updates replaced with WILL as you say Lawrenk. Let's hope they are right.
  12. Question is can the UKMO be wrong at day 4/5? Yes, of course it can. But me personally I would rather a UK model on board with cold than not, over an American/French/Ugandan/*insert any random country you wish model. If we see a UKMO climb down this evening, then we can perhaps start to question whether it has day 4/5 nailed over the rest. My personal feeling is the cold is coming in the next 7-10 days, it’s just how long will it last and how cold will it be are the questions.
  13. Are there any of these charts out there with an increased scale? Annoying it doesn't show below -5, when it looks like quite a few of the ENS hit -6 or even lower! A good sign though when things start going off the scale....
  14. Encouraging insight from IF. Shannon and her large entropy’s are very much evident and will be swinging around for a while yet. Perhaps Shannon will be having an entropy reduction this weekend?