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  1. If that’s classed as a disaster, then I’ll take that all day long. Yes a clear uptick towards the end of next week. But overall it’s still decent and cold enough for what most of us want...
  2. But it’s a lala batpoo mental reversal. Unlikely hence why I said but...too funny not to post though
  3. Well unless the GFS goes off on a tangent, then its all good and heading the same way as this mornings run and now the UKMO.
  4. System dropping further SW on the GFS @ 78hrs. Should be another stonker....
  5. Best set of the winter IMO. Rock solid and no end in sight. Plenty heading under the -6/-7 mean at the end as well. Outstanding.
  6. State of the vortex though, bless it. Pretty sure we would see a Northerly reload pretty soon after and a nice link of heights across the pole. Longevity.
  7. No complaints from me. More of a Northerly component to the continental draw, no bad thing though, creates a more stubborn block, with an undercut and a nice cut off HP around the Griceland locale. Great for longevity. Should be a lovely FI.
  8. The further NW you are in this region, the better hope of seeing any snow tonight/early tomorrow. I think you can probably draw a line from the Wash down to the Avon, anywhere South of that its unlikely. I don't think there will be a great deal on the band to be honest, it looks like it will be decaying as it crosses. Perhaps you may see a dusting in your location though, but I think it will predominantly be the higher elevations of Wales/W.Mids and into Yorks etc that may see more appreciable falls.
  9. If this GFS run is a "downgrade" then I will take it all day long. Its Narnia compared to what we have been subject to thus far this winter.
  10. Yes, pretty amazing differences really. The poor old Greenlanders wont know whether to get the kite out for a gentle fly, or bunker down and ride out a hurricane!
  11. Patience grasshoppers. If we go by the SSW from last Feb, it took approx two weeks for the colder weather to arrive after the winds reversed in the strat. So by that loose logic, I suspect the touted dates of W/C 21st Jan onwards we could start to see some colder conditions set in. Eye candy charts will hopefully be the norm from around this time next week into next weekend... Give it another week or so and I bet things will be looking up
  12. So a sniff of a wintry type of starter mid-late next week, with a few wintry showers particularly in Northern/Eastern districts. But the biggest and overwhelming signal is just how dry it could be for quite some time. Quite remarkable for the time of year. All smells very interesting to me. Classic old school slow burner build up to an incoming cold/very cold period mid/late month. Steady as she goes...