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  1. Been under what I can only describe as some weird reverse Thames Rain streamer for about 4 hours. Never seen anything like it. The band can’t be more than about 10miles wide, but about 150miles long. Dreadful.
  2. Not a good day on Southend seafront. Sea defences breached, some businesses under water and lots of damage to beach huts. That's the unfortunate effects from a surge, high tide and the Thames Barrier closing.
  3. Blowy. Few trees down and beach huts destroyed at Southend beach. Think we have peaked around 60mph. Notable, but a pretty routine winter storm thus far.
  4. Wow. If I'm not mistaken that is like the equivalent of an EF1-EF3 tornado hanging around for several hours!
  5. Afternoon all. This is my first post of the winter, which unfortunately says it all. Anyone got any crumbs of excitement yet?....mid Feb freeze up perhaps? ? What an atrocious winter (again) ?
  6. Just took a quick screen grab of the METO radar. Almost a slight nod towards a hook echo! ?
  7. That it for "Winter" then? https://tenor.com/view/the-dude-give-up-throw-the-damn-towel-you-are-done-gif-5118717
  8. The Thames at Southend did indeed freeze. I was but a nipper, but remember walking out on the Thames at high tide. We had a lot more than 30cm of snow as well. Here’s a video from my area at the time -
  9. 23:15hrs Southend update. Hoorah. After almost 24hrs continuous rain, I am pleased to report it has stopped. Must of been getting on for an inch of the horrible stuff. Quite possibly one of the most depressing 24hr periods I have witnessed in my Netweather history. Good riddance. So, when’s the next “event” ? ?
  10. 22:00hrs update from Southend. Still raining. Getting on for pretty much 22hrs now bar the odd flake. Absolutely sick as a parrot.
  11. 19:52 update from Southend. Guess what? Still raining ️ Anyone got a ??
  12. Yep right over my house. Chucking it down now. Great to see. It was light for last 20 mins. Was worrying for a minute. Guess what though it’s Rain. Shock I know ?
  13. Someone please put a bullet in this god awful winter (for SE Essex anyway) not a single dusting and we are now into Feb. Total trash. Great to see a few lucky ones have some snow cover though around the region. Can I borrow some?....happy to pay for a refrigerated truck to collect ??
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