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  1. If you can’t get snow at home, take drastic action like me and head to Iceland! The stunning Gulfoss waterfall. -11c with a -20 windchill.
  2. Fingers crossed. You seen the conditions in Erie lately?...mental. Now that is Lake Effect snow!
  3. Very good Jenny. Hoping to get a snow fix in Reykjavik later this week, see the Aurora and take a dip in the geothermal pools. Then come back to Narnia in Essex 🤞🏻
  4. What you thinking Paul? Favourable conditions for our friend to ignite?...
  5. Off to Iceland on Thursday, coming back on Sunday....just in time perhaps...
  6. What I call a faux Easterly. Warm air sourced from Africa, slightly cooled as it comes off the continent to our shores. Pet hate of mine these type of "Easterlies" as it gives my region cloudy skies and drizzle for days. Be nice to see a proper Easterly sourced from Eastern Europe/Siberia.
  7. Had a spell of heavy snow for the last hour or so in Southend. No settling but nice to see. Looks like the more NW areas of the region hit the jackpot again.
  8. Great. The day I fly into Reykjavik 😱 Hopefully I will make it in one piece and see a full on blizzard.
  9. Well that’s added a rather urine flavour of gravy to the festive Turkey. Half of Jan at least written off cold & snow wise? Well at least the NW servers can take a break, as can the coldie members.
  10. Frosty has your account been hacked by Ian Brown? What am I missing here? 😂 Regards the models, looks like a spell of milder conditions, with brief cooler shots for the next 10 days or so. Small signs of something on the colder side appearing as we go into 2018. Good time for a model break I think to re-charge and go cold hunting over and beyond the festive period.
  11. Heavy spell of snow after rain just moved through Southend. No settling. Was a surprise!
  12. Entering a rather “boring” spell of weather for the next 10-14 days I think. Let’s hope for some Xmas cheer and a cold spell from a more Easterly quadrant come the new year. Not sure about everyone else, but Northerlies don’t float my boat. We are always the last stop and too much marginality involved. Hoping Santa gives me a roaring ENE’ly, -15 uppers and a 2 day Thames Streamer....😂
  13. Very nice bonus. Great security light as well. Perfect for snow watch 👍🏻❄️
  14. Only managed -2c here in Southend. More than low enough when your boiler is broken though ❄️ 😱
  15. Looks like the back edge is about to push through here in Southend. Can see clear skies to my NW. Will be a cold one tonight, lots of ice. To top it off my boiler has conked out, just in time for the coldest night of the season 😐