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  1. That it for "Winter" then? https://tenor.com/view/the-dude-give-up-throw-the-damn-towel-you-are-done-gif-5118717
  2. The Thames at Southend did indeed freeze. I was but a nipper, but remember walking out on the Thames at high tide. We had a lot more than 30cm of snow as well. Here’s a video from my area at the time -
  3. 23:15hrs Southend update. Hoorah. After almost 24hrs continuous rain, I am pleased to report it has stopped. Must of been getting on for an inch of the horrible stuff. Quite possibly one of the most depressing 24hr periods I have witnessed in my Netweather history. Good riddance. So, when’s the next “event” ?
  4. 22:00hrs update from Southend. Still raining. Getting on for pretty much 22hrs now bar the odd flake. Absolutely sick as a parrot.
  5. 19:52 update from Southend. Guess what? Still raining ️ Anyone got a ?
  6. Yep right over my house. Chucking it down now. Great to see. It was light for last 20 mins. Was worrying for a minute. Guess what though it’s Rain. Shock I know
  7. Someone please put a bullet in this god awful winter (for SE Essex anyway) not a single dusting and we are now into Feb. Total trash. Great to see a few lucky ones have some snow cover though around the region. Can I borrow some?....happy to pay for a refrigerated truck to collect
  8. Unreal. Didn't expect that area to be the "Jackpot" zone, but good luck to them. Still waiting for even a dusting here this winter mate, so at least you have beaten me, albeit not by much! Total disaster of a winter thus far, despite promising background noise. Lets hope the Siberian Express pays a visit in the next few weeks, before the towel gets chucked in.
  9. Amazing scenes over in the West Country. Some areas of Wiltshire/Somerset etc pushing on towards 30cm (1 foot) of snow now.
  10. UK Jackpot zone seems to have been over towards the Chilterns through to the Cotswolds, Wessex Downs & Mendips. Many reports of >7"+ (17-18cm) from that way. Suspect somewhere that way with elevation has topped 20cm. Not a bad return in about 12 hours.
  11. Just rain here in Southend. A spell of flakes falling early hours. Other than that a typical winters event for these parts. Glad some of you had a covering but on the whole for the region it was a bit meh?
  12. Nope. 45mins of light/mod snow but not heavy enough to do anything other than make it damp. Trash.
  13. Total trash mate. Perhaps in the next couple of hours. Don’t think I will wait though as the radar doesn’t fill me with excitement to be honest.
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