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  1. It’s like a drug. Once you have a taste you want more. Even more so if you had a taste years ago and are still looking for that hit.
  2. Reminds me of somewhere like Tallinn out there this evening. Dry compact snow everywhere, clumps that have sublimated in south facing areas and that biting dry wind. Pretty surreal and impressive for this part of the world.
  3. Some high level cloud appears to be creeping in. May stop the temps getting as low as they could.
  4. Yeah around 11:30 I think (Roughly) big old flash to my East/SE. Your vid isn't playing mate? I can imagine how stunning it looks over Belfairs.
  5. Great picture from yesterday out in Shoebury/Gt Wakering (Poynters Lane for you locals) yesterday’s snow melt was splashed up onto the bushes by traffic and created some great ice sculptures in the frigid air.
  6. Lovely finish to the cold spell last night in Southend. Some real heavy showers early hours depositing another couple of inches. Certain I saw the odd flash of lightning as well out in the Estuary. Could of been the overhead lines on C2C though I guess. Proper finale though and proper convection at last. Shame the whole spell couldn’t of been like that, but no complaints from me. On we go to the end of Feb. Can we squeeze one more cold spell in... 🤞🏻
  7. No they’ve shifted slightly more west. All day I’ve watched them slide to my east within touching distance. But now it’s evident they are moving back closer to the Essex coast and into the Estuary.
  8. Definitely a more Westerly shift with the showers now. Just had a shower pass through Southend.
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