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  1. Out in Basildon and throwing it down with snow but not settling
  2. Trying for one last desperate drop of the white stuff eh Paul.
  3. Yep. Have flakes falling here in Southend.
  4. Anyway, March has been great overall here in Southend. Mustn’t complain. 6” and a couple of dustings, icles, big drifts, ice days the lot. We have been spoilt compared to the last 6 years! But snow is like a drug to us coldies, we always want more. But taking a step back and reflecting it has been brilliant here. Roll on next winter and beyond as we approach solar minimum, perhaps more exciting winters to come over the next few years...
  5. Agree. As an aside to that, what pee’d me off was the amber warning for Kent/Essex/London etc was based on what blatantly they thought would be a Thames Streamer. The graphics and text clearly hinted at that. What in fact we got in those regions was a sheet of cloud dropping snizzle/light snow for most, with almost zero convection. If it wasn’t for the morning snow of circa 1-3cm, most in the amber warning zone would of had next to nothing. Anyhow, we got about 2.5cm in Southend overall so within the expected accumulation zone the METO suggested. But as mentioned 90% of that came early Saturday morning, when in fact the amber warning was not active!
  6. Well yesterday was bizarre on the Costa del Southend. About 15hrs continuous snowfall leaving about 2.5cm. Most of that falling during the morning. I can’t remember a time where snow was falling for so long, but doing absolutely nothing for accumulation. I also can’t remember the last time an Amber warning was so badly wrong as well. Poor from the METO and will think twice about paying attention in the future!
  7. Can’t work it out. What I can though is that amber warning is starting to look total ball bags for a lot of us unless something changes in the next few hours...
  8. Well I’ll be honest. I haven’t got a clue what is going on right now. Very complex situation. Still light/mod snow falling here in Southend, all surfaces covered but it’s all a bit meh if I am honest. Anyone got a quid for the snow machine?
  9. Finally ramping up in Southend. Painfully slow but roads now gone.
  10. Keep the faith. Flakes are slowly getting bigger this end of the Estuary.
  11. It’s dying a death mate. No snow for anyone tonight. Game over.
  12. Yep. Getting that feeling this end. Wind roaring. Snow starting to beef up now and then...she’s clearing her throat...
  13. DP’s really taking a tumble now and wind howling and on it’s way to a more ENE tilt at this end of the Estuary. Roads/Pavements drying rapidly. Lovely jubbly