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  1. Well Met office app has now updated to give me a another 4 hours of heavy snow (albiet fine snow) then light snow through till 10am......SNOW DAY??????
  2. Settling here too, thin covering of snow everywhere
  3. Snowing lightly here in Barrybados.....Met office havegiven heavy snow from around about now until 10. Lampost watching it is then
  4. Looks like it is going to be marginal for us down in Barrybados, showing as sleet on Met Office app. BBC weather showed snow just covering us on forecast. Who knows lol
  5. Don't say that.........I want us to have as much snow as everyone else, down here in Barrybados?️❄️
  6. Yeah, it is bitterly cold outside. My wife's work expected her to walk into today, she tried but it took her 30 mins just to walk 300m. She said it is very icy as well as difficult to walk in the depths of snow.
  7. I would say at least a foot of snow here, more in the drifts. Higher end of Barry usually gets better depth than us nearer the sea. Cars were abondoned on the main road to Cardiff Airport last night.
  8. I know, my boss is insistent on us starting a job today.....changing peoples windows
  9. Says snow from 10am here in Barry until this evening too
  10. We had a bit of sleet with some big flakes of snow in about 30 mins ago, looks like there are gonna be more showers heading our way here in Barry and we usually get nowt!!!!!
  11. Yep, big flakes here in Barry, but light snow
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