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  1. 26.4mm since 11pm Thursday. Even though it feels as though it’s been virtually non-stop rain, we’ve got off lightly compared to a lot of areas in this regional thread. Hope everyone is okay.
  2. My weather station recorded today’s high as 30C at bottom of garden overlooking open ground, while I sat glued to computer in east facing home office feeling chilly and putting a cardigan on
  3. Has he gone offline? I’ve lost him at 140’s are hitting the car park. Ah he’s back
  4. Torrential rain timed to perfection to ruin 06:40 dog walk cleared to give a sunny/cloudy day. Increasing wind throughout morning with weather station recording max of 48mph at 16:30, which surprised me as looked and felt stronger. Watched with mix of awe and trepidation at how my trees have thrashed around in full leaf all afternoon and evening. Gusts currently no higher than 44 but now in bed and it sounds wilder, possibly because gusts are more frequent? Lots of small/medium branches strewn across garden, couple of larger ones down. Vegetable garden has taken a battering and will need unp
  5. Thank you Coopsy. Having been a N-W member since 2005 and someone who rarely reveals personal information, I have to admit that since I became very ill with the Covid virus in early April I’ve experienced recurrent periods of exhaustion and struggled with concentration, or even being able to form coherent sentences and certainly struggled to recall things that I’d previously taken for granted. Yet today reading your experience of autumn and asking what triggered this beautiful season for others, it opened up for me the first coherent and crystal clear sense, for a very long time, of what my f
  6. Big thunderstorm here. Still ongoing with definitely no garden watering required today 👍 I notice the torrential rain has created a sense of humour in my normally sensible weather station.
  7. The crispness of the air, scents redolent of blackberries, mushrooms, bonfires. Walking through woods blazing with reds, oranges, yellows, kicking through the fallen rustling leaves. Watching the late afternoon mist forming in lower hollows and creeping up through the fields, until the horses visible only from their chests up become mythical fairytale creatures. Stars bright in the clear skies and finally, indoors to sit before the wood burner with my dog, dreaming into the flames.
  8. Day 4 of 30C plus heat. Monday 10 August, Max 34.6 @ 15:14. Day 5: 11 August, started the day with 91% humidity at 07:30 followed by max temp of 33C @ 15:14, and again at 18:30. Currently 27C, Wind 1mph, humidity 62% Somehow it feels worse than last night but maybe that’s the sleep deprivation altering reality...😏 Lightening reflecting clouds due west an hour ago, guessing a long way away. West in straight line from village not a lot until north Milton Keynes 30-32 miles away. Timing fits with radar activity around MK.
  9. My Davis weather station has logged Friday 35.5 (down on previous Friday’s 36.4C), Saturday 33.5, today 32.0 at 15.14. Currently 21 and 89% humidity, with today’s life saving wind diminished to...0mph. It’s going to be more difficult to sleep than last night that’s for sure. I consider myself lucky living in a village with open space at bottom of my long garden, even in a sadistic architect designed house with all bedrooms facing west. Feeling for those in urban areas tonight. Met Office forecasting 33 for tomo, Tues and Wednesday here. Wonder if I’ll get 6 consecutive days of plus 30C
  10. Hello after a long break courtesy of that virus. Reached 31C here at 15:14
  11. Unfortunately private hospitals aren’t set up to provide critical care; they have to have ventilators, although not many - it’s more the beds that my NHS colleagues are procuring, along with the infrastructure and staff that go with those beds. Expecting that private hospitals will have to cancel elective surgical procedures, although not yet certain of the with effect from date as wasn’t in work today. Should add that the ventilators the private hospitals have will also be required.
  12. Good for Iceland!! I asked one of the Tesco Managers to start an Older Adult only shopping hour after I made the mistake of going into Tesco at Royston this afternoon and saw older adults wandering around in distress. (don’t use the term ‘elderly’ as patients don’t like it - my clinical background is mental health, with specialisms in victims of torture and Older Adults - no direct correlation intent I should add). I gave one frail lady something from my trolley that had been the last remaining item on shelf when I overheard her asking a member of staff if they had any more - and she crie
  13. So sorry to read this beatpete. I feel for you, if this wasn’t a planned choice. My son is a fine dining chef and, having built a good reputation as a young head chef, started his own business 4 months ago. It’s was all going very well but today was the first drop in business and next Sunday (Mothering Sunday and would expect to be totally packed out for two lunchtime sittings) is now getting cancellations. It’s an anxious time for so many of us, for all sorts of reasons.
  14. But there is absolutely no reason or need to get within 1, or more, metres of anyone else when out in the fresh air walking our dogs. Unless someone chooses to get right into the personal space of me, as I walk my dog and put their face within close proximity to my personal space, then I respectfully suggest both I and my dog would have more than something to say about that. It’s far more likely that any of us will become infected in a closed environment e.g. office, crowded underground or commuter carriage - or even as we squabble over the remaining toilet rolls in a busy supermarket - but
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