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  1. I'll believe this when I see it. Expected downgrade.
  2. I wonder if anywhere in the UK had no lying snow whatsoever during this spell?
  3. hopefully that lot crossing the Channel above Brugge looks good for the North of our region. Notts, Derby, S. Yorks etc. if it stays on its current track though.
  4. do the models pick up on convection possibilities at close range? also i noticed that the radar on NW shows absolutely nothing over all UK and North Sea currently, will the radar also be able to pick up convection as it is forming?
  5. nice snow pics. if only it's 30 November 2010 again coming up it'll be a grand do
  6. too much imbyism in mod threadz. Sarf snow fest. are they all southerners in there? good for them if they get plasteted. bad for us getting our supplies though of sardines and humbugs.
  7. dumb dumber type here if t'beast goes sarf as gfs is plotting do we midlundas get less snow than them darn in Lundan?
  8. if this Easterly literally goes south then i'd probably give up all weather watching and probably all hope too. Nothing like 2 weeks of dramatic tempting expectant big cold - snow, once in a lifetime event, to be shown and then mercilessly denied at so close a time... to make one feel so empty and cheated. that's how I'll feel if it doesn't pan out. be prepared for the worst. but quietly hope for the best.
  9. any feasible way that the cold now will not move and let the warm in? i heard it in the past that cold air can be stubbon to move out. and sometimes not forcastable. or is the Ba**+&d Atlantic inevitable?
  10. drizzle and 5°C Here in Chesterfield. story of my winter, always missed out.
  11. well are the BBC Met O not going for, 'colder' as to me tue wed look as this week re temp 5/6c. are they not on the same page as the gfs model?
  12. I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this question. but over the last 5 years which model among the big 3 has the best record in forecasting snow?
  13. Can we get some LAKE EFFECT SNOW!!! Now Please. Whatever it is...
  14. Just look at all the people reporting snowfall below 200m onthe regional boards
  15. So the BBC got it wrong again. Rain at low levels below 200m blah blah blah. No forecasting is not an exact science but oh so wrong. We had rain, dry and more rain forecasted. We have light snow all morning. Yet to settle but a good 2*C colder. With all the super computers. Useless.
  16. But chuff all for us down in town. Bbc 5-day has been dancing all week a'tween rain sleet and full snow. Now of course it's sleet. So near and yet so far.
  17. BBC teasing us with a bit of light snow Sunday night. It's just not going to happen is it.
  18. looking at the radar bulk of the precipitation looks to be moving quite quicky north north west now. if it is going to pivet i would hope it starts soon, else it looks more northern england scotland will get the bulk.
  19. i'm not convinced based just on recent rollercoaster of upgrades and downgrades. i expect nothing but hope for something. when i see snow falling then i will believe it!
  20. At this range surely they can be more certain? They just have no idea, and that baffles me with the technology they have to hand.
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