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  1. Ooh doesn’t road salt lose its effectiveness at -10? That should cause some problems.
  2. Quiet on here, says it all really. A few showers hitting the coast but fizzling out inland.
  3. Plenty of winter left guys. Many big falls in March in years gone by.
  4. I know weather forecasting isn’t an exact science in any way, but the forecasts for this period so far have been way over the top. The Euro 4 for yesterday was supposed to give us this elongated streamer with copious amounts of snow. 5mm we got. Then the amber warning from the met! If it was a private business, surely they’d be fired for being so wrong?
  5. What a great spot you live in. I remember going to How Stean Gorge and camping there in 1981 with the scouts, I was about 14 and loved it there. One day we climbed the three peaks and strolled though quiet villages while the royal wedding was on. It was fantastic being out in the beautiful landscape.
  6. Looks like North Derbyshire should get some soon looking at the streamer off the coast.
  7. It’s fizzling out here. Quite meh so far. They must know something. Let’s hope they’re right this time.
  8. Woke up for a peep. Half expected a couple of inches but just a dusting. No intense streamer yet ? Is it coming soon?
  9. Had a gander on the SE thread. Lots of talk of snow and a few inches but they are shy with their pics.
  10. Anyone from Whitby NYM areas reporting snow? Looks more intense up there.
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