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  1. I am not sure I buy all this racism stuff, I been around football for a long time, it went away, and it now seems to be a fashion accessory for a few loaners who just want to get themselves heard by saying any old crap that gets them attention. Yes it needs stamping out of course, but its difficult to do that when some are just making comments they know will upset or rile someone, does that make sense? And as for the match itself, I saw Luke Shaw start off as a kid at the Southampton academy, he wasn't the hottest there at the time, that was a kid called 'Lloyd Foot', last I heard he was at Farnborough FC - just goes to show. Anyway I though England did brilliantly with such a young team, I don't even count penalties as a loss, they are just lotteries, I much prefer golden goal. I am not critical of any of the players that missed, although I would of gone down the middle. Italy are a very experienced side and needed all they had to fend off England, the difference is that Italy won't get any better, but England will. If I had a choice of taking Italy or England into the next world cup, for me its England without a doubt, we have some great talent including Smith-Rowe to come yet.
  2. Hello EFL its only taken my club 123 years to get here, goodbye BT Sports, Sky Sports here we come. As for the post above re-Grimsby, change of manager didn't work.
  3. You got to love the Simpsons :
  4. Don't you jest, I have you know we won the Cup Winners cup in 1994, and we nearly won the CL just that Barca got one more goal than us.
  5. I can get a team together and give this ESL thing a go, we can only come bottom and go around again, and I don't care about my fans, no one likes me anyway Anyone want to join the wages are £10000000000000000 a week.
  6. As a life long Arsenal fan and someone who has been involved with the game at lower levels, I think the whole idea stints, as far as Arsenal are concerned, they are not even good enough to join a super league, and its sheer arrogance on the part of the owners. To broaden this a little, the whole game of football is slowly being stolen, yes today its the ESL, but in truth involvement from distant overseas people who know nowt about the game are worming their way through the entire system like a cancer. Why on earth are Arab and US Oil tycoons buying slices of clubs as far down the pyramid as the National league, what are they doing and why? It really worries me that a Texan oil millionaire suddenly gets up one morning and wants to buy a stake in Harlepool etc?
  7. For me its not really about the ins and outs of what Meghan or Harry said, its about their right to say it, and its about anyone else's right to respond as the decision was made to put it in the public domain. Debate is good, so are views from all sides, if we all stuck to topics we actually knew something about then we would not be talking about much.
  8. I don't disagree with that at as such, however the situation with Megan is a little different from your average bod in the street, and I hear you say that is why she could not get the help she needed, ok fine. Then I would say, if Harry and Megan walked away from that atmosphere to seek a private life, there is nothing stopping Megan from seeking that help. There is no need to have done that interview unless it was simply revenge? All I am saying is I don't make a decision based on just hearing one side of an argument. Don Henley wrote these lyrics : There's three sides to every story, baby There's yours and there's mine and the cold, hard truth I have no reason to doubt those 2 lines, todays culture feels very much to me that we are only allowed access to one end of the story and we ask for more info or to hear another view we are somehow bad people. So many debates have been shut down on here, because of the reaction of anyone questioning a one way view. Example would be immigration, you can't discuss that subject, you are either for it or a right wing bigot, nothing in-between. The same goes for BLM, you are either a supporter or a Nazi sympathizer, you can't actually ask any questions about George Floyd, he was actually a really nasty person, but that probably makes me a racist and somehow now think the police officer that murdered him should be up for an award, and of course I don't. I don't want to see debate shut down, and believe we should be able to hear all views.
  9. So does the control of the broadcasting to millions, who is making the decisions at the top of the pile. I am afraid I also question Megan's integrity, however I want to hear more from other sources before forming a judgment.
  10. I think Piers is often an idiot, but I do worry about shutting these people down. I have belief in myself to be able to listen to all sides of a debate and make my mind up, what worries me is the shutting down of views so we don't hear them, and thus cannot make up our own minds. We really do need people to ask if we actually left the EU with a deal, when it appears we spent 39 billion and got nowt? We need someone to challenge the likes of Matt Hancock over the pandemic, does he actually have a clue what he is doing? And what about that Megan / Harry interview, just ho stage managed was it? I like to hear all sides on an argument before making up my mind on my position, I don't want to be spoon fed by a media controlled by a few on the backs of social media manipulation. I hear today Twitter wanted to sack Chris Whitty because he said we could face a new wave in the summer, so I guess the next on the agenda is to ban medical and health debate. I do wonder where we are being lead sometimes - Free Speech has never been under so much threat!
  11. Yes but can you remember that smell from a vinyl playing and balancing pennies on the tone arm to keep the needle from skipping :)
  12. We have had snow showers on and off this evening, and its snowing moderately here now, so its clinging on here on the edge of the band.
  13. The lazy way to get you photos from the Downs here in Kent, its too cold outside
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