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  1. HighPressure

    Should I buy a classic car?

    I got to say that the Fabia is a fantastic little car, I did 140 miles today and got 65mpg in traffic as well. Its a far better Mway car than town car that is for sure. My wife thinks we look one step away from the soup kitchen in it, and other drivers do try to take advantage, but in truth I don't actually care. Its funny because I get a lot of respect in my Shogun A classic I shall get, but what, I have no idea yet, TOYOTA SUPRA? I like them..
  2. HighPressure

    Should I buy a classic car?

    A 2 door sports job is not viable or me, although I do like the Triumph Stag (too dear for a good one). I have a Mitsubishi 4x4 Shogun for the winter, it will go forever, but the fuel tank eats petrol like no tomorrow. My daily car is a Skoda Fabia, no ordinary Fabia we are talking top of the range, 105bhp and Sat Nav, but seriously fantastic little car, does 60+ mpg, brilliant on the Mway, but rubbish over road humps, in fact the bottom touches - ouch! So no 4x4, no small 2 door sports car, but when you drive a Skoda, people think your a peasant, so my classic has to be a head turner.
  3. HighPressure

    Should I buy a classic car?

    I am considering buying a classic car with a budget of @£10,000 not a lot these days but should buy something that appreciates. The reason is I am fed up with buying cars that simply lose 10k in value in the space of a year, so I have decided to save that money and buy a classic. In theory it should be worth at least the same next year. The question is, what should I buy? My Son wants me to get a 1970's Silver Shadow, I think too many pitfalls, expensive to maintain. I would not mind a American classic, simple engines, easy to get too etc, but parts might be hard to find ??
  4. HighPressure

    Hurricane Michael

    Leslie appears to just be going around in circles, She has been a hurricane twice so far, NHC themselves don't seem to have a clue where she is going, so I guess the media can do what they like with it.
  5. HighPressure

    Hurricane Michael

    Some of the live footage is incredible, to think that Micheal has formed so quickly, this wind map from HNC shows the extent of Michael's impact out as far as Cornwall in the UK, thats a bloody long way..
  6. HighPressure

    Hurricane Michael

    I see he is now a Cat 3 with further strengthening expected over the next 12 hrs..
  7. HighPressure

    Hurricane Michael

    Just a couple of days ago Michael didn't even exist, I don't know how rare it is for Hurricanes to form so late, and grow so quickly, he was a Cat1 yesterday, a Cat2 on last pass and as others have stated could hit as a Cat4 in less than 24hrs. I am no expert but watching these form this year via NHC says this one is unusual?
  8. HighPressure

    Report Climate change ipcc

    Humans are not responsible for climate change, it is a fact that the planets climate has constantly changed over time immemorial. The Doomsday book shows vinyards as far north as York in the UK indicating that temperatures were warmer a millennia ago. The question is, are humans helping that change? I don't know, I don't think anyone really knows, but for me the question is should be take the risk? My answer is No, we don't need to pollute so why do it. Its interesting the diseal car was seen as the answer to lower Co2 emissions, and petrol seen as the enemy, and now we have completely reversed that? Our own government is worried about making less cars in the wake of BREXIT, it wants us to buy more of them? They want to build a 3rd runaway at Heathrow, these are all counter to today's IPCC message. It comes down to will greed spell the end of humans on Earth? Probably! The Earth will of course be fine as Mother Nature will simply cleanse the place when we have gone..
  9. I wonder if any Scottish football fans can shed any light on the IRN-BRU Cup for me. My side 'Sutton United' have been invited to join the competition, and we have been drawn away to Airdrie. How is this cup perceived in Scotland, I know the SPL teams play their academies, but I know little else about it.. Cheers.
  10. HighPressure

    Premier League Discussion

    I could have posted this is any of the football threads, as its a FA rule change. Ipads, Smart Phones etc now permitted in the dugouts during matches for the purpose of receiving a live match stream. This is something we will introduce at our club on Tuesday, but I can see it being fun: Bosses are also not allowed to confront officials with videos of controversial refereeing calls or incidents they may have missed. Any manager guilty of this could be shown a red card.
  11. HighPressure

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    From what I can see Thames are reporting @80% which isn't bad and comparable with previous years. They certainly have questions to answer on the supply side of things, as the network simply can't carry enough of the product on high demand, which is their problem not ours. Their luck is all due to last winter, had it of been dry they would not have been the groundwater or river flows there to sustain abstraction.
  12. Not sure where to post this, but the title does have moan in it, so must be close enough. Can Netwether please replace that 'Feels Like' temp shown on the 10 day forecast to something closer to the actual predicted temp. For me today says 'Feels Like' 28oC about 8 degrees off reality - it drives me mad
  13. HighPressure

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    I would not be so sure about the water shortage situation, too early for the major water companies to own up. In 1976 it was government owned, which is a whole different ball game to companies protecting billions of profits and share prices. Thames water are struggling to meet daily demand, they have low pressures and no waters across the network, their twitter is full of apologies. That shows the system is inadequate to cope with maximum demand, no matter how much storage they have. They will be crossing their fingers and toes that the rains come before September, otherwise there will be hose pipe bans. I have no sympathy for them at all, I cannot take profit unless I can supply my product, and I don't see why without any real engineering issues why we have to suffer for water companies to fill their pockets. Dubai / Saudi Arabia etc do not run out of water ..
  14. HighPressure

    World Cup 2018

    I feel bad because I tipped Croatia on here when the WC started, experienced, and have 2 or 3 players who can hurt any team.
  15. HighPressure

    World Cup 2018

    It was painful 28 years ago, and its horrible again tonight, but there is one difference. This a young team, under a young manager without any real tournament experience. This is a team which will get better, and better.. WELL DONE ENGLAND BE PROUD!!