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  1. If they can lose to Torquay then they can certainly lose to Northampton.
  2. WOW! All this money flying around the PL, its just crazy stuff, I mean 47mill for John Stones? 89mill for Pogba, that's probably the entire playing budget for ever team in England from League 1 down. A elite top division with a national side that can't beat Iceland, and a West Brom side that can't beat Torquay??
  3. Hi Dave. This is my first chance to get on the forum at all since the season started, the national is a brutal place both on and off the pitch. We have to supply footage to BT Sport, and there is a online match system where we have to upload full matches within 24hrs for referees and accessors. It does mean I can watch any match in full, but then I am too knackered to watch football now. As far as our start goes, we lost 3-1 to a side that had 3 shots and scored all 3m we had about 20 and hit everything but the goal, you cannot do that in the National and get away with it. On Tuesday we played away to favs Forest Green Rovers, and got a well deserved 1-1 draw, so from relegation to playoff candidates in 4 days. I agree Ebbsfleet will not cock-up again, although they looked weaker this season when we played a friendly against them the other week , some of their players have walked away. I am not sure about Margate, the money seemed to go, then come back again, so who knows what is going on there. Chelmo have every chance, but 2 outsiders would be WSM and St Albans, both sides impressed me at the back end of last season. WSM held us to a draw at out place in the middle of our run, which wasn't a bad feat.
  4. The political nature of a government impacts on issues such as climate change and the possible consequences. Imo political discussion is reasonable on a weather forum.

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. Dami


      in due respect you never used it, and we just talked about whatever i don't think we ever spoke about politics or anything to do with any event. 

      and yes, we did talk about the weather more likely than not.

    3. Gael_Force


      I didn't use it, a look once or twice was sufficient.

    4. Dami


      says it all.

  5. I have 2 cars, but the one we collect cyclists on is our Mitsubishi Shogun, I can even go across fields to catch em, don't think being behind me is any safer, with those exhaust fumes they don't last long
  6. I am really sorry to hear you have decided to suspend the serious discussion forum. As a avid user and poster I feel it should be re-instated and those not treating the discussion with respect should be removed. The few many should not suffer for the many. As for forum and its use, yes its primarily for weather related matters, but it has grown to be much more.

    Please reinstate this forum discussion.

    Thank you


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    2. CreweCold


      That's the wrong attitude to have I'm afraid and will be a reason that footfall to this forum starts to decline. As Dami has said, there are people who come on here to feel part of a community and people who like to have their input on topical events as well as the weather discussion. The two go along together very nicely. saying 'there's plenty of other places on the internet things like politics can be discussed' is a slap in the face to a large cross section of your active members list. Also what happens in winter when the usual trolls come out of hibernation in the model thread? You're going to get just as much grief then.

      I would suggest those who find it too tough going being a moderator have a serious think as to whether they want to continue having moderator benefits on the site, because those that find it too tough going could always hand over the reigns to others who I'm sure would give their left arm to have a shot at moderating a site like this.

      Just my 2 pence worth.

    3. shuggee


      Members of the moderating team have generously volunteered their time to moderate a weather forum not a political bear pit.  We all accept grief is part of the job, we all get involved in the snow drama! And often it carries away with itself.  That's fine - we've all signed up to help with that.  But nobody signed up to moderate the snide often ridiculously partisan political discussions. So they're no longer available on this weather forum.

    4. Osbourne One-Nil

      Osbourne One-Nil

      Sorry Crewe (well I'm not actually) but that's absolute nonsense. All we've done is remove a section (and not said how long for) which was starting to attract some very very dubious views. Since closing it, we've not had a single borderline-racist post, blatantly racist post or post where someone feigns absolute outrage because someone has a different opinion to their own. 

      Perhaps we will some members over this. That would be a shame as we are (and this is important) a weather forum. But if we do, I suspect a good proportion will have only ever contributed to the serious discussion area. I also suspect that a lot of people are completely turned off by the sort of nonsense that has been seen in there. 

      Yes we could simply ban people, but we'd have to base a lot of that on our own subjective opinion. I'd much rather come here and talk to someone about the weather without knowing their political views as that's got nothing to do with the whole purpose of this place. 


  7. Just maxed out at 16:28 at 34.4 very briefly before dropping back.
  8. My weather station is reporting 33.7 on the north downs, still on the rise may hit 34. Second hotest day since July 1st 2015 when we hit 35.8 here.
  9. I have just seen England's group for the World Cup has been released: LIDL ALDI LONDIS MORRISONS CO-OP ENGLAND A tough group there for the 3 lions to negotiate
  10. Rashford gets just 4 mins??
  11. As I said after Wales, England simply lack quality where it matters.
  12. Why are we just going through the middle all the time, we need to get down the flanks and get behind them!
  13. Agree lots of passion but a total lack of quality from England where it mattered and a complete non show from Wales who looked very poor and were lucky they were playing England. Its good to see such high paid players for once playing with pride for our nation, but in truth England rather dragged itself over the line. Germany and Spain are in total cruise control.
  14. Apart from a couple of shots straight at the Russian keeper, England did not really trouble him too much and that's why the game was not dead and buried at HT. Sterling running into brick walls all night and no width, also no one infront of the England back 4 so every time the ball dropped in the area in front of the D we looked in trouble. Managers fault all the way for me, and it could have been worse as that was certainly not a direct free kick for England if it was one at all.
  15. I spent all season watching club football as many of us do, England's defending is shocking, Smalling is about the only decent one at the back. Lack of a change with 10 or 5 mins to go, bringing Vardi, Ali was not in the game second half and we carried no threat down the right at all. 5 mins to go, we all know you change the formation go to one up front and bring everyone else back. Roy Hodgson tactically clueless!!