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  1. I think it's pretty much last chance saloon for any serious cold this winter. Days are ticking by March is drawing nearer especially when you are looking at Day 16 etc..
  2. Lurking around here over the winter as I do waiting to hit the jackpot, I find myself very disappointed in yet another winters offering. From what I can see now its going to take a major shift in models to bring anything significant before we start looking for some warmth in March.
  3. Yep, proper snow here on the Downs above Sevenoaks, Christmas card scene just a month and a bit late 😞
  4. Very wet snow Sevenoaks, proper snow up the hill on the top of Downs..
  5. Sevenoaks - Light Snow adding to thin covering already here.
  6. All I want to know is will I get to South London and back to the Downs at Sevenoaks before the snow hits tomorrow? Last year I got stuck on the Surrey hills, and it took me 3 hrs to do 10 miles. If I get back at 6pm will I beat it, otherwise I won't go ?? Oh and -4.6 here currently.
  7. Been snowing moderate to heavy in Sevenoaks on the Downs for about an hour now. Thin covering and still falling..
  8. HighPressure

    In Memoriam

    She goes back well before that Starring in Hancock's half hour and of course a number of Carry On films.. RIP true comedy legend, and brilliantly non PC...
  9. Merry Christmas to you all. My CCTV says there is a blizzard outside, funny how infra red shows fog/mist it really does look like snow 🙂
  10. HighPressure


    I wrote to my local MP Micheal Fallon in September 2017 (the then defence minister) after an incident here, a Police helicopter chasing or following a drone towards the not very secret, secret defence and science laboratories at Fort Halstead. I said the government needed to introduce legislation before something serious happens, he did not even acknowledge my email. As I don't live far from the defence site, I would love to have the bottle to fly my drone over it to see what happens? Often men in white coats come out to wander the perimeter fencing, very strange people?
  11. This is what I posted 9th Dec, and I can't read charts : I am going to make a prediction, not based on charts but purely on what seems to be a pattern. The cold will be showing on the charts just before Christmas for around New Year, 1st week in January. Maybe I a imaging it but it seems to me that Christmas is just a week or so too early nowadays.
  12. HighPressure

    Save our Christmas Songs

    I think its a very sad state of affairs if the only thing some people have to do is pick through old songs to try and attribute meanings which for the rest of us just aren't there. You scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot, is simply a throw away line, meant only to set a scene, it deserves no more scrutiny than that. Yes most Christmas songs are terrible and cheesy, but in truth they are meant to be heard after a few drinks anyway, its suppose to be nothing more than a bit of fun. Having said that my favorite 'Christmas song' is Greg Lakes ' I believe in Father Christmas' a very poignant song, with meaning.
  13. HighPressure

    Save our Christmas Songs

    I am totally gobsmacked that the snowflake generation are laying into our Christmas songs. I believe 'Baby its cold outside' has been a target along with Fairy Tail of New York, 'Do They Know its Christmas' and wait for it 'Jingle Bells' is now racist. What on earth is going on???