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  1. Yes the question is bit deeper then some of the things David Ike has said, it about the overall idea that we (the people) are controlled, rather like puppets? I think the answer must be yes, the question is then are we controlled by a deliberate force or is it simply the result of human nature? You have got to look at works by Karl Marx, H.G Wells, George Orwell, they are pretty much looking at this question. Its interesting you should mention the 'Lizard Aliens, well of course H.G Wells uses Martians to make his point about humanity in WOTW, On first read it may seem to simply be a sci-fi novel, but like his other works such as 'Shape of things to come' 'The Time Machine' 'Man who could make miracles' are all about humanity and the control of it. George Orwell goes further in 1984 but showing us just how it done, not saying this Pandemic is not real, but you could if you wanted you could replace the war between Oceania, Eastasia, and Eurasia with another invisible enemy? Not sure I agree nothing to debate, although the Eloi would of course.
  2. Who is promoting such things? This thread is based on the title, no one is promoting lies, I find it concerning that debate is so easily shut down these days, maybe this thread will be locked soon? The idea of mass control, is not open to argument it has been proven time and again throughout history, and is going on now as we speak, Belarus for example. This is a serious topic!
  3. We are wandering into the even more shady world of economics and the continued battle for domination. It used to be a military affair USA vs the Soviet block, but has now moved more to USA vs China on the economic front. Dollar strength and its place in the world are key to USA global dominance, they will eventually lose the fight against China but are not going to lay down that easily. The USD is as weak has it has been for decades, China holds most of the cards but still needs a little time to cope with its domestic growth before it can really open up as the worlds dominant super power. Love him or hate him Trump is certainly on China's case.
  4. I don't seek to suggest that lizards rule the world or that Ike would pass a sanity test. What I suggest is that people are simply manipulated into believing what a minority in positions of power, and that includes social media moguls today as well as traditional news media want them too. I am the type of person who believes nothing unless I see, smell or touch it, I like to hear all sides of an argument from the ridiculous to the official responses. The 1st thing that alerts me is when someone else tells me I am not allowed to hear or see someone else's view. Its amazing how many times history shows us examples of this, all the time the people of the time were denied the right to hear or see or they were so faithful to the cause they did not wish to see or hear. Its not a conspiracy theory to suggest our whole lives are pretty much governed by propaganda from one source or another. I think the mass control of minds is a very clever art, people don't see it when they are being controlled and believe anyone who should suggest such must either be mad or a traitor. Control of others can be subtle or brutal and can be turned up and down like a volume knob. Some good examples are : - Saddam Hussein Baath party 1979 Purge - Anne Frank was found and arrested by Dutch Police, not German officers. People all over the world were reporting neighbours to the police for going out more than once a day during lock down, so examples of control go on and on, yet no one believes its happening now.
  5. Its interesting that social media, and the BBC are mentioned above, and of course how they can influence opinion, and they can and do. We have seen recently the BLM movement, and removal of statures etc (I make no comment on that), but do point out that the BBC building in London is decorated in sculptures including one of a naked boy (might be above the entrance), made by a guy called 'Eric Gill. a man who molested two of his daughters and family dog and also had an incestuous relationship with his younger sister Gladys I have not seen much social media coverage about that? The news is what we are told it is. Ike maybe a complete nutter, but then who is to say nutters have to be wrong, the media perhaps?
  6. That's the 10 million they needed to pay the judge, I mean honestly 'not guilty' ?
  7. Yep, if they don't live in the lockdown area they are not involved, but I cannot believe that there are no staff or players that live in Leicester. I just think they are making the rules up as they go along?
  8. I can't work out why Everton v Leicester is still going ahead tomorrow? Surely a City in lock down means exactly that?
  9. Hi Dave Very well thanks, I even ventured into Essex the other day 'and survived' ? Seriously I don't think we are all going to be micro chipped when we get vaccinated, that is just too obvious, but pretty much everyone will have some form of app on their phone. The power that just a few people hold is mind boggling, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, they have more power and more reach than any world leader has every had. One big worrying trend that has emerged, is the disappearance or removal of things both digital and physical, whether its a social media post or a statue, we are seeing things just vanish without explanation or warning, gone are the days when reasons were given. I worry about our history or the manipulation of it to suit a minority of people, and also about what the agenda is moving forward. This whole thing goes a lot deeper, even David Icke's videos and posts are simply removed without explanation. I don't agree with many people be they right, left, center or reptile, but I believe they have a right to speak and I have a right to hear them. i think we are starting to see a narrative of something I don't like?
  10. Its a shame about those early comments, he does not say that anymore. I mean more of a concept of thought. Just one fact : 2008 Banking crash, UK Gov poured £350 billion of QE money into the economy, a study shows (not from Icke) that just £23 billion made it to the consumer, the rest ended up in the hands of the large institutions. I guess I am becoming more fascinated with the control of people, you know 1984 (20g of chocolate ration), Animal farm etc, is it simply a natural progression or is it being pushed from above?
  11. Just wondered what peoples thoughts are? I used to think he spoke complete rubbish, but now I am not so sure: 6 months ago I was running my business, earning a living, mixing with my friends black and white, going along OK. Now I owe the government a fortune for the Pandemic, I am a white supremacist, and am suppose to be grateful I can now see my mother. Has he got a point?
  12. Totally pointless without fans and not played in Liverpool, RIP football !!!
  13. Its not football, Liverpool to lift the premier league trophy in a empty stadium, this isn't for the masses its simply to suit the money men most of whom now watch from somewhere in Arabia. Meanwhile the rest of football 'real football' is left in ditch by the side of the road to die. Football 'the peoples game' now without people !
  14. Everything seems to be about the PL (not this thread) nothing about the other hundreds of bread and butter football clubs, I really don't care what the PL do, but if they play out the season. i want a percentage of the revenue to go to the lower leagues. So far the PL has not given a penny to EFL or below, its about time that changed, real football has little relationship with what happens in the PL.
  15. You must be the only club that has to build their ground each week ? Its not going ahead, although we could have easily just finished the season when we did restart then have a break and run into the new one. We could have dumped the county cups and FA Trophy and probably have just about managed it by next summer. Sutton United were on London tonight moaning about the situation, which roughly translates to we are skint ?
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