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  1. I think it is similar to BREXIT in that those wanting to keep the status are not providing the answers to a public that wants change. Whether you like Trump or not, whether you think he is talking rubbish, the fact is he is saying what a lot of americans want to hear.
  2. Firstly I am glad the EU referendum thread has finally passed it sell by date, and I hope that people join this thread in a conciliatory nature to see how things unfold. Mike you are absolutely about highs in stock markets, they are not necessarily confirmation that everything in the garden is rosy. BREXIT itself is not a huge player in the global playground, although it has provided a side show. The big issue in the market place is global growth (its too slow), which mean interest rates remain globally low and that means money looks for safe havens. A lot of money has been going into blue chip companies, utilities and gold. The Yen and Dollar are both far too strong which will cause problems with their exports. With the UK and EU investors are simply holding on to their money while they see how things pan out not just with the UK and BREXIT but also with the wider EU and its problems with low growth, Turkey and problems in Italy. The US appears to be fairing better in the 2nd half of the year with, good job data, consumer spending up, but the FED is unlikely to raise interest rates there this year because it will simply push the dollar up further. Meanwhile UK growth projection for 2017 was initially cut from 1.9% to 0.9% has now been adjusted to 1.3% so it is pretty inevitable that there will be a slow down in the UK economy, the question is how much, how deep and for how long???
  3. Unfortunately its true, Merkal has a lot to answer for, the EU is clueless on how to share freedom with the security interests of their people. The UK has to look to protect its people away from such naive policy, however well intentioned it maybe. I know many won't agree but we need to adopt a much harder line.
  4. I agree that Globalization is unstoppable in the long run, but I do believe it needs to be slowed, it needs to realize we are not a colony of ants, we are human beings. Whether you feel people are wrong on the economic side, you cannot deny that the EU has completely underestimated the strength of feeling that people have across the member states. I want a new Europe, not this one, I want one which answers to its people, one that is properly elected, and one that works on a consensus and not by bullying.
  5. Something I have been saying mainly to the remainers on here since the vote is, nothing has actually happened, nothing is any different then it was the day before the referendum. Leave cannot claim victory, only that the wheels have not immediately fallen off as some stanch remainers were telling everyone would happen. What we have seen so far is 'city' reaction, and for anyone who watches that, they will know there is only day or night (doom or boom), they always over react in one direction or the other, so a correction now on what was first thought is to be expected. I think the debate has got rather shallow on here descending to a lot of personal insults, and a number of soap box rants. However the whole argument of membership to a club such as the EU is much wider. We are seeing moves all over the planet against the pace of globalization, and it may well be true that the feeling is more sociologically based than it is economically. The views put that many voters did not understand what they were voting on in our referendum, maybe partially true. However the social aspects on which many determine their vote is in no way less valid. Studies show that Globalization increases growth, and brings up the level of the very poorest in societies. It also shows that the wealthiest 2 or 3% do the best and that inequality within individual societies gets bigger. This is a huge and complex subject which tends to suggest that the middle class fare worst. My view is that Globalization including the part played by the EU, is a social sledgehammer that pays no heed to the social aspects and identities of those involved. If the UK does show there is life outside of the EU then others will follow. I am not comfortable with the '1984' type path that seems to have been set for us (not by us)
  6. I did start one, but everyone ignored it and decided to carry on this futile debate. The remain camp still trying to square the circle, I note its 50/50 now
  7. Just maxed out at 16:28 at 34.4 very briefly before dropping back.
  8. My weather station is reporting 33.7 on the north downs, still on the rise may hit 34. Second hotest day since July 1st 2015 when we hit 35.8 here.
  9. I wanted to answer this you raise a number of things: Trade deals, Yes there are a number of countries already in the queue to make these deals. One point to BREXIT that is overlooked is that trade deals are far less complex when dealing with just one country then they are when trying to negotiate a pack. When it comes to prior plans, that has to come down to government and our previous Prime Minister, it was his job to plan for either outcome of the referendum, not just the one he wanted. He lied on TV just a few days before, stating when asked, that he had a plan which 'he' would implement should the UK go for BREXIT. Most of these kids/youngsters have already forgotten about BREXIT, they have gone back to texting their mates and downloading 'Pokemon Go' It was good to hear a customer of mine today in Canada, say that they are happy we are leaving the EU, they feel we have drifted away from the Commonwealth, which I thought was quite interesting. Remainers talk about feeling European and the loss of that, but there is huge Commonwealth out there that feel we have turned our back on them? Another thing I have seen over the past week or so is the Union Jack appearing over buildings again. Rather than pulling us apart, it feels like there is a general sense of national pride, I have not seen for many years. And no, I don't mean the EDL type thing, I mean a genuine feeling of being British. You talk of our grandchildren, but lets be honest and say, what future have they got to look forward too the way things stand? No hope of ever owning a home, a minimum wage, a 3 week wait to see a doctor, and communities destroyed. I am involved with some disabled people and my own son has Autism, they have no hope what so ever the way things stand. Only 15% of kids with Autism ever go on to meaningful employment, and those that don't pack spoons for 50p P/H (no EU directive to help them), and even those centers are shutting down due to funding. You talk about reforms to the EU, well maybe they might have to reform or it will fall apart, its just a shame that they told us to bugger off with any thought of reforms. You and I could not be further apart on our views, I am proud my Nation was brave enough to take the decision to BREXIT.
  10. Access to the EU single market is a good thing, I have never argued that it wasn't. The last comment "The best of both worlds" is where we disagree. I think that when you look at EU membership as a whole, Sovereignty, Immigration, and trade the UK can achieve a better balance of all those things outside the EU. Unlike some on both sides of the divide, I try to stay in reality, there will be challenging times ahead for the UK having taken the most difficult path, but the final result is not known by either remain or leave. Nothing has actually happened, we have not signed article 50 yet, and no big industries have walked away. What we have done by voting out is to simply cause uncertainty, its how that is dealt with which determines how the UK will fair. As I have said before there are huge magnetic forces in play which mean the doom and gloom merchants of remain cannot be right with the Armageddon scenarios, equally those same forces mean the UK cannot go it totally alone as some brexitiers would like. There will be a trade deal on the single market, as both sides simply have no option but to make it happen. There will therefore an agreement on the free movement of people. There will be trade deals for the UK outside the EU, and there will be continued very close cooperation in many areas with the EU such as security. What we actually end up with is very much in the balance, but it won't be huge +/- but I feel that the EU faces a number of big challenges itself which are not going away and which if the UK remained would hinder our growth and prosperity. All these large corporations and manufacturers are going nowhere for the time being, what happens there depends on the carrots we dangle, and don't go thinking we don't have carrots because we do. One being one of the most skilled workforce in the world. EU growth has struggled since 2008 and is going nowhere fast.
  11. One thing that does concern me about your stance and that of a few other remainers on here, is that you seem to axtually want BREXIT to fail?
  12. Its not quite as straight forward as that, the increase in car manufacture in the UK is primarily down to the huge growth in the Asian market place, with exports to there up 7 or 9 times what it was just a few years ago. The EU whilst it still takes the majority of UK cars is a stagnating arena, and with EU wide growth set to remain low for the foreseeable, China is where the action is likely to be. I note Nissan is often mentioned, but Toyota have been here for a while too, and they have been struggling and even contemplated pulling out of the UK long before any BREXIT talks. Nissan say: "Nissan Europe chairman Paul Willcox has also claimed his company’s investment in a North-East manufacturing plant would continue irrespective of Britain’s decision to leave or remain in the EU." Toyota Say "Akio Toyoda, chief executive of the Japanese multinational, has promised to keep the company’s large assembly plant in Burnaston, Derbyshire running for at least the next 75 years." Aircraft manufacturers There are similar stories coming from Boeing who are setting up their European HQ in the UK, and Airbus are going no where for a very long time even if they wanted too. The facts are that the UK is one of the best engineering bases in the world with some of the very best skilled workers anywhere.
  13. Spot on, the UK intelligence organizations are still the best in the world, we play a major Security role in Europe, we also put a lot of money into it. And this is one area where the EU needs to come to us, and is one bargaining chip with have in our negotiations for things such as single market access. This is one area where I expect our relationship with the EU to stay pretty much as it is.
  14. This wouldn't be the same Turkey that the EU is pilling loads of money into? Or the same Turkey that has been a candidate for EU membership since 1999. Accession negotiations started in 2005. The membership the EU want to fast track? There must be 2 Turkey's surely ???
  15. No such thing as a free vote in government, and surely a MP is their to reprsent those who elected him/her not to tout their own opinion?