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  1. Well I am on the Downs above Sevenoaks not to far from Biggin, if its any solace for you, its dry as a bone here, and I have not bothered to locate my shovel
  2. Trouble is there are a lot of us thickies watching this thread trying our best to understand the terms used, and what they mean. I know you don't have too but sometimes an explanation for us idiots would really help
  3. We home educate as well, and live on the Downs above Sevenoaks, we don't even have pavements to get to schools. We may see some snow tomorrow I hear? The kids round here use the downs to sledge down if we get a mm of snow
  4. Did you get Snow today? Sevenoaks a bit hit and miss a covering on the top of the downs, although driving towards Maidstone down the M20 a few hours ago there is an area of quite a decent covering of about an couple of inches (max), where it has remained snow all day??
  5. Short lived above zero now and rain
  6. Snowing in Sevenoaks on the downs, light to moderate..
  7. Hi Dave Just gotta love the inserted football chat in here, although after getting spanked 4-1 by Orient toady I am not talking about the subject As for the snow, here is Sevenoaks we are probably too far south to see anything, although I am near the top of the Downs, so maybe if I get chair and stand on it, I might get some sleet if I am lucky?
  8. Thanks, and for you lot
  9. I will checkout Wunderground, but think I will need some form of IP logger? I guess that will plug straight into my router??
  10. I have a Davis Vantage Vue with data logger and Weather Link software, its not so much that I cannot get on,line with it, its live now on Weatherlink, but I think you have to sign in to see all the data? I wanted to make it live and free to view, and another problem I have is its only live when connected to the PC which is not always on. Any help on going live with my data 24/7 without login needed would be appreciated, as I am clueless
  11. Non-League Football- December 2015 onwards

    Barrow lost again today, terrible team play the worst football I have ever seen, just lump ball for 90 mins every game week in week out..
  12. England Football Team

    If Loftus-Cheek is international standard, i reckon i could get in the PSG side, her can't get in the Chelsea 1st team, but he didn't look to bad against lower league opposition when I saw him.
  13. Non-League Football- December 2015 onwards

    Hi Dave One thing your lads need to know going to Gateshead is that they will be physical, the national is not a pretty league, its mainly about strength, all the pretty stuff is played in your league, so expect horrible towering talent-less lumberjacks and you will have a decent chance.
  14. Non-League Football- December 2015 onwards

    Hi Dave That is a horrible draw in reward for reaching the 1st round, yes we played them at home a few weeks ago, 1-1 draw, I quote their manager in his post match interview "We got away with one there and happy to take a point" If you can get them back to Chelmo, i see no reason why you cannot beat them, but as i say that journey to another athletics track will be a long haul. As you say we are away to Cambridge United, not sure i am over last years FA cup yet, but we have a chance, but I will not be too disappointed if we don't get through.