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  1. Non-League Football- December 2015 onwards

    Hi Dave It seems you have secured a playoff place, so we could yet see you in the National, as for us just 1pt from 5 matches before today, what a time to choose to go on a bad run, but followed up today with a 1-0 win at Ebbsfleet to secure our 1st ever National playoff place..
  2. Everything is white, not a lot of depth, probably an inch maybe 2 on the flat but its drifting, we seem in a perpetual semi blizzard situation..
  3. The snow doesn't seem to want to stop here in Sevenoaks, its been constant for the last few hours, and that blob over the estuary looks ominous??
  4. I do indeed, I drove back from Surrey this afternoon, and it went from predominantly green to white between Jnc 7 and Jnc 5 of the M25. I guess this stuff must be heading your way?
  5. We have semi blizzard conditions here on the North Downs, and even drifting snow.
  6. Sevenoaks North Downs, we are showing current temp of 6.4c, it was 13.1c on Sheerness beach this afternoon, a coat not really needed in the almost warn sunshine.
  7. My weather station is predicting rain, I think you are being optimisic?
  8. Still a tad below zero here but slowly ice is starting to slide on my security cameras, so the show is over, bring on spring and some bloody warmth
  9. That is enough snow, now when is the 1st warm spring day
  10. Stopped snowing here in Sevenoaks, but what I want to know is where did all that snow go that fell for 2 hours or so? There is none on my car, and no more on my patio, has one of you got my snow piled up against your house
  11. I am on Jnc 5 of the M25 just north of Sevenoaks, we have had moderate snow for the past hour, so I suspect Biggin is getting it too..
  12. Yes it' found some legs again in Chevening..
  13. Your only around the corner from me, I could throw snowball at you 😎
  14. Very pretty Christmas card snow now falling in Sevenoaks, large flakes ...