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  1. I wonder if any Scottish football fans can shed any light on the IRN-BRU Cup for me. My side 'Sutton United' have been invited to join the competition, and we have been drawn away to Airdrie. How is this cup perceived in Scotland, I know the SPL teams play their academies, but I know little else about it.. Cheers.
  2. HighPressure

    Premier League Discussion

    I could have posted this is any of the football threads, as its a FA rule change. Ipads, Smart Phones etc now permitted in the dugouts during matches for the purpose of receiving a live match stream. This is something we will introduce at our club on Tuesday, but I can see it being fun: Bosses are also not allowed to confront officials with videos of controversial refereeing calls or incidents they may have missed. Any manager guilty of this could be shown a red card.
  3. HighPressure

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    From what I can see Thames are reporting @80% which isn't bad and comparable with previous years. They certainly have questions to answer on the supply side of things, as the network simply can't carry enough of the product on high demand, which is their problem not ours. Their luck is all due to last winter, had it of been dry they would not have been the groundwater or river flows there to sustain abstraction.
  4. Not sure where to post this, but the title does have moan in it, so must be close enough. Can Netwether please replace that 'Feels Like' temp shown on the 10 day forecast to something closer to the actual predicted temp. For me today says 'Feels Like' 28oC about 8 degrees off reality - it drives me mad
  5. HighPressure

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    I would not be so sure about the water shortage situation, too early for the major water companies to own up. In 1976 it was government owned, which is a whole different ball game to companies protecting billions of profits and share prices. Thames water are struggling to meet daily demand, they have low pressures and no waters across the network, their twitter is full of apologies. That shows the system is inadequate to cope with maximum demand, no matter how much storage they have. They will be crossing their fingers and toes that the rains come before September, otherwise there will be hose pipe bans. I have no sympathy for them at all, I cannot take profit unless I can supply my product, and I don't see why without any real engineering issues why we have to suffer for water companies to fill their pockets. Dubai / Saudi Arabia etc do not run out of water ..
  6. HighPressure

    World Cup 2018

    I feel bad because I tipped Croatia on here when the WC started, experienced, and have 2 or 3 players who can hurt any team.
  7. HighPressure

    World Cup 2018

    It was painful 28 years ago, and its horrible again tonight, but there is one difference. This a young team, under a young manager without any real tournament experience. This is a team which will get better, and better.. WELL DONE ENGLAND BE PROUD!!
  8. HighPressure

    A puzzle - Can you work it out?

    This was sent to me today from the RAF 100th Anniversary flypast, it took me a while to work it out, can you?
  9. HighPressure

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    Rain now will do little if anything to replenish stocks, unless its a sustained wet period. Groundwater levels only recover during the winter and early Spring months, this is because almost all the rain that falls is lost to either evaporation or due to the hard ground will appear in rivers as runoff. The type of rain you get (I know I sound like British Rail) is also an important factor, sudden downpours, although they will stop immediate demand dead in its tracks in that area, can actually be counter productive. The ground has picked up so much particulate matter, that any runoff into rivers causes the (DO) oxygen levels to plummet, the fish die, the water is almost untreatable, and can cause any abstraction taking place to be stopped. There is even a special boat known as a bubbler that works the Thames when needed which simply introduces oxygen bubbles into the water to oxygenate the river.
  10. HighPressure

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    I can't talk for other areas. and I have been out of the industry for 10 years. As for London, a lot of investment went into modernisation after privatisation, it simply had too, and it was quite lucrative for the companies. Things such as K factors, and leakage targets played a big role in the amount of investment that went in. To give you one example Hampton WTW was still steam powered until 1982 and it took 200 people to run the plant, within 10 yrs or privatisation, it could be run with just 6 people. A huge project on the London Water Ring Main (which I was part of) was undertaken, and treatment works were uprated, however there was very little increase in stored water, which was a political hot potato due to leakage. The argument being you don't need more storage is you are losing 20% of what you already produce. There was no real increase in total capacity maybe even a decrease in capacity, although water transfer between internal areas was improved.
  11. HighPressure

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    I am not sure we ever used the term drought at Thames with any real meaning. Its pretty much irrelevant, other than it will give companies more leeway to issue restrictions. There are many issues at play which cause problems with supply, yes peak times are more challenging because the longer it stays dry the more water people put on their gardens, this is why you get lower pressures in the evening. A pipe can only take so much water at (x) pressure, water may still not reach the end of the main even if the maximum amount is going in at source. As said previously as a storage reservoir drops so does its head pressure and thus flow to a treatment works, once you have a valve 100% open you are totally at the mercy of the level feeding you. Another factor which can cause serious problems is algae in the reservoirs, this causes primary filters to clog quicker requiring more frequent back washing. The number of filters online at anytime will have a direct effect on output. Water is drawn off open storage reservoirs at a point below the surface depending on quality, the lower a level goes, and stronger the sun the harder it is to find the quality you need. Shallow reservoirs are a waste of time at this time. All of this is set against daily demand which can be 20% above the average, the shorter nights (the recovery period) mean you have to pump as much as you can to restore levels for the early morning start. This puts the system at risk of burst mains, and that will usually occur just before dawn. It is one huge balancing act, that just like the titanic will sink if there is a prolonged period of dry weather. Metropolitan areas will be looking at the clock awaiting the end of school term, as usually means a 10% drop in overall demand as people go on holiday. Groundwater areas often require support from river source supplies to suppliment them as even with a fully working borehole it cannot yield anymore than its maximum, this puts even more strain on the system.
  12. HighPressure

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    It was good to start with, a huge amount of good work was done between 89-95, then the greed set in, cuts were made where they should not have been. Profit was gained at the expence of the truth, and risk assessments were fudged. One of the reasons I left the industry, I simply had too many run ins especially regarding leakage which was the big topic of the time..
  13. HighPressure

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    You can bet the water companies will be panicking, Profit versus Risk probability is the key calculation. From a technical perspective there is no need for any water shortage in the UK. It has to be remembered that the water companies combined take billions in profits each year, that is calculated against % risk. If there were to be severe water shortages, there a few MD's who will be looking for employment elsewhere.
  14. HighPressure

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    Peak Demand time, a summer evening outside the City..
  15. HighPressure

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    Its amazing what you can do online these days: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/apply-for-a-drought-order-or-emergency-drought-order This is what water companies do when they want to impose restrictions. This for Thames water will also allow them to abstract more water allowing rivers flows to decrease to their minimum which for Thames is measured at Teddington weir.