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  1. Probably, it was heard and seen in London, flash and bang simultaneous, but not one since?
  2. Absolute huge bang over the downs here in Kent, it actually shook the windows.
  3. As a fan of football itself - Chelsea have to be just one of the most boring sides to watch. If i were a Chelsea supporter I am not sure I could have stayed awake to see the trophy presentation
  4. Will we see York City next season? I am hearing of serious money problems at York, to go along with problems at Southport too?
  5. Well done on your playoff place, i can sit back and enjoy the thrills and spins of that ridiculous and cruel end of the season for some. I will laught if Ebbsfleet blow it again We finished 12th just in the top half of the table, best of all newly promoted clubs in the national this season. Of course we have that memorable FA Cup run to look back on too GOOD LUCK..
  6. well done on your win against Poole, the word on in NL circles is that 'Jade' don't actually have any money ???
  7. Good luck tomorrow, I suspect you will pick up all 3pts today, it's really interesting watching the ebbsfleet v Maidenhead battle from a distance, and they are still yet to play each other in what looks to be a winner takes it all match. I think you are strong contenders for a National place, but I think you are going to have to beat fleet or Maidenhead on their own patch to get promoted. Surely ebbsfleet can't blow it again ? As for us, we could do with 3pts to make sure of safty, we play bottom placed Southport today, so here is hoping we get the job done.
  8. Many of us have discovered what a bad world we live in, and how nice people are used to exploit. It's not funny anymore, the world can take its media spot light and shove it up its rectum. We live and learn, and we have certainly done that. Fame is not all its cracked up to be, not happy at all !
  9. We have played Lincoln already this season we beat them 3-1
  10. I do, although I suspect if that happens and I will be there, the wheels may well come off both clubs simultaneously.
  11. Well that was good 0-5 loss for us and 1-4 for you. We just couldn't put out a strong enough side, players on suspension, a couple 1 away from a 3 match ban and some injuries, and it showed. Our league status and that FA Cup match are the priorities. I will await your match report to see what happened to you? The National is a tough league, no real weak sides as such even those at the bottom. Looking at North Ferriby, Maidstone who came up as 2nd place teams, and then us and Solihull division winners, I would say you have to win the title to be strong enough without bringing a lot of new players. Tell you wife not to worry about Eastenders, the Sutton fans do plan to hum it at 8pm Cheers
  12. BBC1 Monday 20th instead of Eastenders
  13. Hi Dave We are not playing them now until April, we have the replay against Boring Wood Tuesday, then away matches before our next home match which says: Sutton United v Arsenal Expected worldwide audience 200 million I have to keep looking at it to make sure its true
  14. Well done on your draw at Tranmere, a taste of the National league something you be part of next season, you are sitting in a handy position, Dartford are flying though. As for us 00 v Boring Wood today, not sure if we know whether to stick of twist at the moment, still a very surreal feeling around our club.
  15. Hi Dave I think the last few days have been a total blur tbh. Arsenal OMG! It just shouldn't happen. 60000 Arsenal fans wanting 750 tickets. Match will not be switched, police and local council give go ahead. We are not about money, we are not like that. Say hello to Danny Cowley from me....