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  1. Whats all that playing out from the 6 yard box all about, I thought Arsenal were bad but Spurs yesterday took it to a whole new level. Not sure about you lot, but I now see a goal kick as a attacking position to the otherside ?
  2. I would say they don't have any money to take legal action against the EFL and if they do it belongs to the creditors. The FA and League are notoriously hard to argue with and win because they set the rules, and all clubs sign up to them when taking their place in a division / league. Wasting their time and money!
  3. Its interesting to hear the likes of Phil Neville on the subject of Bury's demise and how terrible it is etc. For Championship clubs the allure of the premiership is huge, I think promotion is worth over £100 million, but its a problem that comes right up from the roots of the game. I use Phil Neville as an example as his brother Gary has piled shed loads of money into Salford City, turning them from a Northern Premier league side into a League 2 side in the matter of a few seasons. When they were in the National last season their budget was pretty much opened ended, signing one player Adam Rooney @£500k from Aberdeen and paying him £4000 pw wages. That is roughly 8-10 times that of the average value and wage of a National League player. Believe it not this type of behaviour goes down to the Kent League, it simply raises the bar to silly levels, and although sides like mine will not try to follow it does mean all players get more expensive. We see a lot of ex league clubs in the National, most of them end up there because they tried and failed to chase others, some do rebuild such as Tranmere but others like York City drop straight through. The FA need to look at strict financing and fair play rules to stop people like Neville and many more even less scrupulous characters from entering and effectively ruining the game for their own ends and inflated egos.
  4. It is a sad day when 2 long standing clubs such as Bury and Bolton face extinction. I don't normally write in this thread as I spend my time in the non league world, although my side did fail in the National League playoffs season before last. Anyway, poor running of clubs below EFL has been rife for many years, and its not surprising it is spilling over into league football. The problem is that people not fit to run clubs are allowed to take the helms, and they are normally already finding it difficult. The FA joined me to the England supporters email list when I wrote to them about this subject 2 years ago, so that shows how seriously they take the matter. I can show a list of convicted criminals and fraudsters who are involved in the game at levels up to league 1 who should not be allowed anywhere near a club board room. We have teams in NL who have had their grounds sold from under them by owners. I do feel sorry for the true fans of these clubs, but will say you will all be better off with your phoenix clubs, don't let it happen again.
  5. The world has masses of space for all those who inhabit the planet, the question is distributions, wealth and resources. I think this thread shows clearly we don't have that right.
  6. Just to come back on this, as others have pointed out my point is not to knock the idea of any individual choosing to be a vegan or vegetarian. My comments were aimed at the thread title "to save the planet" No one turning Vegan or Vegetarian is going to save the planet, just like I can't by not using plastic bags. The power lays with those in governments around the world, and they are most often the people making a carbon footprint the size of a small country. Apologies if you mistook my little dig at those who tell us what to do while they chomp entire herds. I would have posted much the same had this thread of been about not using plastic bags to save the planet.# If you want to go vegie then do it, but don't make out its going to give us redemption.
  7. Why not become a vegan to help save the planet, it might offset all that meat those who tell us how to live our lives consume, and all them big 6 litre cars they have to take them to the airport to get their chartered flights - But its OK cause the little people are saving plastic bags and eating carrots. 'MUG' is the term that comes to mind.
  8. Apparently the advertising standards commission has banned a VW ad because it features a mother and her baby, they say it stereo typifies the female role ??
  9. They say statistically that a rekindled romance has no better or worse chance of succeeding to a new one. Not sure time is a healer but its certainly a duller.
  10. I think so, although they can be the same. I was 16, she was 15, we lived out of each others pockets for 3 years, we went through everything together, shared a lot of experiences, love and pain. At such a young age, I don't think either had a clue what we doing. She got fed up of me, and I devastated, she came back a year or so later and I was with someone else so wasn't interested at that stage. Not seen her since the early nineties, but did find some very old film of her and me together last month and it bought it all back. Been married for 30 years, so I guess that is the true love to which you refer, but in truth I never stopped loving my first love either, she still has a peace of my heart, as I am sure I do of hers. I think we have very strong emotions in our teens, which might be why our experiences then have such a huge impact on us?
  11. I mean the 1st real one. Do you still think of yours? Did you ever try and rekindle that first relationship, and did it work? Do you know where your first love is, do you follow from a distance or do you look up and wonder where he/she is and how they are doing? Do you look back and cringe or do you look back with fondness or maybe even both. Do you still hold a candle for them?
  12. First lightening and rain here in Sevenoaks, I stood in it, what a lovely feeling to be soaking after today's heat
  13. Yep reading 34.5C here on the downs just north of Sevenoaks
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