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  1. Premier League Discussion

    No complaints from Arsenal fans about losing, I would say the current Arsenal team is the worst I have seen since Bruce Rioch's in 1995, they are quite frankly hopeless and bloody clueless, have no passion, no desire, and play like machines with a serious malfunction. Having said that, I do not think Watford should take a single point either from the match if as suspected the penalty is seen to be a blatant dive. to my mind a 2 match ban for the crime is no punishment at all, it has to be a sanction against the result or points taken during that match.
  2. England Football Team

    I rest my case, heap of overpaid, over rated players who could not give a monkeys, being completely shown up at the home of football. Embarrassment as usual.
  3. England Football Team

    My Son and his mate were talking about what they would do if they were England manager, they asked me expecting for a team selection, I said i would kill myself' - well I thought it was funny In truth kids always think England can win the world cup, forgetting totally that they would be outclassed against any average championship team and ripped to shreds in the premiership. I cannot imagine what someone like Liverpool would do to a side like Malta.
  4. Premier League Discussion

    Why change anything at Man Utd, they look to me to have the best squad they have had in ages, difficult to strengthen with whats on the market.
  5. Non-League Football- December 2015 onwards

    Hi Dave Your record is the same as ours, won 4 lost 1, you cannot grumble at that, we let a 2 goal lead slip only to grab the winner in added time, to put us top of the pile for the 1st time in our history. As they say it's a funny old game, it's not so long ago we were fighting to get out of the Ryman. I got to say I think you got a better chance of playing us next season then we have of league football. Still 2017 has been unreal.
  6. Non-League Football- December 2015 onwards

    Glad to hear both are well, we're St Albans the better side? You know I tipped them last season but they fell away at the Sharp of the season. We got our 3rd win in 4, started slowly, conceded on 2 mins, then slowly got back in the match and eventually had the ball in the net 5 times to claim our 2-1 win. We currently sit 2nd our highest ever league position in the history of our club. But our infrastructure and setup is no where near league football even if the team were :-(
  7. Non-League Football- December 2015 onwards

    Glad to hear all is OK with mother and baby, as for the football, you did well at Bath turning a 1-0 deficit around, and 9pts from 3 sees you sitting joint top. We similarly, have had a very satisfactory start 2 wins from 3, and winning at Tranmere, something I never would have thought we would ever do just a season or so ago. Good luck, on wards and upwards.
  8. Non-League Football- December 2015 onwards

    Sorry Dave, i missed this post. I hope all turned out right on the mother and baby front, and trust both are doing well now? I see Chelmo sitting in the top 4, a solid start for you, we started with the televised 2-0 win over Orient, and then lost in midweek away to Eastleigh in what a close match, so both our sides look reasonable at this point. Can't take much from friendlies, we hit you with a 5 min spell, but most of the match was fairly even and mundane, a fitness exercise for both teams. The only thing that stood out for me was that, the National is more physical than the Nat south, where i think you see prettier football. There just doesn't seem to be the time and space, and that can often appear more as 2 heavy weights sparring, I did prefer the South for watching...
  9. In Memoriam

    RIP Glen Another nail goes into the music coffin...
  10. Other Sporting Discussion

    Depends what you mean by poor? There are quite a few talented female players with the ball at their feet, however positionally the female game is pretty dire, but I think that has a lot to do with the space on the pitch just being too much for them to cover. The game will progress, and its not the 1st time we have been here, after the 1st world war the female game was as popular if not more so then the male game, the FA soon put a stop to that..
  11. In Memoriam

    Thats is sad news, we are currently re-watching All Creatures Great and Small, so it feels a bit closer, he was a great actor. I think I should stop these programmes again as last year we lost Burt Kwouk (Major Yamauchi) right in the middle of the series. RIP Robert Hardy
  12. Other Sporting Discussion

    This is not good for the game, its knock on effect will be felt throughout Europe and have impacts even at lower levels in the game. We are not that far away from seeing our 1st £1 million pound player in non league football here in the UK. I think female football will start to benefit greatly from all this, as a affordable option to the mans game. On that note i hope they look at reducing the female pitch by @10% in size, a mans pitch is just slightly too big for the average female player, and it effects the game quality...
  13. Non-League Football- December 2015 onwards

    Hi Dave Its been a while, were you at the Lane today? I was bored silly for most of the match, but Chelmsford gave a good account of themselves, although not sure how much either side can really take out of the match itself? Has anything been said at chelmo about the new media rules, covering match footage? And if you went did you like our (my) new scoreboard with video replays
  14. And here it is, one almighty crash.
  15. Just started to rain here, the storm is very very close close, the sky is lit up with constant activity to my South. And the Sky Sat signal is having problems...