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  1. Nice to see a few flakes this morning. Might be the last for a while.
  2. It bad. Hoping for some more. Still waiting for Backtrack's warm air he told me was coming my way.
  3. Looks like plenty of snow outside. Shows a little height and to the east puts me in the sweet spot most years. Sadly I am moving to Somerset before next year so I need to make the most of this and living here.
  4. It is not marginal where I am right now but the temperatures forecast for tomorrow will be high enough to melt it all soon enough which is a shame. Not really a cold spell when it is only one night!
  5. Maybe for you but we aren't all in the milder west of the region. Lots of snow falling over this side still and more on its way.
  6. This one maybe .... "possibly a spell of more widespread rain, sleet and snow moving southwards after midnight, with gales in places" People seem a bit touchy shouting rubbish etc.
  7. I think a few people could do with reading John Holmes' posts. His use of the anomoly charts is generally very accurate and although it doesn't give an exact view of what is going to happen at the surface it gives an idea of the upper air and stops is getting so uptight about every operational run
  8. Probably quite a few people on a weather forum even it is perhaps in the wrong section.
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