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  1. The ECM 6z only goes to +90 but looks good even compared to 00z:
  2. FWIW the Irish Met Office, Met Eireann have started doing monthly forecasts: Monthly Forecast - Met Éireann - The Irish Meteorological Service WWW.MET.IE Met Éireann, the Irish National Meteorological Service, is the leading provider of weather information and related services for Ireland. Week 1 (Friday 08 January to Thursday 14 January) High pressure is expected to influence Ireland’s weather during this week. A north or northeast air-flow looks set to dominate early in the period before the air-flow becomes variable as high pressu
  3. A little off topic but not sure where to ask, given High Pressure setting up for next week and some nice settled weather the only real issue is fog which forecasting is always fun, is there any models that have a fog forecast?
  4. ECMWF +120 & +144 are the worst tease for Ireland! Wouldn’t take a lot for us to tap into it mind.
  5. Interesting insight into UKMO 6-10
  6. A second warming event also showing on GFS I see!
  7. Then the 06z goes and flips back! From IMBY point of view Ireland is looking rather dry still and while the UK might see heat and thunderstorms Ireland looks to miss out on both.
  8. Where is the easiest location to see ECM ensembles ?
  9. I’m confused by that +120 on ECM low is further south but 850 temps for Ireland are good bit higher. Starting to think this could be a serious event in southeast Ireland
  10. Snow in Ulster at lower levels but on higher ground everywhere else imo, this storm track looks very interesting, UKMO keep it south of us but others have it further north bring severe gusts to Southern areas
  11. Very rare to see any lying Snow from a Westerly, best I can see is brief interludes of -6c uppers with heavily modified air from the Atlantic, I don't buy those GFS charts.
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