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  1. Tomas schaffernaker mention this on twitter earlier and said as it bumped into the cold air over the uk it could turn to snow.
  2. that’s incredible for this time of year
  3. Chance of a little snow tonight.
  4. Last one out shut the door! Back for Easter!
  5. Drove back from grays to Waltham abbey. Light snow most of the way!
  6. 5cms here unfortunately no sledging today as we have to drive to grays for my daughters regiobal streetdance completion. 9-7pm!!! At least I’ve got net weather
  7. Decent 5cms here, could have been a lot more had it not been so mild yesterday
  8. Large snow clouds out to my east
  9. Just for fun, my phone has upgraded and now has snow for waltham abbey until 5am
  10. Still coming down here. Just done a measurement. Just about 5cms here
  11. Just come off the phone to my folks. 5cms just outside bury st Edmunds. About 3cms here in Waltham abbey