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  1. Anyone reckon we’ll get some snow out of Tuesday’s front?
  2. Worth having a look at the ECM12z completely different to the 00z. Not worth look past 96hrs. All options on the table after that! No model has a handle on this yet!!
  3. I think most outcomes are still on the table at 96hrs. Not worth getting hung up on anything after that. Today is proof that no model has a handle on this yet. Lesson to be learned.
  4. Just seen something on the GFS. Why does it stall the low east of Scotland at 84-110hrs. There is nothing to stop it . Interesting
  5. Is it not more about the cold air undercutting from the north west. 528dam line just behind the front on the faxes.
  6. Are we not just seeing in the last few days the 2 extreames of this pattern. Surely a middle ground scenario is most likely. Also as Steve said earlier, while the UKMO is playing ball at a short timeframe. There’s all to play for still. Enjoy!!
  7. Could there be less info in tomorrow mornings runs because it’s a Saturday?
  8. Tomas schaffernaker mention this on twitter earlier and said as it bumped into the cold air over the uk it could turn to snow.
  9. Chance of a little snow tonight.