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  1. Still moderate snow, very impressive. Tried kicking the cat out earlier but scrambled back in before I could close the door in time. I then spent ten minutes clearing the patio of snow to try lull the cat into a false sense of security but it wasn’t being fooled. it’s covered in snow again now anyway, so the cat wins, it’s the litter tray for another night. Bedtime. Well, I’m going to try anyway 😁
  2. Advancing PPN definitely intensifying as it comes through east Dorset by the looks of it.
  3. Nearly. Try 20 miles to the east. Yeah, I wish! 😁
  4. It is true, soil doesn’t retain heat anything like as much as tarmac or water but still, it will have had a bearing.
  5. Soil / asphalt temperature. We’ve had a milder week and the heat retention will be the main factor. Certainly when it comes to tarmac.
  6. The system will slowly move west, this is the associated precipitation rotating around it.
  7. I can confirm. You know it’s good when you’ve got to lower the opacity setting on the radar to see the outline of the coastline 😁👍
  8. Coming down quite hard here now, still blades of grass showing though, I won’t be truly happy until the last one is flattened and out of sight! Definite increase in interest for the south coast for some bonus snow late Sunday. Still pinching myself, incredible stuff 😃
  9. Woken up to a rather nice looking radar picture this morning. Just a smattering on the ground currently but flakes are starting to increase in size and rate outside. Will be happier once that darker shading currently on the radar to my east is overhead though.
  10. Nice to see the band intensifying. Let’s see if the snow can make it over the Ridgeway then.
  11. Not at all, as has already been said, It's all about the context. The fact that we don't hold on to the colder weather for long doesn't necessarily correlate to contradicting the notion that once the cold is in it is harder to shift. Nick explained perfectly above what happened with Beast#1. Under similar conditions the block at 500mb should only really have retrogressed as far west as Greenland but the atmosphere was in full-on reverse up there 3 weeks ago and that block was in relative hyperdrive heading west! One thing is for sure though, notions that decent easterlies and severe cold pools to tap into are a thing of the past, should be put firmly to bed after this winter is done.
  12. Oh yes, I will be keeping a very watchful eye on the feature in the channel Nick 🙂 Plenty of time for revisions in its ultimate placement yet (both good and bad). It could be one heck of a winter finale for many and will cement 2018 as the new addition to the sequence 1978,1979,1981,1982,1984,1985,1986,1987,1991,1996,2005,2009,2010,2013,.... (I know that list is somewhat subjective 😉)
  13. You stole our snow 5 years ago!! We’ll have this one thanks 😁 The 00z suite says it’s still very much game on fo a late winter last hurrah. As always at this time of year, the sun will be both friend and foe. Burning up any lying snow at a great rate of knots but providing copious amounts of energy for very heavy convective activity. Not there yet still though. I’d say this one is a bit more finely balanced than the previous beasterly. Amazing synoptics to be looking at for mid March though.
  14. My first post or check of the charts for over a week, that last rollercoaster took it out of me I think! The period around 19th March was always likely to be that next window of opportunity with a building block to the NE and I was pleased to see the GFS and a few GEFS members playing it out very nicely this morning. ECM op says no but looks like there should be some support for a cold spell from within the ECM ens. Beast mk2? What I would say is to cast our minds back to 5 days or so before the last cold spell. Virtually unwavering support from all ops and ens (for a severe cold snap, not any of the finer details). It’s not a must, but there will much a much lower chance of this occurring if we don’t get this trending in our favour over the next couple of days.