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  1. I know we should never wish time away etc, but honestly, hurry up October! I just want to get into winter :-) That said, for the first time since last March (did that really happen!? ) I found myself back looking at the charts today. I have been keeping an eye on the teleconnections over the past few weeks but today is the first time I’d had a good perusal of all the charts, FI and all. Whilst it’s nice to see, it is perhaps not too surprising to see potential building of a mid Atlantic high, come end of month. I think this is quite a probable outcome. A full on Arctic northerly blast may be a bit of a long shot, but has to be a contender. More likely a NNW, snow on the hills and feeling noticeably cold everywhere. I’d take that for an opener to proceedings. Even if it fades into obscurity, I suspect further potential won’t be too far away. Thinking back to most of the past few years and November going into December has seemingly always flattered to deceive. There has been loads of dream Synoptics on offer but ultimately they came to very little. Many this year we will get ‘lucky’? I do think early-mid winter this year could be quite fun.
  2. Certainly looks like another interesting winter ahead. Is the jury still out on the anomalous QBO reversal of 15/16? The last I remember reading about it, was that it was felt to be primarily ENSO driven with mid lat Rossby wave interference. But still with many more questions than answers lingering.
  3. Glorious wall to wall sunshine broken an hour or so ago as clouds bubble up. Still glorious out there but increasingly humid and stuffy. All eyes on the channel...
  4. Lovely (and unusually) warm strong breeze here in Weymouth right now. This evening’s potential building nicely, coming up through Loire.
  5. Still moderate snow, very impressive. Tried kicking the cat out earlier but scrambled back in before I could close the door in time. I then spent ten minutes clearing the patio of snow to try lull the cat into a false sense of security but it wasn’t being fooled. it’s covered in snow again now anyway, so the cat wins, it’s the litter tray for another night. Bedtime. Well, I’m going to try anyway
  6. Advancing PPN definitely intensifying as it comes through east Dorset by the looks of it.
  7. Nearly. Try 20 miles to the east. Yeah, I wish!
  8. It is true, soil doesn’t retain heat anything like as much as tarmac or water but still, it will have had a bearing.
  9. Soil / asphalt temperature. We’ve had a milder week and the heat retention will be the main factor. Certainly when it comes to tarmac.
  10. The system will slowly move west, this is the associated precipitation rotating around it.
  11. I can confirm. You know it’s good when you’ve got to lower the opacity setting on the radar to see the outline of the coastline
  12. Coming down quite hard here now, still blades of grass showing though, I won’t be truly happy until the last one is flattened and out of sight! Definite increase in interest for the south coast for some bonus snow late Sunday. Still pinching myself, incredible stuff
  13. Woken up to a rather nice looking radar picture this morning. Just a smattering on the ground currently but flakes are starting to increase in size and rate outside. Will be happier once that darker shading currently on the radar to my east is overhead though.
  14. Nice to see the band intensifying. Let’s see if the snow can make it over the Ridgeway then.