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  1. Didn't expect this pleasantly white journey to Accrington this morning...
  2. Any significance in the change here? Something seems to be happening just off the coast... 5pm and now...
  3. Comparison of 3.15pm and 5.15pm - filling towards the NW coast...?
  4. Yea mate me too atm! Tbh running the radar through does look like things might be brewing positively in the Irish Sea towards the west coast but. Just looked up back building re weather and yep would be great - "storm seems to remain stationary or propagate in a backward direction."
  5. Are you serious? I hope so as I'm right here in Lytham - will let you know as soon as a flake falls...
  6. Hello from snow-starved west Lancs. Need some info re conditions on the A59 into Skipton - have to make the journey tomorrow. Thanks in advance.
  7. Lots of light snow indicated here on the Fylde Coast with some darker echoes towards Fleetwood but zilch falling - so weird...
  8. Is it freezing rain? If so it will be treacherous and deadly. I've driven on it its horrible.
  9. I've got the meteo Pro app and just got a 'moderate snow in your area' notification, but like others have said - nothing despite radar saying there should be, including NW radar.
  10. Feels weird cos the sky with thick grey cloud and the subzero temp cries out 'snow' but nothing...
  11. My thoughts too Mark - in St Anne's. Dandruff in the the wind here also!
  12. Just had a huge snow shower in St Anne's - after a day of nothing!
  13. St Anne's today - so sunny and snow starved in an Easterly...
  14. Excellent Chris, just imagining it, on a day I'm in snowless London! Accrington tomorrow should be different!
  15. Wow just woke u too see Fylde covered... on the the radar! Coming home this evening yay!) Nothing in London.
  16. Couldn't help spot the snowman-esque shape of the graphic for Friday! Believe!
  17. Hope Virgin don't join in - booked on London to Preston 6.30pm tomorrow!
  18. If the 6am one verfies then the Fylde Coast has the highest snow risk in the country at that time. Mmmm yea right...
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