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  1. Please comeback Snowmaiden!  We miss you!

  2. oh I am OK, just been a little unwell, and am rather distracted by other events in life these days

    1. jimben


      Lovely to see you back again, and I trust you feeling somewhat better

  3. Long time no read. Nice to see you posting again. Are you ok? Your post made me a bit uneasy.

  4. thanks for that, thought the only "gin" king i know is the old "bird" that sits down the far end of the bar in my local ,lol

  5. Yes, its hard to believe in the comfortable modern age we live in - meteorologically and socially/technologically that the fledgling welfare state was being geared up to put the country on starvation rationing. The country was, literally, at a standstill and on the point of collapse.
  6. December 1981 Whilst December 1981 is some little way back in the recesses of my childhood memory, there are certain features I remember very clearly right to this day. I remember the snowfall on the school field - it was deep in a way we haven't see in the South in recent times - I'd estimate 6 inches level cover and drifted to well over a foot - it didn't disappear when you walked on it, it compacted, you didn't get to see what was underneath! Talking of walking on it, we were of course all wearing wellingtons, and a particularly delicate parade of penguins we were as we hunted for spots tha
  7. I'll add my recollections of Feb 1991 firstly I think, may come back with some 78/79, mid-eighties, 87 and 95-96. Feb 1991 - the 7th iirc, might have been the 8th? I was due to travel from the South Coast where I was at the time to Surrey to visit a friend. The morning was bitterly cold and there were flurries of snow around but I really didn't anticipate much more than the standard 'chilly day' fayre. By the time I had got ready and ordered a taxi to the train station the snow was starting to pile in fairly heavily, by the time I reached the station it was at about 3 cms and the windchill was
  8. Didn't Jan last year have a day which was about 13 by day and by night? Where does that figure?
  9. a nice lady by the sounds of it...sorry im a flirt

  10. Greeny Highs not always a guarantee of cold Spring weather! Very consistent CET after the warm spell too! Looks like we are a degree behind at this stage this month with no 20s in eyeline. *phew* should get away with it this month!
  11. Hi all Does anyone know when the last widely recorded 'White Easter' occured?
  12. Oh well we've had colder than the all time July minima, a sweltering -2.5!
  13. Further to this, following a late cold blast in 1962, Santon Downham in Norfolk recorded -5.6 on both the 1st and 3rd June under HP with inversion.
  14. I think its possible under an inversion with upper air not too warm, but you have to get the cooler air in somehow, and thats usually from a nrotherly in Summer? May 28th 1961 saw low temps in Wales (borrowed from the Torro site), the chart for that day shows 0 degree 850 air and the West of the UK under a ridging Azores but influenced by HP to the North also. Not sure!
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