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  1. Can’t put up with heat much longer. I’ve the air con running in the bedroom with the door shut so at least I’ll be able to get some sleep tonight but the rest of the house is like a sauna.
  2. Got soaked earlier at work in Maidstone. Not long got home to Ashford and looks like not a single drop has fallen here.
  3. Had the air con on all night yet again, the heat is getting unbearable. Woke up and noticed it had rained at some point. If the area info on my fan is correct the humidity here must be some sort of new record for Ashford.
  4. Same here. The air con has been running all night, fans going trying to circulate the air. I’m going to end up with a massive electric bill but at this point I don’t care as it’s the only way I’ve been getting any sleep otherwise I would be in a really bad mood 😂
  5. I woke up about half hour ago thinking I had left the air con running due to the noise, it was the rain lashing down. Looked out the window and thought it’s going to go bang any minute. Well it certainly has here in ashford.
  6. Its gone really quiet here. I've spent most of the morning looking at the massive Eucalyptus tree in my garden hoping it stays upright. Glad the gusts have calmed down. Just got to keep an eye on the rain now as we've been on Flood Alert since yesterday.
  7. The wind is howling here. It seems a lot worse than Storm Ciara last weekend. The rain seems to be getting heavier and we are still on Flood Alert.
  8. Gusting quite a bit here in Ashford. Just received an automated phonecall off EA to say we are on Flood Alert (3rd time this week!).
  9. The wind had calmed down here for a while, its now back with some quite severe gusts. I've a massive Eucalyptus tree in the garden and I was certainly worried there for a moment. Still raining but no thunder for a while now.
  10. Just driven down the M20 from Maidstone to Ashford, saw some impressive lightning strikes. Raining here at the moment but I think its going to go boom big time any second now
  11. Raining again and more rumbles this morning in Ashford. I was so tired last night that I decided to go to bed rather than watch the storm. I soon got woken up but didn't go and look out the window as tbh I was scared. As I lay awake I heard the lightning conduct with something and the noise after was deafening. The massive Eucalyptus tree in my garden is still intact so no idea what it hit(secretly hoped it was my neighbours but unfortunately not).
  12. Had a small 5minute shower in Maidstone while I was out delivering. As I walked up the road I could feel the steam coming off the tarmac. Have to say it was lovely feeling the rain.
  13. Same here, very few drops and stopped within minutes. Just heard a rumble as I type this so something on it's way hopefully.
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