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  1. Raining again and more rumbles this morning in Ashford. I was so tired last night that I decided to go to bed rather than watch the storm. I soon got woken up but didn't go and look out the window as tbh I was scared. As I lay awake I heard the lightning conduct with something and the noise after was deafening. The massive Eucalyptus tree in my garden is still intact so no idea what it hit(secretly hoped it was my neighbours but unfortunately not).
  2. Had a small 5minute shower in Maidstone while I was out delivering. As I walked up the road I could feel the steam coming off the tarmac. Have to say it was lovely feeling the rain.
  3. Same here, very few drops and stopped within minutes. Just heard a rumble as I type this so something on it's way hopefully.
  4. Hoping we get something in Kent. I left work in Maidstone at 5 and there was a noticeable breeze and dark clouds. Arrived back in Ashford to no cloud and 32c, though he has clouded over a bit now.
  5. Loads of sheet lightning to my SW, guessing somewhere over Tonbridge. No thunder heard yet.
  6. Expected to wake up to at least a covering of snow. Got nothing here in Ashford but I'm not surprised. I had my share of snow yesterday morning at work in Maidstone. Hopefully now its all over the children on here last night b****ing at each other will finally grow up.
  7. A few flakes blowing around in the wind in here in Ashford, nothing substantial and I think this whole episode really isn't going to amount to much(not for this location).
  8. Well I'm back from work in one piece. Glad I didn't pack the thermals away. Light snow most of the morning with a heavy blizzard like burst from about 8.30-9am. Ended up looking like a snowman. I've only seen one gritter about all day and that was one of my customers son who decided he would grit his road....lol
  9. I'm off to bed as got to be up for work at 4. Hopefully we'll all get to see a bit of the white stuff, just wish it would hold off until 2pm as it would be my worst nightmare to be stuck at work for a minute longer than I have to be.
  10. What a glorious day it was today. Nearly had to take my jacket off out on delivery, ended up just unzipping it as I didn't want to look totally crazy like my colleagues who are still wearing shorts. Even made time to chat to some of my customers out in the sunshine. Can't believe how much its going to change in less then 12 hours. Tomorrow should make an interesting day at work and travelling home
  11. This week has been great. I've enjoyed it but now back to reality as soon as it thaws. Tomorrow I'm going to have 6 days worth of mail to deliver, almost every house on my delivery (650)
  12. Well that was an interesting morning, rain, freezing rain, sleet and now snow. Was let out of work early due to having to travel home. As I came off the M20 J9 the snow started and its laying already.
  13. I'm going to be heading up the M20 to Maidstone shortly. Certainly not looking forward to the journey this morning due to the wind, it woke me up before my alarm went off this morning
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