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  1. Yea didn't see anything on lightning detectors, here's the grab from xc weather
  2. This cell has really grown in the last 10mins, see humberside airport has reported thunderstorm, lol, the holy grail
  3. Can't belive the luck we're having, some good developments to the east..
  4. Some lovely convection going off looking at the clouds.
  5. Good couple of extra cm's on the latest showers, looking back if we'd of accumulated all that has fallen over the last couple of days, reckon it would be a good 10cm+.
  6. Some beefy showers setting up south side of the humber now, I'll bank these!
  7. Yes, shower intensity should spread up the North Sea as instability increases.
  8. Once this dross clears you can see streamers of the Norwegian coast, the low in the benelux countries should pull away (hopefully) east, love watching how things develop, chill out n relax, if you get lucky in one of the streamers enjoy 😉
  9. Possibly Stratocumulus, expect things to develop more widely later tonight and early hours of the morning, where the streamers set up should give some decent accumulations, bit of patience me thinks today.
  10. Some beefy showers out in the North Sea developing rapidly
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