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  1. Thanks, I haven't seen it from that angle, just a shot looking down Branch road. I bet the 42 wasn't using that stop this afternoon.
  2. Here in Wortley its changing from wet to white falling from the sky but not laying. I saw a picture of the wortley beck flowing down the ring road on FB. Not surprised after todays none stop rain.
  3. Indeed, as several other poster from this area have stated, we now have freezing rain in this part of Leeds.
  4. Working in Seacroft at the moment at 125m als. Its been rain all night here, sometimes light, sometimes a little heavier but just rain, not a hint of sleet. Temp according to an outside thermometer is 0.7.
  5. Was at work for a few hours up in the Seacroft area of Leeds, its coming down fairly heavy there but not really laying on main roads. 10 minute drive across the city and drop in elevation to home and it's light and nothing has stuck. Looks like just to the north of Leeds is getting quite a pasting.
  6. Is anybody keeping an eye on the north sea satellite? Seems to be some development over the last hour, might be nothing, next few hours will tell one way or another. https://en.sat24.com/en/gb/visual
  7. Well another storm underway. Like many others, I use this page http://services.swpc.noaa.gov/images/aurora-forecast-northern-hemisphere.png linked from spaceweather.com. But I want to ask, why does the red viewing line never seem drop below 60° south over the uk but happily does as it passes over the Atlantic and into the Usa?
  8. Thank you kindly Shugee sir. I shall put that to good use over the next few days! Does this method replace the ignore button that used to be visable? From what I remember it used to be uder each persons avatar. Cheers
  9. Mods/Admin, As above I dont see an ignore button anymore. It comes in very handy when model watching thread(s) are busy. Cheers
  10. Your face has appeared!

  11. Hi yeahbabyyeah, I think this is the chart you are looking for-1st oct 1995 looks like a S/W flow to me so no snow from that. Here is the link for you and others to find historical charts.- http://www.theweatheroutlook.com/dathistcharts.asp
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